After planning my wedding in 2011, and blogging exclusively about it for 3 years, it was time to leave my wedding blog and move on to the next adventure.

What I was doing and what I wanted to continue doing, was capture and reflect on all the amazing moments of my life. Some of them are big moments: the birth of our two children and so many of our friends children, weddings, birthdays, holidays; and some of them are little moments: a weekend adventure, that time both kids got the flu, or what we did on a Tuesday.  I've always loved photos, and I love how these photos create a road-map of my life. They are the moments that make up my life, and they are what I'll have to look back on when I'm old and gray.

Now, we have two children: Natalie (born November 2013) and Christopher (Born April 2016). So much has happened since we got married, and life continues to be crazier and crazier every day!

So as my scrapbooking obsession has turned to an online-blogging obsession for various reasons (easier/cheaper/doesn't make a mess on my living room floor), here I'll share the little moments, and big moments that make up my life.


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