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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Newborn Photographs

When Natalie was 10 days old, we had a photographer come to the house to take newborn photos of her. Tara at Creative Hearts Arts was amazing! The way she was able to keep Natalie asleep and change her or get her into different positions was incredible. We tried very hard to get a good photo with Zoey but both dog and baby were not being too cooperative with oh well.

We love how these photos came out, and will treasure these for a lifetime.
Tara took a bunch of Christmas photos for us as well and even edited them for us in just a few days so that we could make up our holiday cards as quickly as possible.
This one is my favorite photo of  the day. I think it says everything! I love our little family!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Cards

When it comes to invitations, announcements and various cards, I've always been a huge fan of We ordered my Baby Shower Invitations from them:
 I also ordered my Baby Shower Thank You cards for the shower from them:
So when the time came to order Holiday Cards/Birth Announcements this year, I knew Tiny Prints would be my go-to destination! The Social Media team at Tiny Prints went above and beyond to ensure that I got the best possible holiday card/birth announcements and most importantly that I got them quickly in time for the holiday season! I can't thank them enough for the amazing customer service. I always got a response quickly, even on the weekends or late at night!!

It was really hard to pick a card because there were quite a few that I liked, but in the end I chose the New Fallen Snow: Slate template from their site, and I'm so happy with how it came out!
Front: Source

Back: Source
This allowed me to highlight some of the professional pictures we had taken of Natalie (more on that tomorrow!!) plus include a little picture of our first daughter, Zoey!

Thank you Tiny Prints for our amazing Holiday cards and for always providing the perfect products to complement these great milestones of our lives!

If you are still trying to send out holiday cards this year, remember that Tiny Prints offers Super Rush Delivery (two day shipping) and Super Rush Plus (next day if ordered by 1pm!) options on all their orders. It's not too late to send out holiday cards this year!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Picking Natalie's Name

There really is no big story or meaning behind picking Natalie's name. I made a list of potential girl names and would randomly mention a name here or there to Chris to test him out. I learned early on that "sitting down to discuss name after name" was not the way to go about picking a name. It made the process too serious, and when one of us didn't like a name the other person really liked...we would just get annoyed and defensive. So I took to the method of randomly mentioning a name here and a name there to gauge Chris's opinion.

For the most part, Chris didn't like 99% of the names I picked for both boys and girls, which was frustrating. Finally, while we were on our babymoon in Miami, I said "What do you think of the name Natalie?" For the first time ever Chris said "I actually kind of like that" I played it cool and just nodded my head, but in my mind I was thinking "Done and done...that's going to be our daughter's name." It was the first (and basically only) name that we both liked right off the bat.

From the Late Latin name Natalia, which meant "Christmas Day" from Latin natale domini. This was the name of the wife of the 4th-century martyr Saint Adrian of Nicomedia. She is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church, and the name has traditionally been more common among Eastern Christians than those in the West. It was popularized in America by actress Natalie Wood (1938-1981), who was born to Russian immigrants.

My baby name book stated the following:
This steady favorite is especially popular for Christmas babies, thanks for its meaning "birthday of the Lord." It's taken from the French form of the saint's name Natalia. Natalie sounds more classically American, Natalia more dramatic. 


Claire was one of my front-runners for a first name. I think it's a beautiful name, I don't know too many people with it, and it has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years. Chris didn't want it for a first name, so I filed it away for a rainy day. We had two other girl middle names that we were debating on right up until the Saturday before she was born. For various reasons, they just weren't working for us. Finally I suggested we use Claire as a middle name and Chris was surprisingly on board with it. So, Claire was not decided upon until one week before she was born!

My baby name book:
Claire is straightforward, in the best kind of way: sweet, pretty and smart. This classic is now enjoying a burst of popularity, especially among urban professional parents who appreciate its dressed-for-success strength. The traditional English spelling is Clare, the French is Claire.

Claire, luminous, simple, and strong, with a barely distinguishable French accent, is one of those special names that is familiar yet distinctive, feminine but not frilly, combining historical depth with a modern edge. And though Claire is enjoying revived popularity--it now ranks at Number 45--its highest ever-- it will never be seen as trendy. Claire is also a great middle name choice.

Famous women named Claire include the medieval Saint Clare of Assisi (who was made the patron saint of television in 1958 because of her reputed power to see events at a distance), writer Clare Booth Luce, silent screen siren Clara Bow, and actresses Claire Bloom and Claire Danes.

And that is the "story" behind Natalie Claire.

Also, in case you are wondering, or planning to ask: mums the word on what our boy name would have been. We have to keep it a secret in case we have a boy next! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Natalie's Birth Story Part 2

Yesterday I shared Part One of Natalie's Birth Story. Today, I'm continuing on with Part Two.

I'm going to backtrack a little bit: When I arrived to the hospital, my usual OB was the doctor on call that day. I was so excited that she would be the one to see me through my delivery! But unfortunately, her shift ended 2 hours after I arrived. :( :( :( The next doctor to take over was the other female doctor who I had seen several times during my pregnancy, and again I was happy that she would see me through my delivery! She stayed on 2 hours later than her shift because she thought I would deliver...but unfortunately, she ended up having to leave for the day. Not to worry though, she was leaving me in the capable hands of Dr. A! My response was: "Who?!"

