Thursday, August 29, 2013

I off to Babymoon!

I survived my 3 hour glucose test!! I'll go into more detail on the actual test next week. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't awwwwful either. Anyway, results will be in on Friday! 

Thank you for everyone's words of encouragement, tweets, texts, phone calls, etc. yesterday. It was much appreciated!! to Miami!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Hour Glucose Test

Welp...I failed my first glucose test. My blood sugar level was 146 and they don't like you to be over 140. So I am at the lab this morning for the long three hour glucose test to be sure I don't have gestational diabetes. Fun Fun!! Not!!....Wish me luck!!

Anyone else have to take the three hour test? Words of advice are encouraged!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: Head of Lettuce

Total Weight Gain: 20.8 pounds....YIKES!

Sleep: Pretty good. I woke up on Sunday morning and had to pee so badly I couldn't even stand up straight. I looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame as I made my way down the hallway to the bathroom. Just got the snoogle pregnancy pillow so hoping that will help me get comfortable while sleeping!

Best Moment of the week:
*Baby's first Pro-Football game! We attended the Giants vs. Jets Preseason game on Saturday.
 How cute is this onesie/cap/bib Giants set?!

*Having a fabulous weekend with my sister and her boyfriend who were visiting up from Pennsylvania and celebrating Chris' 28th Birthday - It's a big one: The year he will become a father! We lounged by his parent's pool all day while they were entertaining us and some of their friends. That night, after the Giants game, we came back over for grilled pizzas - HOLY MOLY!! It was amazzzzing.

*My Snoogle arrived!! Testing it out for the first time on Monday will have to report back later.

Worst Moment of the Week: 
Ok there are a lot here this week so bear with me:
*That time I left 2 pounds of chicken out on the counter for 12 hours to thaw. I only meant to leave it out for 2 hours in the morning before work, and then put it in the fridge to thaw the rest of the way. I completely forgot about it and came home to gross, warm, raw chicken that had to be thrown out.

*That time 2 days later when I bought a yogurt at the grocery store because I thought it looked delicious, and then left it in my purse overnight. - This week, I plan on setting fire to two $20 bills in my backyard - It'll be an easier, less time-consuming way to waste money.

*That time Wednesday morning when I was stuck on the subway for an hour and ended up being 45 minutes late to work, and when my boss told me not to worry about it, I burst into tears in his office, and it took me the better part of an hour to calm myself back down.....That was great: aka worst morning EVER

*Having to pee reallly bad on the car ride home from the Giant's game and there being NOWHERE to go. That's the LAST time I listen to Chris: "We'll be home in half an hour you can make it!"

Miss Anything: Some clothes that I wish I could wear. At least next summer they'll feel like brand new clothes again (that is...if I can fit into them!)

Food Cravings: Kale. I've actually craved this quite a few times throughout pregnancy but didn't really recognize it as a pregnancy craving..but there is nothing I want more when I come home from work than a big, huge, kale salad. I freaking LOVE Kale. Also: PB&J which I still have not satisfied this craving, but I've been wanting one and OREOS or Cookies & Cream ice cream - preferably together.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show? Yes..I feel like even from last week, it looks like I'm carrying higher or have filled out on top more:

Gender: Team Green - taking everyone's gender predictions, most of them seem to be boy but I'm getting more and more guesses of a girl!

Very tired. I feel the tiredness from my first trimester coming back. I realllly wanted to take a nap at 10:30 today. I wanted to nap on the weekend but didn't have time. I honestly hope I get to nap each day we're in Miami. I just need to make time for some naps...

*Soooo much movement. Feel kicks every day. Chris has felt them several times now. I can see the kicks too, stronger and stronger by the day!

Workouts: Yoga and a little walking...that's it.

Mood: Last week, not so good - hence the crying in my boss's office episode. I just felt like no matter what, I couldn't catch up - The registry wasn't ready, or there were issues with it, the house was a mess, I had to pick a glider but couldn't, work was busy, I had no food in the house, etc. etc. I'm feeling better this week.

Looking forward to: I am entering my last week of the 2nd trimester...can you believe I am almost done with the first and second trimesters?!


I'm actually super stoked for Fall - For one it's my favorite season and I just feel like these last three months are super exciting as we countdown for our little one's arrival. September-November are going to be pretty exciting and it will only get better from there!

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively

Stretchmarks: Yes, but I do feel like the BioOil is either helping, or preventing new ones from forming!

