Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Natalie: Week 11


Better late than never right? This is an update as of last Friday 2/14

Weight: About 10 pounds, maybe a little more?

Milestones of the week:
  • You started sleeping in your OWN crib in your OWN room!! I have to say this transition went WAY smoother than I thought it would. You and I are actually getting a bit more solid sleep now that you are exclusively staying in your crib. However, I will say for our next child(ren), I would do it the exact same way: Have you sleep in the pack n' play for the first 11-12 weeks for more frequent night feedings and then move you to your own room after that. You are now waking one, sometimes two times a night for feedings.
  • We snuggled up and stayed as warm as we could during yet ANOTHER snow-storm!! Thank goodness for Daddy, who has been shoveling snow like crazy this season!
  • You took your first trip to Astoria and met our hair dresser - the lady who will eventually give you your first hair-cut!

  •  Do we look alike?
  • You got a piano lesson from Uncles Ben and Kyle during their visit!
  •  I sometimes think you get cuter every single day:
  • Before the big snowstorm on Thursday, we went out and did our first big solo running errands trip and it went really well! You slept through most of it, and we are getting the hang of breastfeeding in the car in-between stores!

  • You like watching tv with Daddy!
 And various other adventures!
And that's your 11th week!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Iphone App "Must-Haves"

My iphone and Ipad have been attached to my hip since Natalie was born. Not that they weren't before she was born...actually. But I've come to rely on certain apps everyday that I never had to use before!

Baby Connect - This app keeps track of everything. From diapers, to nursing, to sleep, weight, shots, and other medical information. In the first few weeks I mostly used it to keep track of her poopy and wet diapers and also for nursing. Now, I really just put medical information in it and use it for nursing during the day. Every time I nurse, I use it to keep a timer for how long she feeds on the right and the left. It helps me to remember what time I started and stopped, and which side I fed on the last time. One less thing I have to keep track of inside my head! This app costs $5.00 but it has been well worth the cost!
The Wonder Weeks: This app is very interesting. It describes all the developmental leaps that typically occur in babies and signs and milestones to look for during a particular time. It helps me identify certain signs that I should be looking for as she grows and develops!

I Heart Radio:  I realized that I've been out of touch with news and events now that I'm pretty much home all the time. Less water cooler talk with the coworkers, and I don't really put the tv on too much when I'm home. I decided to listen to some of the news stations on the I Heart Radio app while I'm nursing. The stations give little snippets of the headlines of the day, and is a great way to quickly catch up on some current events!

Podcasts: For the same reasons as above, I like listening to podcasts during feeding sessions. This American Life, and Zero to Three so far. Does anyone have any other podcast recommendations?!

Rain,Rain/White Noise Lite/ At night, we put on these white noise apps for Natalie. It drowns out any outside noise for her to sleep and is supposed to remind her of being in the womb.

Lullaby Lyrics: It's been quite some time since I've heard lullabyes (like...28 years) So I needed a bit of a brush-up on my lyrics! This has the lyrics to classic lullabyes that I forgotten through the years. My favorites to sing are all the verses of bah bah black sheep, All the Pretty Little Horses and Hush, Little Baby.

Snapseed - Taking and editing pictures is one of my favorite pastimes. Often while I'm nursing, (while recording the time in babyconnect, and listening to podcasts) I'll edit photos that I've taken of her in this app (and often then share them on instagram). The features and edit options really take my pictures to the next level!

Instagram: By now, everyone knows about instagram. I love sharing photos of Natalie and using the hashtag #instababybabble. It's so great to see all the other little adorable babies out in the world right now, and connect with other mothers who have young children.

What iphone apps do you find using daily as a mom? 
Do you have any great podcasts you recommend to listen to?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mommy and Me Pictures

I have taken approximately 3,000 pictures of Natalie since her birth. 11 weeks on this earth and that's an average of 272 photos a week.

You know how many pictures I have of her and me together?

Twenty photos showing proof that I am her mother. And most of those were taken within the first week of her life.

I have lots of pictures of just Natalie. I have lots of pictures of Chris and Natalie. I have lots of pictures of Zoey and Natalie.

