After planning my wedding in 2011, and blogging pretty exclusively about it or 3 years, it was time to leave my wedding blog and move on to the next adventure. The problem was, I didn't know what that was. Chris and I attended a ton of weddings in the year and a half following our wedding and I enjoyed blogging about these major moments in our friend's lives, but that phase of my life was slowly coming to a close.

What I was doing and what I wanted to continue doing, was capture and reflect on all the amazing moments of my life. Some of them are big moments: like weddings, birthdays and holidays, and some of them are little moments: like arriving home to a bouquet of flowers for no reason, or snuggling with our puppy. I've always loved photos and I love how these photos create a road-map of my life. They are the moments that make up my life, define me as a person, and make me get through each and every day.

Now, we have two children: Natalie (born November 2013) and Christopher (Born April 2016). So much has happened since we got married, and I can't wait to see what's still in store for us!

So as my scrapbooking obsession has turned to an online-blogging obsession for various reasons (easier/cheaper/doesn't make a mess on my living room floor,) here I'll share the little moments, and big moments that make up my life. Oh yea...and lots and lots of pictures of my dog. :)