Rings on or off? Engagement Ring off, wedding band on

Bellybutton in or out? It is actually starting to hurt a little bit from being pushed..but still an inny!

This week I: 
* Met with a pediatrician near our house. I liked the woman a lot, she was very straightforward and very informative. The office seemed a little bit small, with narrow hallways, and a bit outdated. It was interesting meeting with her, but it did solidify that I'd like to meet with at least 2 more pediatricians before reaching a decision. Chris agreed on that as well.

*Signed up for a Baby Safe Class at our hospital for September.
Our Baby Safe class focuses on creating a safe home environment for baby and discusses crib and toy safety, safe sleep positions and SIDS prevention, water safety, baby-proofing the home, choking and fall prevention, home emergencies and basic first aid for bleeding, burns, fractures, shock and poisoning.

*I have also decided on taking the Lamaze class that is offered because they include a free breastfeeding class and tour of the hospital with it, so why not. I will be enrolling in those this week:

*Had my glucose test! My results will be in on Wednesday. I had to drink the infamous sugary drink on Monday morning and then they drew my blood an hour later. Honestly, I think people are kind of overdramatic about the taste of the drink. I was expecting it to taste awful and be this horrible, terrible experience and it really was extremely non-eventful. It didn't taste that bad, and I didn't feel sick from it. I did have a headache at one point but I think that was more from lack of food than anything (I couldn't eat anything the morning of my test)

*Researched restaurants and made dinner reservations for every night we're in Miami! Bring on the Cuban Food!

Reading: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Eyes are starting to open, weighs a full 2 pounds! and starting to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid!

Week 25
Week 19
Week 18
Week 17
Week 16
Week 15
Week 14
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Week 12
First Trimester

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Car Seat and Snap-N-Go

Yesterday I told you my stroller decision, today I'll tell you my car-seat decision!

Baby Jogger has a universal car-seat adapter that works with many different brands of car-seats. I have decided on the Graco Snugride 30, primarily because it has a great safety-rating and as far as I can find, it is the lightest car-seat on the market. At 7.5 pounds, it will be easy for me to carry around with a growing baby. Some of these car-seats weigh upwards of 11-13 pounds without the baby even in it!! Now, I know I need to work on my muscles, but if a car-seat is too heavy for me before I even have a baby in it, there is going to be a problem. I really, really wanted to like the Chicco car-seat because I know they have an extremely high safety rating and I think they look really nice. But in the end, carrying the two car-seats one after the other, I just felt more comfortable holding the Graco. Graco has been around forever, and I really wanted the lightest while still being one of the safest car-seats I could find. I would have liked their newer "Click Connect" car-seats, but those are not technically compatible with Baby Jogger car-seat adapter. Though I have been told by friends that they use the click connect just fine with it, it still makes me uneasy. This is just fine for me, and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Finally, I decided to also register for the Baby Trend Single Snap-N-Go stroller system. This will be nice for quick, light trips to the grocery store and for travel for the first year while the baby is in a car seat. I've heard many people who love to use the click n' go systems in the beginning. They're lightweight (weigh about 11-14 pounds) fold up into nothing, and are easy to just pop in and out of places quick with a baby.  Then, you graduate to the stroller when the baby is older and able to holder his or her head up on their own.

Did you use a snap-n-go stroller? What car-seat did you decide on?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stroller Decision

I've spent countless hours over the past few months in "stroller-land" researching as much as I can on them. Watching online videos (Baby Gizmo, and Stroller Guru are pretty amazing for product reviews), and going to the store multiple times to try them out myself. Strollers are daunting. Jogging strollers, lightweight strollers, 4 wheeled strollers.

I work in the midtown East/Upper East area of Manhattan. I can tell you that alllllll I see is the UppaBaby Vista stroller every single day. If you're a mom in Manhattan, and you live on the East Side, you have an UppaBaby. The Uppababy's seem nice and looks like a great stroller. But there were a number of other strollers out there that I was drawn to as well, and not just because their price tag was much more reasonable.

I still go back and forth almost daily on my decision. But I am pretty confident that the stroller I like the best is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT in Gray/Green.
Where we live in Queens is a sort of pseudo city/suburban environment. It's not as city as Manhattan, but it's not as suburban as where I grew up in Pennsylvania. We don't have a garage to store our stroller, which means that it will always be coming up and down our 5 steps to get in and out of our house every day. I wanted a lightweight stroller that I could fold with one hand, and still be able to go on long walks around the neighborhood, and local parks when I want to.