But I hardly have pictures of ME with Natalie.

I'm pretty much the "picture taker" of the family. I always have been - I've been weilding a camera since High School and I love to capture moments in time so I can remember them. But sometimes...what good are those memories, or those moments...if there is literally zero proof that I was actually there? Will my grandchildren look back on my photo albums and say "these are great pictures, but where is Grandma Laura?"

I remember reading a blog post a few years back calling all moms to take pictures WITH their children, and I'm going to do the same. The posts struck a chord with me, but I didn't really fully grasp the impact of it until now. Those pictures are the ones you want to look back on. Those are the pictures you want to see how happy you were, that smile on both of your faces, or the sparkle in your eyes.

When someone snaps a picture of you and the baby, especially in these early months postpartum, the reaction from many women, including me, is usually one of the following:

"Oh no no don't take a picture of me!" 
"I look fat!" 
"I'm not wearing any makeup!" 
"I didn't do my hair today!"
"Can you delete that last one?" 
"I hate this outfit!" 

Until years pass and your child has one or two blurry, dark photos with their mom.

So Ladies - I've dedicated an entire post to JUST pictures of me physically with Natalie, and I hope you'll do the same.
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Little Moments, Big Moments

Monday, February 10, 2014

Natalie: Week 10

You are officially out of single digit weeks - never to return to that again! :( 10 Whole Weeks!

Weight: Close to 10 pounds, maybe a little more?

Milestones of the week: 
  • Your first Superbowl! I had you in your Giants Football onesie to start the day....buuut you unfortunately ended up peeing all over yourself and you needed a change before the game even started!
  • I found this hat when we were in Pennsylvania. My grandmother knit it for me when I was younger for one of my dolls! Now, I have my real-life "doll" to wear it! This is actually even a little bit big on her!
  • You met a new friend, Marissa
  • We had some snow days!
  • So we stayed warm and cuddled as much as possible:
  • I discovered that little baby stockings are the cutest thing ever!
  • We've been doing a ton of tummy-time and I was able to capture one of the first times you rolled over! I caught it just in time...and this takes you quite a bit of time to gear up to do, but you've rolled a few times now when I prop you up real high on your arms!

And that was your 10th week! Can't wait to see what week 11 brings us!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Natalie: Week 9

I have decided that in addition to monthly updates, I'd like to do weekly updates as well, at least for the first year. So much happens just within each week and I don't want to let things go too long before stating certain milestones and exciting things. I don't really want to answer the same exact questions each week like I did with my bumpdates. Most of them are going to be the same. Health? Great! Things she likes? same as last week! So it will mostly comprise the basic stats: weight, sleep, and the milestones/noteworthy things of each week.

I will for the most part, post these on Fridays, her actual "week" birthday...but in the event that I miss a post, they will be posted the following Monday...like today's case!

Weight: 9 pounds 8 ounces, 22 inches
You went to the doctor and got 3 more vaccines (2 shots and one was a liquid taken orally). Your two shots were just as bad as last month. I could see the recognition of pain in your eyes and you wailed and wailed and wailed. It was heartbreaking.

Milestones of the week: 

  • Two more shots at the doctor's office - I know this won't get any easier for you OR for me.
  • Your first trip to Grandma and Grandpa's in Pennsylvania

  • Your first look at a birthday cake as you helped Aunt Melissa blow out the candles!
  • You slept in the crib in PA all by yourself like a big girl! At home, you're still sleeping in the Pack n' play napper, but I'm going to start transitioning you out of that, especially since you took to the crib so well!

  • Dressing you in both 0-3 month and now 3-6 month clothing

  • This week you were visited by friends Molly and Mark, and Dana (who's going to be a new mommy this summer!)
With  Molly
With Dana
  • You've started grabbing for things...like this toy and especially my HAIR!!!
  • You continue to make the funniest and cutest faces, and we're focusing more on Tummy Time to build up those already strong neck muscles!:
  • You received this adorable personalized piggy bank from a friend of ours from college, Liz and her husband!
That's week 9, I can't wait to see what week 10 brings us!