Remember how I had made a point to see all the doctors in my practice so I would know all of the OB's who could potentially be on call during my delivery? Well...I managed to completely miss one doctor in the practice, and that just happened to be the doctor who I ended up having!! Luckily, she was really awesome, and I've already scheduled my 6 week follow-up appointment with her. I have no complaints, I just think it's so hilarious that she was the ONE doctor I never saw during my 9 months of appointments!

Moving on: Around 2:00pm, a barrage of nurses, my doctor, and a med student stormed into my room with machines, and various other medical equipment. I think the med student was participating in his first ever delivery, not because he was bad, but because he was being talked through every single little thing, and he seemed in total awe of everything. Apparently, it was time for me to start pushing. I was surprised! I thought I had a few more hours until I would be 10 centimeters dilated, but I was already there! It was then that I started to get nervous. I realized that this was really, actually happening. Was I ready for this?

Labor is kind of crazy. But at the point where you realize just how insane it is, you're already too far can't turn back, and you have absolutely no choice but to get the baby out.

Heather asked me a great question yesterday, and it's a question I feel I should answer for everyone, because up until 3 weeks ago, I would have had the same exact question, and I should have been more specific yesterday.
Also, was it basically 2-3 hours of pretty much continuous pushing, or more like pushing, then waiting a few minutes, and pushing again? I guess it's good that it felt much quicker than it was.

When I say that I had 2-3 hours of pushing, it wasn't continuous. I pushed only during contractions. During each contraction two people on either side of me held my legs up and pushed them back. I was instructed that as soon as I felt a contraction coming on, I was to take a deep breath, hold it, and push as hard as I could for 10 seconds. I was to do this 3 times for each contraction, and then I could rest until the next contraction. Sometimes these rests were a few minutes long, sometimes they were only seconds. I found it interesting how my body would react accordingly based on what I was able to handle. For example: There was one contraction in particular where I pushed extra hard and really expelled a ton of energy. The rest period after that contraction lasted twice as long as usual...because my body knew that I needed the extra rest. After that, I didn't push as hard as I could have, and as a result, my next contraction came 10 seconds later. My body knew I had more in me. It was incredible how the contractions happened sporadically based on what I could or couldn't physically handle.

During my rests in between contractions, I usually laid on my side with my eyes closed and tried to relax as much as possible. Chris would sometimes try to engage me, but I wasn't really much for conversation, and I didn't really have the energy to talk back to him. He kept giving me ice chips as I needed them (I wasn't allowed to drink water, but I could suck on ice). During one rest in particular, the doctor asked us if we knew what we were having. When we told her we didn't know, she got really excited because it's not that common anymore for couples not to find out. As a result, she's not used to announcing "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!" anymore, so she would try and remember to do so when our baby was born.

Natalie was stuck behind my pelvic bone for quite a few pushes, I'm not entirely sure how long it was. Once we finally passed that difficult part, she was kind of half out/half in for a few more pain and uncomfortableness was at an all-time high for that part of it. I was so close, I just need to muster up a bit more energy for the last part. For my last contraction before she was delivered, I did my pushing for the required 3 times....but I knew she was there. So I told them I was going for a 4th push and with one big cray cray energy burst I pushed her out and she was officially born. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, so Dr. A had to cut it instead of Chris.

Through the excitement of everything, added to the fact that the doctor was focused on cutting the umbilical cord, she didn't remember to announce our baby's gender. What followed went something like this:
Dr. A:  "Put him over on the table to cut the cord"
Chris: turning to me "'s a boy!"
Dr. A: " it?!"
Chris: " just said 'him'"
Dr. A: "Oh! I didn't even check!" she runs over to the table with the baby "It's a's a girl!"
Laura and Chris: "Are you serious?!?!?!?!, are you really serious?!"
I thought she was joking, I thought she was being funny. But Chris went over, and sure was a girl.

I. was. shocked. (but still very very happy of course)

I wanted to have skin to skin contact as soon as possible after the birth. But unfortunately it didn't happen. They cleaned her up and took care of everything, but a nurse from the NICU was concerned about her pale color (ummm hello? Have you seen how pale I am?!) I was informed that I could hold her for a few minutes, but that they would like to monitor her for a few hours in the NICU until she got a better color in her.

I have to say that even though she was taken to the NICU and I, of course, wasn't happy about that...I really never honestly felt nervous or distraught. Of course, I wished that she was with me and that I could start breastfeeding right away...but I knew that she was fine. I knew that they were just being extra cautious for the sake of her health, and I never for a second thought that there was actually something wrong with her. Maybe I was too exhausted to fret or worry, but I knew she would be fine.

I was still in the stirrups for a good 30-40 minutes after delivery. The doctor pushed on my abdomen to deliver the placenta (funny story: It came out so quickly the doctor didn't have time to react and it fell on the floor. True story. You heard it here first folks.) She stitched me up - I could feel her stitching me, so she had to apply a local anesthetic to numb the area. I was cleaned up, and I was supposed to stay in that room to recover for the next 2 to 3 hours. However, they ended up needing the room for another delivery that had just arrived, so I was taken to a separate recovery room.