Here is what I liked about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT:

The Wheels:
Honestly, the wheels were kind of what sold me on this stroller. I initially was looking at the City Mini and the Britax B-Agile - both lightweight, easy to use strollers. My main concern with them was their plastic, lightweight wheels. If they break, you have to send away for new wheels, and they easily wear down over time. The City Mini GT has All-Terrain foam filled tires. They won't go flat like air-filled tires, and they won't wear down like the plastic. This stroller will be good on grass, dirt, hopefully sand, and other types of terrain.

The front wheel locks into place for long walks, and unlocks for easy swiveling and manuevering around corners. Many people seem to think that since this is a "Baby Jogger" stroller it is a jogging stroller. Despite the brand name, this stroller is actually not technically intended for jogging, though I think it will be perfectly fine for some light jogs around my neighborhood, and from what I can tell, many people seem to use it as a jogging stroller.

The Hand-Break:
I love that I can put the break on or off with just a small hand lever on the side of the stroller. No need to mess up my pedicure on a foot-break, or bend down to lock and unlock it!

The really big sun canopy: Really, it's just a large, large sun canopy offering full coverage to my little one.

The weight/size
At 22 pounds, this is not as light as the regular City Mini (17 pounds), but still lighter than many strollers on the market and certainly lighter than a jogging stroller. And with the quick release feature, I can fold it up with one hand.

Fully reclining seat: Many mom friends told me that this was something they wish they had in their stroller and to make sure I got one that could fully recline. It's comfortable for the child if they fall asleep and makes it suitable for a newborn to lay down flat in it if I feel so inclined to use this for that purpose. (I don't intend to fully use this stroller until 6 months or later.)

Adjustable handlebar: Anyone from my 4'11" mom to my 6'3" dad can adjust this stroller to suit their height.

Watch the Baby Gizmo review on the stroller here, and the Baby Jogger official video on the stroller.
The only thing that could throw a wrench into my plans is when Baby Jogger announces the release of the City Versa GT which might be any day now. It's currently available Internationally, and should soon be available in the states. The Versa is different because it has 4 wheels, AND a reversible seat so the child can either face you or face out which I think could be a nice feature. Add those foam-filled, all-terrain tires to it and you've got a pretty darn good stroller there. I get conflicted because I really see 4 wheeled strollers everywhere, and it makes me a little nervous about my "3-wheel stroller" decision. Anyone have a strong case for a 4-wheeler over a 3-wheeler?

Of course, when all is said and done...Chris would rather that I just register for this stroller instead: The VRS Mega-Man Pram
Looks good, right?! Haha, this was actually a joke and was designed strictly to appear in a car advertisement in the UK. Source here.

Tomorrow I'll share my car-seat and snap-n-go frame decisions.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: an Eggplant

Total Weight Gain: 17.4 pounds

Sleep: The last two nights have been terrible. I woke up at 4am on Sunday morning and could not go back to sleep. I finally just got up at 5am and started cleaning and preparing for my day.
I thought for sure I'd sleep like a rock on Sunday night, but I actually woke up at 3:30am this time and couldn't go back to sleep. I couldn't get comfortable, but more than that I just felt very awake. I felt like I had slept a full 8 hours and was fine to get up. I finally fell back asleep around 5:30am and slept until 7:15. But my back hurt soooo much getting out of bed. I wonder if it's time to try the tempurpedic mattress in the basement...
Best Moment of the week: 
*Chris holding Baby Maddy at our friend's party this weekend. Maddy was cranky when she arrived at the party and didn't really want to be held by anyone other than her mom. But when Chris offered to hold her...this happened and I died.

Maddy stayed in Chris' arms for a large majority of the party and she was content as content could be staying that way. At one point, he handed her back to her mom and she started crying. As soon as Chris took her back, she stopped. It was absolutely hilarious, and my heart was literally breaking into a million pieces over how cute it was.

*Glider Shopping!

* My baby shower invitations went out!
Invitation from

*THIS!! Double digits people...DOUBLE DIGITS!
* My sister and her boyfriend saw the baby kick on Sunday! Movements are seriously seriously strong!

Worst Moment of the week:
*Not sleeping, waking up with backaches
* Heartburn here and there, not terrible

Miss Anything: Sleeping through the night!!!