I have to say, one of the biggest surprises to me about labor was how I felt after labor. No one ever tells you how much you hurt for the next hours/days/weeks. I felt like I had gone through major surgery. I couldn't stand up straight, I needed the aid of a nurse just to go to the bathroom, the cramps continued for hours afterward and were still extremely strong, and the blood just wouldn't let up. It hurt to move, it hurt to shift positions in bed. My epidural needle was removed and I "relaxed" in the recovery room for a few hours. It was while I was there that our parents and Chris went home to get themselves dinner, and wash up a bit before heading back to the hospital that night. I was glad to have some quiet time to myself - even though there were women on both sides of me WITH their babies, and being visited by tons and tons of people.

At around 9:00 p.m., I was finally wheeled to my post-partum room, where I would be for the next two days. These were private rooms, with huge amazing bathrooms. Basically, I felt like I was being put up in a hotel room for two nights where I'd get around-the-clock care for both me and my baby. It was an ideal situation. I can't imagine having to share a room with someone, as I know so many hospitals still do. Both our families were back at the hospital and we were anxiously awaiting Natalie to be brought up to us. I was told that the NICU was releasing her at 9:30 p.m.

9:45 p.m. rolled around, and we still didn't have her! Chris and my mother-in-law went to go see what the hold up was and tried to move them along. At 10:00 p.m., Natalie Claire was brought in to us and our families were able to meet her for the first time.

I let everyone in the room get time with her, but then I had to ask everyone to leave. I was very eager to get started on breastfeeding, and knew that I had already lost 5 1/2 hours with her where I could have been establishing our breastfeeding relationship. The nurse came in to help get me started. I have much to say on breastfeeding, and I will address that in the coming weeks. I was totally winging it, but we did have a pretty natural and easy start right from the beginning and for that I am so grateful.

The next two days were a blur of visits from both family and friends, restless sleep, great nurses, awful nurses, a not-so-helpful lactation consultant, learning how to change our first diapers, learning how to swaddle, down time together just Natalie and me, and time together just Natalie, Chris, and Me. As eager as I was to get home to start our new life together as a family, I was actually really sad to leave the hospital on Sunday. The hospital was safe. If anything happened, I could have a nurse or doctor there in two seconds flat. In the hospital, I just called downstairs for my food order three times a day and a tray of food would arrive to my room 20 minutes later (good food I might add!) In the hospital, if I needed something, I could just push a red button on my bed and someone would help me. Most people can't wait to leave the hospital...I wanted to stay.

But Sunday came, and we sat down with the nurse and signed a bunch of paperwork releasing both me and Natalie from the hospital. The nurse did a final check on me, and a final check on Natalie. She loaded us up with some more supplies, and before we knew it...we were left to our own devices. Chris and I dressed her in her "coming home" outfit, we spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to get her into the carseat (ok..come on, those things are complicated) and then Chris went to get the car and pull up front. 

I'll always remember a friend who recently had a baby said when her and her husband left the hospital they were driving home with their baby in the backseat and they looked at each other and said "They just let us leave with a baby!" We felt that way too.

"Umm...there's a baby in our backseat. Are we qualified to just leave the hospital on our own...with a baby? What do we do now? Is this car-seat even properly installed?? Will the balloon I attached to her car-seat kill her?? Did I dress her warm enough to be allowed outside? Did we even have newborn diapers at home to fit her?!"

And Chris? He probably didn't break 20 mph the whole drive home. I'm sure even senior citizens were passing us, cursing those crazy "Sunday drivers."

And the we arrived home.

Which is a whole slew of other posts, best saved for another time. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Natalie's Birth Story Part 1

The night before Natalie was born, Chris came home really in the mood for ribs. I didn't have anything prepare for dinner, so we went off to Tony Roma's. It's kind of rare for us to go out in the middle of the week but we realized that impromptu dinners like this would be hard to come by in the coming weeks. Side Note: The fact that the night before I went into labor we were off to a restaurant to satisfy my husband's food craving is not lost on me. ;)

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our dinner and the time spent together. We talked about a lot of things: how our lives would soon change; what we were excited for; what we were nervous about; etc. etc.
Who needs ribs? I was excited for dessert!!

That night we went home feeling extremely motivated to pack 100% for the hospital. We had packed for the hospital the previous week...but it was very haphazardly, and we still had toiletries and electronics to get together.

There were two things that I had been putting off doing all that week that HAD to be done before going to the hospital. One was reattaching the car-seat pad to the car-seat after washing it, and the other was finalizing my hospital bag. We accomplished both that day...of course, having no idea that I was going to go into labor that night. But it was like my mind and body knew that I was finally fully ready for the baby to arrive. I will do a separate post on what we packed for the hospital.
Hospital Bag items

By the end of packing I was really losing steam. I was exhausted and when I laid down to rest, I was seeing stars and felt dizzy. I also was feeling intense pressure in my abdomen and felt "weird". As we got into bed, Chris said "You're going to go into labor tonight" My response was "Honestly, the way I feel right now...I wouldn't be surprised."

I fell right to sleep, and woke up at 4am for my usual morning pee break. It started out normal, but the pressure I had felt before bed was still there and when I went back to bed I started to cramp really badly. I wasn't sure if this was contractions but they did seem to be coming and going every few minutes, and at 4:33am I finally started timing them out using the free Contraction Timer by ibirth (I am SO GLAD I downloaded this was really helpful in knowing exactly how far apart these contractions were, and how long they lasted. I didn't have to stop and do any math or figure anything out, it was all there for me. I highly recommend this app if you're about to go into labor!)
My first contraction lasted 1 minute and 31 seconds, the second one came 6 minutes and 52 seconds later. This was my first indication that not only was I in labor...I was within the parameters of "you should go to the hospital". They say to go when your contractions are 5-7 minutes apart. I had decided on my own that I wouldn't go to the hospital until my contractions were 4 minutes apart. Kristen from Mama and Mou had once given me advice "If you can sit comfortably in the're going too soon." My reasoning for wanting to wait was to insure that I wouldn't be put on a bed too soon or need petocin to induce labor.

Anyway, my second contraction came 5 minutes later, the one after that came 4 minutes and 42 seconds later. I couldn't believe how quickly they were coming!! From what I could sometimes take hours for contractions to go from 7 minutes to 4 minutes..this took minutes! At that point, I woke Chris up because if things kept progressing this quickly we wouldn't even make it to the hospital in time to deliver!

The timing was all over the place, but they seemed to mostly be under 5 minutes apart. I took a quick shower, enduring some more contractions. By the time I got out of the shower, my contractions were timing under 3 minutes apart!!!

We arrived to the hospital somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00am. I went to the admitting office at the hospital...and promptly threw up in the woman's trash can who was getting me set-up. It was horrible! The contraction pain was incredibly intense. I was sent up to triage, where they would decide how far along I was in labor.

Once they started hooking me up to iv's and a fetal heart-rate monitor I said "So I am in labor right?" and the woman said "Oh are a superstar. Most women dream of being this far along once they are admitted to the hospital." That made me feel good...but I also was shocked. I literally had woken up 3 hours ago and here I was...already 3 centimeters dilated, and my contractions very close together.

When we were in triage, I turned to Chris and said "I think I'm going to want an epidural" I felt bad about it, I felt guilty for caving so soon after deciding that I would "wait as long as I could" for an epidural. But after throwing up downstairs, and with my contractions getting more and more intense, I was pretty sure that I wanted the epidural.

I was then sent to the labor room where I was set up in a bed, all hooked up and the anesthesiologist arrived for my epidural. I was nervous for it...many people say the epidural is just as painful as contractions. But really, it wasn't bad at all! I felt instantly better and calmer. And for the next few hours, I was in blissful denial that my contractions were even happening.
I was so happy that I went into labor on a Friday because it meant my parents were able to take the day off of work and come to New York for the weekend and into the next week. I was always nervous that they would miss her whole delivery, and it was comforting to know they were right there, safe and sound.  

By the time I was 7 centimeters dilated, I started to feel the contractions a bit more. This was partly because the epidural had evened out (as opposed to the initial large dosage I was given), and also because the contractions were becoming more intense.

The rest of the labor is a bit of a blur, so I'm going to recap it in the form of an FAQ. These should answer many questions that I have been asked over and over again by friends since my delivery:

1. How long was your delivery? 
I woke up with pain at 4am and Natalie was delivered at 4:26pm. 12 hours and 26 minutes, though I think I was having contractions for a few hours in my sleep before that.

2. How long did you push? 
I pushed for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before she was delivered. It felt much quicker than that though.

3. Was the pain worse than I imagined? 
Unfortunately, yes, which is why I was so quick to give in to the epidural. However, I will say that I felt more during the last 3 hours than I thought I would with an epidural, which I'm thankful for. I was nervous the epidural would make me so numb that I wouldn't feel what was going on, but I definitely did. Honestly, I can't imagine how much more intense it must have been without the epidural.

4. Did I tear? 
I had a small 1st degree tear, and was stitched up afterward. The stitches should dissolve in 4 weeks. I didn't know that I tore, everything hurt so I don't know exactly when it happened.

5. Did I poop on the table? 

6. Really? Was it embarrassing? 
No, it was my proudest moment to date. Just kidding.

It was incredibly embarrassing. I was holding back from pushing because I was afraid it would happen. If I kept holding back, I realized I would never deliver the baby, so I had to just let it happen. It was pretty much the elephant in the room. Everyone knew it was happening, but it was quickly cleaned up and no one acknowledged it.

7.  How was Chris during all of this? 
Chris was a great coach and a great partner during the labor. He has stated that he's "seen things he can never un-see" but he's really not squeamish over things like that, and handled it all fine.

8. Do you regret getting an epidural? 
No, I don't regret it. It kept me calm for most of the day and allowed me rest to build up my energy for my 2 1/2 hours of pushing.

Natalie was born at 4:26pm. I have more to share regarding the last part of labor, what happened afterward and a funny story on how we found out she was a girl!

Do you have any other questions regarding this part of the labor? Don't hesitate to ask me!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Helllo! I (hope) to be back to a regular blogging schedule this week. I feel sort of back to much as I can be with a newborn. As I stated before, I have MUCH to share about my first two weeks as a mom, and hope to get cranking out on these posts. For today, I have a video/picture slideshow of Natalie's first two weeks in this world.

Soon after I came home from the hospital, I heard Katy Perry's new song, Unconditionally. I loved it, and I loved the seemed absolutely perfect for what I was feeling for Natalie. I looked up the lyrics and the meaning behind them. Katy Perry even stated in a recent interview that this song could be about many of which is the love a mother feels for her child.