Food Cravings: 
Organic Red Licorice from Stop & Shop. Friday night, I HAD to have it.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show?: Yessss

Gender: Team Green, as you know

Minor cramping on Friday night and Saturday morning.
Pregnancy Brain - Ok, Pregnancy Brain is real folks. I can't even tell you how many times this week I would look at someone, start a sentence and literally just forget what I was going to say entirely. I'll start out saying something like....


Workouts: Excellent Yoga session!

Mood: General Crankiness on Saturday and Sunday evening. I feel incredibly hungover every morning when I wake up. Otherwise, pretty good.

Looking Forward to: Having the baby!! My Baby Shower!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, pretty much exclusively

Yes, I think bio oil is helping? Though not entirely sure.

Rings on or off? I actually was able to wear my engagement ring a bit this week because it wasn't hot and it went on fine.

Bellybutton in or out? Still in! Starting to get a very faint Linea Negra though :(

This Week I: 
*Hired a photographer! Tara at Creative Hearts Arts! (Newborn gallery here)
*Set up an appointment to meet with a pediatrician
*Organized my thoughts on the nursery and streamlined the theme and almost picked a crib!

Reading: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld (Reading for book club)


Blood vessels are developing in the baby's lungs. This week the baby's nostrils (which had been plugged up until now) are starting to open up. This allows the baby to take "practice breaths" though it's really only breathing amniotic fluid.

Week 19
Week 18
Week 17
Week 16
Week 15
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Week 13
Week 12
First Trimester

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Review: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

From goodreads:
Drawing upon her thirty-plus years of experience, Ina May Gaskin, the nation’s leading midwife, shares the benefits and joys of natural childbirth by showing women how to trust in the ancient wisdom of their bodies for a healthy and fulfilling birthing experience. Based on the female-centered Midwifery Model of Care, Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth gives expectant mothers comprehensive information on everything from the all-important mind-body connection to how to give birth without technological intervention.

Filled with inspiring birth stories and practical advice, this invaluable resource includes:• Reducing the pain of labor without drugs--and the miraculous roles touch and massage play

• What really happens during labor
• Episiotomy--is it really necessary?
• Common methods of inducing labor--and which to avoid at all costs
• Tips for maximizing your chances of an unmedicated labor and birth
• How to avoid postpartum bleeding--and depression
• The risks of anesthesia and cesareans--what your doctor
doesn’t necessarily tell you
• The best ways to work with doctors and/or birth care providers
• How to create a safe, comfortable environment for
birth in any setting, including a hospital
• And much more

Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth takes the fear out of childbirth by restoring women’s faith in their own natural power to give birth with more ease, less pain, and less medical intervention.

My thoughts:
This book was Heavy with a capital H. The first 125 pages are just birth stories told by other women. Most of them delivered their child or children naturally at "The Farm" which is where the author, Ina May, works as a midwife. I read about half of these stories before I was ready to go onto the next section. They were beautiful stories, but there were just too many. I skimmed some of the parts in the next section, but I read the majority of the book and even copied a few pages out of it for reference later. Sections like "What questions you should ask your doctor, midwife, doula, etc." and "epidural statistics and side effects." It was chock full of statistics, and very good information. At times, I felt like I was reading a textbook BUT, I think this is a really important book. I did learn a great deal about natural childbirth vs. childbirth with medical intervention. I wouldn't say that it made me totally change my mind about having a natural childbirth, but it at least opened my eyes to what my options are in the hospital on the day that I deliver. For that alone, I'm grateful I read this book. While Ina May certainly advocates for natural childbirth, I didn't feel like she delivered her opinion in a way that was judgmental or "my way or the highway."  She simply presents the facts that she's learned over time in order to help you make the best decision that's right for you. For that reason alone, I think this is a worthwhile book to read during pregnancy.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nursery Inspiration

I spent a lot of time thinking about the baby's nursery this week and I'm hoping to reach a decision on the crib this weekend. I may have my eye on this one, because it matches two dressers that Chris has saved from when he was a baby. I always imagined a much darker wood for the nursery, but if this is what matches, and it helps us use some pieces we already have, then that's fine. Plus, this color is starting to grow on me once I see it tied together with all my other inspiration pieces:

So until I make a decision on the crib, I worked on the other aspects of the room that will make it baby ready in no time! I think my animal-jungle-safari theme is coming together quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Add in the quilt piece my mom is making from the panel she found in the Hamptons, and I am getting really excited to start working on baby's room!! I'm loving all the cute animal things out there!
What do you think? Any other pieces or nursery elements out there on the interwebs that you think would be great to add to the room?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bachelorette Party Recap