I've been playing this song non-stop and singing it to Natalie since she arrived home. Watching this slideshow I am aware of three things: 1. Natalie changes every day. Each day she looks a little bigger, a little more grown-up. It's scary. 2. The last two weeks have all been a blur to me. I must make bi-weekly slideshows to remember everything! ;) 3. She's so freaking cute!
Katy Perry
Oh no, did I get too close oh?
Oh, did I almost see what's really on the inside?
All your insecurities
All the dirty laundry
Never made me blink one time

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you unconditionally

Come just as you are to me
Don't need apologies
Know that you are unworthy
I'll take your bad days with your good
Walk through this storm I would
I'd do it all because I love you, I love you

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you unconditionally

So open up your heart and just let it begin
Open up your heart, and just let it begin
Open up your heart, and just let it begin
Open up your heart
Acceptance is the key to be
To be truly free
Will you do the same for me?

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
And there is no fear now
Let go and just be free
'Cause I will love you unconditionally (oh yeah)
I will love you
I will love you
I will love you unconditionally

Monday, November 25, 2013

Natalie Claire

Natalie Claire 
Born Friday, November 22, 2013
7 pounds, 7 ounces
19.5 inches

So much to share!! So much to say...mainly about how she not only surprised the heck out of me by arriving 5 days early but also by being a girl!!! 

So many pictures!!

But right now...sleep :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I'm having a very productive and busy week so far, but it's also been extremely relaxing! I don't have a huge post ready for today, but I just wanted to share this adorable image my dad sent to me last week from Up!

I can't even believe I am due on Tuesday - every moment is so surreal right now. Everyone keeps asking me how I'm feeling and really, the best way to explain how I'm feeling right now is...Happy. I am unbelievably happy. 

Am I nervous for labor? Yes
Am I nervous for how things will change and how I will adjust? Yes
But am I the happiest I've felt in a long time? Yes. Having this time off to get things in order has been amazing, and I am so ready and excited to welcome our little one into our family in what could be just a few days!

Thank you again to everyone for following along and for reaching out to me. This week I have answered countless comments, text messages, emails, and Facebook messages from people who are following along. I even cried in my kitchen last night over an incredibly sweet message from an old friend from High School.

Lastly, on an unrelated note, I will be spending the day tomorrow at my in-laws house because their house is being used to shoot a commercial for Vicks! Their house will be transformed into a set all day long while they shoot a short commercial and I'm so excited! I love stuff like this!! Follow along on twitter, instagram or Facebook for updates!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doctor Appointments During Pregnancy

Over the course of pregnancy, you go to a LOT of doctor's appointments. In the beginning of pregnancy, you go every 4 weeks, and then slowly start going more and more until the last few weeks where you're going once a week! With each appointment, I walked in with a little bit of apprehension: What exactly is going to happen at my appointment today? Will I be in the stirrups? Will I need to put on a gown? Will I be fully clothed? Is this just an ultrasound or is it blood work? If it's blood work, should I have fasted? Should I have my bladder full or empty? I really never knew what I was walking into. I've had a lot of friends ask me about these appointments, so here is a general breakdown of how it went.
Each doctor may do things a little bit differently depending on their office policy, and each specific pregnancy. This is how my appointments went for me.

8 Weeks: Appointment #1
Took a LOT of blood. But I didn't need to fast, and I didn't feel light headed at all. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Vaginal ultrasound because the baby was still too small at that point for them to do the regular ultrasound. This appointment confirmed for us that we were in fact, pregnant. Received packets of information and trial packs of prenatal vitamins in addition to our first ultrasound pictures!

12 Weeks: Appointment #2
Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Second ultrasound. Done on the stomach, Met with a separate ultrasound technician for our second ultrasound. Blood was taken again, but significantly less than the first appointment. Met with doctor for about 5 minutes just to touch base and ask her any questions we had on our mind.

16 Weeks: Appointment #3:
Quick appointment, no ultrasound, checked baby's heart rate with a fetal heart monitor (on the stomach) and took some more blood. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken.

20 Week Anatomy Scan: 
Done at the hospital. Lasted about 45 minutes. They will check all the limbs and organs and tell you gender if you want to know. If the baby isn't in a good position they may try to make him/her move around by poking your stomach or asking you to empty your bladder.
This is followed up with Appointment #4 a few days later:
Went over results of anatomy scan. (All good!) Recommended pediatricians and lamaze/lactation/parenting classes at the hospital. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. 

23 Weeks: Appointment #5:
Another quick appointment, Just checked the heartbeat with fetal heart monitor. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Given my glucose drink to take home with me for my next appointment.

27 Weeks: Appointment #6:
Glucose Test - Had to drink orange glucose drink 30-45 minutes before appointment, then went to office for blood work. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Checked baby's heartbeat, asked if we have any questions.

In that same week, I had a second 3 hour glucose test because I failed the first one:

28 Weeks: Appointment #7:
RhoGAM Shot if you are RH-Negative

30 Weeks: Appointment #8:
Third trimester sonogram: Met with sonographer - got 3D pictures in addition to regular ultrasound pictures. This was very surprising, I wasn't expecting that! Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Tthen met with doctor who basically just answered any questions I had.

32 Weeks: Appointment #9:
Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Doctor checked heart beat with monitor, asked us if we had any questions and that was it.

34 Weeks: Appointment #10:
Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken. Doctor checked heart beat with monitor, asked us if we had any questions and that was it.

36 Weeks: Appointment #11:
Vaginal exam - Swab in the hoo-ha and rectum for Group B Strep bacteria, check baby's heart-rate. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken.

37-40 Weeks: Appointment #12-#15:
Vaginal Exam to see if you're dilated (opening up), and effaced (thinning and stretching out of the cervix). For your reference, at these appointments I've been about 1 centimeter dilated. By the time I am in labor and ready to deliver I will go to 10 centimeters dilated. These exams are a bit painful and may cause some bleeding. Height, weight, urine sample and blood pressure taken at each one. Doctor checks heart beat with monitor, asked us if we had any questions. (I got the flu shot at my 37 week visit)

My Advice:
*Always go in with questions. They will ask you for questions at every visit and may not necessarily prompt you otherwise. I found that even if I asked one silly question that I may have already known the answer to, it got the doctor started on a conversation and would eventually lead to other discussion topics. I kept a list in my "notes" app on my iphone of questions. Whenever they'd come to me (on the subway, lying in bed at night) I'd add it to my notes to pull up at my next appointment.

*You may see one doctor in particular for your regular OB appointments, but if there are many doctors in the practice you go to, you could get any one of them on the day you deliver. Try and see them all at least once so you are not meeting a stranger in the delivery room.
*Go first thing in the morning. They won't be backed up from appointments throughout the day and you will be in and out much more quickly.

*I was very lucky that Chris was able to go to every single appointment with me. Though it isn't necessary for him to be there at every single one, it was nice to do together. My doctor said to me "The partners tend come to every appointment for the first child...after that, not so much" If your partner cannot attend every appointment with you, make sure they are there for the main ultrasound appointments. Those are the exciting ones! :)

*Peeing into a cup is hard. Peeing into a cup with a belly the size of a basketball is even harder. I have no advice for you on that...good luck. 

Did your appointments follow the same general outline? Any other words of wisdom you can impart?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

I look so tiiiiirrreeddd
How Far Along: 38 Weeks! (Which means I'm actually 39 weeks today, which means I have ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!)

Baby is the size of: Leek - anyone else think that's smaller than the other "vegetables" it's been?
The baby on average should weigh about 6.8 pounds
Total Weight Gain: 34 pounds

Sleep: Still surprised by how well I'm sleeping. I fall into a very deep sleep every night.

Best Moment of the week: SOOOO MANY
*My friend, Kate, got some great advice from her acunpuncturist and sent it my way first thing Wednesday morning:
"Most people give birth between 39 and 41 weeks. She says 41 weeks is extremely likely for the first one. She says if you want an epidural, do it and do not apologize. She also said try to let nature takes its course (no induction unless medically necessary, no pitocin unless danger) as long as possible. If you have to have a c section, be happy that you can do it in a way (meaning modern medicine) that mom and baby will both be fine...but try to avoid that outcome if you can. You will be irrational toward the end, and that is ok."
Kate's been sending me little words of advice and interesting articles on pregnancy for the past few months. I love getting little emails like this from her.

*Along those lines, I've been so touched by the people who have reached out to me recently. A friend of a friend who I met ONCE back in July sent me a text this past week asking how I am, and reminding me that I can go to her for any questions or advice I need (she has a 4 month old daughter). A neighbor, and friend, that I haven't talked to since High School sent me a facebook message with information on how to make your own baby food and wishing me well in these final weeks. Text messages from friends already planning their visits to New York in December, and random "thinking of you" messages have warmed and touched my heart! I am so blessed.

*Before I left work for my maternity leave, I had to fill out my New York State disability paperwork. You would think by now there would be a specific form for pregnancy. Many of the questions didn't seem to fit why I was leaving, and it just felt weird to keep referring to my pregnancy as my "disability". I mean, just look at question number 6!...
(I didn't actually write that...but I wish I had)

*An extremely busy last week of work: Training my replacement all day long, attended a charity event hosted by a coworker on Tuesday, my office had a pizza party for me on Wednesday, saw Pippin on Broadway on Thursday night, and had my last day at the office on Friday! I got this sweet card from my coworkers:

*Discovering Wendy's Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich. It's very rare that I get fast food...but I've had my eye on this pub sandwich for quite some time. Finally, I was able to try it on Saturday for lunch and my oh myyyyy it was worth every calorie! Grilled chicken, muenster cheese, honey mustard, tomato and lettuce on a pretzel bun!! I had it again yesterday for lunch, and convinced my Mother-in-Law to try it with me as well!

*I survived my first "Womanly" appointment with a male doctor! LOL...I know we're all adults here, and yadda yadda but I was nervous about the appointment, especially with Chris right there during it. (Inquire within for more information, not going to go into any more detail than that). The appointment was a little bit awkward, but all in all, it was also a really good appointment. I am one centimeter dilated, which apparently is fine and normal. This particular doctor's wife is due with their first child only one week ahead of me (she probably had it this week). So he had a lot to share and gave me a lot of advice since he and his wife are going through the same thing right now, which was really nice. I felt that he fully understood my hope for minimal medical intervention, and kept driving home how I just really need to walk, walk, walk, and that I shouldn't come to the hospital until my contractions are 4-5 minutes apart (as opposed to the usual 5-7 that he recommends. This is unless my water breaks, at which point, I need to go immediately).

*Had an enjoyable book club meeting on Friday - Some of the topics that came up and questions they were asking me about labor and delivery were so funny. I was laughing so hard I was afraid I was going to go into labor!

*During my commute home on Friday, I made friends with a Luxury Hotel Reviewer who lives in London! He was very interesting to talk to. He was born and raised in Sweden and he was asking me a lot of questions about the maternity rights and privileges in the US vs. Sweden and the UK. He told me that in Sweden, women get 18 months paid maternity leave, and fathers get paid paternity leave too (and they actually all take opposed to here where even if it is offered, it's frowned upon). In the UK, women get 6 months paid maternity leave. Who's moving to Sweden with me?

Worst Moment of the week: 
*Honestly, I'm at a loss here.
I guess I could say being sadder about leaving work than I thought I would be?
Or being so incredibly busy that I haven't had time to read all of your blogs??
Being in a bit of a sad mood on Saturday night?
All in all, it was too busy of a week to really be bad!

Miss Anything: Spiced Red Wine, being able to hop out of bed or a car.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, but I got a craving for Tandy Cake on Saturday night and made it first thing Sunday morning (sorry, no on link for picture)

Anything make you queasy or sick: No...but I'm getting fuller faster.

Have you started to show? Oh yes. I get stopped everywhere I go now and asked when I'm due. It's kind of exciting to say "two weeks!" Yesterday I got to say "Next Week!" - PS: this maternity shirt from Target has clearly been amazing. Highly recommend!

Gender: Team Green!

*A few times I felt these very quick flutters from the baby. It's not kicks, and it's not hiccups (though I feel hiccups at least once a day, sometimes more). These are quick little flutters or taps in and around the same area that I feel hiccups. From reading what others have said on message boards, I believe this is the baby trying to take its first quick practice breaths. That is merely speculation.
*(Toni) Braxton Hicks Contractions - I definitely am having more and more moments of cramps. Once I walk and drink water they usually go away. It really just feels like menstrual cramps.

*Decreased appetite: Still eating a lot...and then feeling like crap after. My stomach just doesn't have the room it usually does!

*Increased swollen ankles and fingers. I put my feet up for two hours on Saturday. I ended up falling asleep for a pretty epic nap while I did this, but it totally got rid of the swelling in my cankles!

Workouts: None, just walks with my Zoey! I think we walked every morning this past week!

Mood: I've been totally running on adrenaline for the past 7 days. First of all, between having one week to train my replacement at work and trying to wrap up my own projects before leaving, I hardly had any time to breathe. There were actually moments at work when I looked down and was like "Oh! that's right...I'm pregnant!"

Looking forward to: This entire week!! I've had one official day of maternity leave - which I primarily used for running errands, but so far I am loving having this time to get everything fully ready and in order before the baby's arrival!! I realize that not everyone gets this time to prepare, and I am so grateful to have it! Each day is "go, go, go" Clean this, clean that, put together this, take apart that, hang this, put away that. I think by next Tuesday; my actual due date, I will be 100% ready for this baby - not any sooner though!!!

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively

Stretchmarks: A few on my hips which are just from the very beginning

Rings on or off? Just wedding band, and it "usually" fits me the whole day

Bellybutton in or out? OUT

This week I:
*Put together the Pack n' play - Chris did this, and Zoey approved of the work!

*Framed some Etsy art-work for the nursery
*Did some more wash of baby items!
*Returns to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R' Us

Reading: The Baby Book, Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two (Sears Parenting Library)

Milestones: S/He has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb. "Fetal development is nearly complete as your baby tends to a few last-minute details like shedding the skin-protecting vernix and lanugo. He's also producing more surfactant, a substance that prevents the air sacs in his lungs from sticking to one another once he starts to breathe."


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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Breastfeeding Class

Last week I took a breastfeeding class at the hospital. This was offered free of charge since we signed up for the Lamaze class at the hospital, and I'm glad I took this class. It was informative and helpful.

Things I learned:
* It's called "breastfeeding" not "nipplefeeding".
* If done properly, breastfeeding should not hurt
* It is best to exclusively breastfeed for the first 4 weeks. However, it's important to start introducing bottles after 4 weeks so that your baby learns to feed by both bottle and breast. Otherwise, they will completely and solely rely on breastfeeding.

What I found to be most interesting is that the American Academy of Pediatrics now promotes skin-to-skin contact immediately following the birth of the baby. This should last for at least an hour or two, or until the first breastfeeding session is initiated. Skin-to-skin contact regulates the baby's body temperature and has been proven to help both mother and baby get started with their first breastfeeding session.

"Skin to skin means your baby is placed belly-down, directly on your chest, right after she is born. Your care provider dries her off, puts on a hat, covers her with a warm blanket, and gets her settled on your chest. The first hours of snuggling skin-to-skin let you and your baby get to know each other. They also have important health benefits....Newborns crave skin-to-skin contact..."
The videos we watched showed the baby naturally gravitating toward "the goods." Within an hour, breastfeeding occurred naturally through the baby's own instinct and desire to feed. There are many videos on youtube about skin-to-skin contact for a newborn. Here is a CNN piece on it. (video)

Have you heard of this practice in aiding in the first breastfeeding session? Did you do this/plan to do this? Would love to get more information on this practice!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

 How Far Along: 37 Weeks! Full TERM - but still technically, and ideally 3 more weeks to go!

Baby is the size of: Bunch of swiss chard
Total Weight Gain: 34 pounds

Sleep: I've been sleeping really well. Actually, Friday night was probably the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. I fell asleep at 9:30 p.m. on the couch in the living room (the earliest I've fallen asleep in probably...I don't know...10 years?!) We finally went up to bed at 1:30 a.m. and though I didn't fall back asleep until after 2:30, I slept straight through till 8:30 on Saturday morning. I felt so good and refreshed on Saturday!

Best Moment of the week:
*We set up the baby monitors in the house! These are amazing because we can access the video from our iphones no matter where we are. We put one in the living room and one in the nursery. We've been enjoying spying on Zoey while we're at work. We found her sleeping on a part of the couch she is not allowed to sleep on...what a little rebel! She's been playing us for fools!

*Funny for me...but not for Zoey. This is Zoey trying to sit on my lap on Saturday morning. She gets so confused when she can't sit all the way down anymore. She has to either perch or sit on my lap sideways.

*Washed and packed the baby's coming home outfit. My parents got this outfit when they were in Italy this past summer:

*My boss finally hired my replacement so I can finally get started on training someone! She's great and I think she will be a fine addition to the team at work.

Worst Moment of the Week:
*I tested postive for Group B Strep at the doctors. This occurs in about 20-30% of pregnancies and according to my doctor is completely normal/natural, and there is no way to prevent it. It just means that I have a particular strain of bacteria that's fine for me, but could cause a problem for my baby. I will need an IV of pennicilin immediately upon arrival to the hospital for delivery in order to make sure that the bacteria is not transmitted to the baby. I'm not happy about it, but in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty minor, and not something I should be losing sleep over. Also, just because I have it for this pregnancy, doesn't mean I will have it for my next pregnancy.

*Major spotting after my doctor's appointment, followed by cramps. Spotting lasted about 4 days.

Miss Anything: Red Wine

Food Cravings: I've noticed I'm having my typical PMS symptoms: going back and forth from salty to sweet things. I'll have a cookie and then really want pretzels or crackers right after.

Anything make you queasy or sick: No...but I'm getting way fuller faster, and have had a decreased appetite the past two days.

Have you started to show?

Gender: Team Green!
I was stopped in the street this week on my lunch break by a random delivery man. He did a double-take before pointing to my stomach and saying "Boy!...November 30th!" It was so random, that I actually believe this random delivery man has some prophetic sense and that I will be delivering a boy on 11/30. We shall see!

*Def. feeling Toni Braxton hicks contractions now

*I've had some spotting from my appointment on Thursday, and 4 days after. At the appointment I was told that I am a "tight 1 centimeter dilated"

*Serious serious pregnancy brain. I'm repeating stories to Chris, having no recollection of telling them to him. I can't think of basic words. I needed to ask Chris where the paper towels were on Saturday and I think it took me a minute to think of the words "paper towels" to explain what I was looking for.

*SOOO out of breath. Just to explain things in training at work, makes me breathless. It's embarassing.

*Back aches. I noticed a signifiant decrease in energy this past weekend. Things are getting really challenging and exhausting for me.

*I've definitely dropped! My stomach is not nearly as high as it used to be. I feel increased pressure in my pelvic area.

Workouts: Walks with my Zoey! We walk a mile every morning before breakfast.

Mood: Very overwhelmed, primarily with work. Wrapping things up at work is stressful.

Looking forward to: 
Starting maternity leave, continuing to get the house in order. 

Maternity Clothes: hoping I can stretch these out for another 3-4 weeks. And anyway, once I'm not working anymore I can lounge around in Chris's big 'ol t-shirts for all I care.

Just a few on my sides that I've been using BioOil on regularly.

Rings on or off?
Wedding Band on (most days), Engagement ring off  - I missssss it :(

Bellybutton in or out? OUT

This week I:
*Did about 52,000 loads of laundry: Washed the car seat, the bouncer, baby clothes, swaddle blankets, bed sheets, changing table pads, socks, hats, etc. etc. This cuteness should be illegal:

*Installed the car seat bases into both cars (took about an hour...these things are complicated!)

*Did some major clean-up of the nursery! Still lots to do, but I would at least feel comfortable bringing a baby home to the room now.

*Finished and mailed all my thank you's!

*Attended a breastfeeding class. More on this tomorrow

*More crazy socks!

Reading: Just hospital packet information. These days, if it's not baby related reading material, I can't focus on it.

Milestones: "Your baby is simulating breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, sucking on his or her thumb, blinking, and pivoting from side to side (one day you feel the tushy on the left side, another day it has swung around to the right side). Here's an interesting fact: Your baby's head (which, by the way, is still growing) will, at birth, be the same size circumference as his or her hips, abdomen, and shoulders." The baby is still just growing fat at this point. 

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Week 35
Week 34
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Week 29 
Week 28
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First Trimester

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