This past weekend I, the "6 month pregnant lady," attended my friend's bachelorette party in Atlantic City! Though I'm preggers - I really couldn't wait to get away for a little girl's weekend and some quality time with a few of my favorite ladies in the world.
Lauren, the Maid-of-Honor, did a fabulous job decorating our amazing Suite at the Borgata and supplying amazing, delicious, and adorable food for the party! From champagne cupcakes, to lingerie sugar cookies and a delectable toffee dessert dip! From seafood or chicken salad croissant sandwiches, to fresh fruit, cheese, mozzarella and tomatoes, couscous, and more, we were spoiled with good food!

Lauren ordered each of the ladies our own "Bachelorette Party" T-shirt for the weekend, along with our own drink coozies!
After we were situated in the room, we played some games and had Mal, the lady of the hour, try on her hot pink wig; open gifts; and had a blast while getting ready for our night out in the Borgata.
We went to dinner at Bobby Flay's Steakhouse, where I had an amaaazing shrimp scampi. Everything we tried there was delicious!
Love these girls:  Mal, Mandy, Lauren, Me

After dinner, we went to MurMur, one of the clubs at the Borgata where bottle service had been set up for us. I went for an hour to scope it out, plus I really wasn't that tired!
But by 12:15, I was calling it a night and headed back to the room while the rest of the group partied downstairs. "Old Lady" Lauren was really tired, and went back to the room early with me as well, so I wasn't alone.
The next morning we packed up our things, and while we were downstairs to get some breakfast and coffee we ran into Jay Leno who had performed there the night before!! We couldn't get a picture with him, but got one OF him. He kinda of looks terrible, right?

I guess the only question left to ask is...who had a rougher night: Jay Leno or our bride-to-be, Mal?
Safe to say, they both had a great time, as did I. I may have learned that I don't care to sleep on an air mattress again for the remainder of my pregnancy, but it was totally worth it for the fun time and good memories shared this weekend. Can't wait for the Bridal Shower this weekend and the wedding just 3 months away! Congrats Mal, and great job to Lauren for planning a fabulous bachelorette weekend in AC!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bumpdate: 24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: An eggplant, cantelope and/or soccer ball

Total Weight Gain: 15.8 pounds

Sleep: Still pretty good, but feeling more and more like crap when I wake up in the morning. Stiff legs, heavy feeling in stomach (duh), extremely parched, and hip pain. I have to push myself up with my arms in order to sit up in bed. Sleeping on an air mattress in Atlantic City this weekend for my friend's Bachelorette party was also not very conducive to pregnancy.

Best Moment of the week:
* Baby's first baseball game on Wednesday! We attended a Mets game with our friend Matt!

*My friend, kate, making me feel good about our decision to go to Miami after I told her I was nervous being among model types on the beach in Miami. She always knows the best things to say ;) 
*Attending one of my best friend's Bachelorette party in Atlantic City this weekend and I even went to the club for a little! Mandy (second from the left) got to feel the baby kick twice on Sunday morning, which was awesome! Luckily, Chris had felt a little kick last Sunday, but I'm still waiting for him to feel a real good BIG kick! These kicks are literally getting stronger and stronger every day so it's only a matter of time.
Worst Moment of the week:
*This whole week was kind of crummy. I don't know if it was necessarily pregnancy related, or just "one of those weeks" but I was out of it, always very tired yet still couldn't wind down for bed, and just generally not in a "happy" mood. Many other friends told me that they had an off week too, so maybe it was just the weather or something in the water, but bleh, I was glad when this week was over!

Miss Anything: Not really!

Food Cravings: I really haven't had any cravings for very specific things...I get really really hungry and I neeeed to eat. But give me pretty much anything and I'll be happy. I did have a pretty bad week of eating though: Wayyyy too much food at the Mets game, and a bit too many oreos and ice cream sundaes. I need to reign that in.
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show?: it time to take these monotonous questions off this bumpdate? I need some new material...

Gender: Team Green!

Symptoms: *Two or three bad days of heartburn this week, so much for thinking that was gone.

*Intense, INTENSE burning sensation right underneath my "bubbies" at the top of my baby bump. It's not an internal heartburn type's skin burning type burn. It feels like I have a bad sunburn just along my bra line. I googled it, and many women seem to have experienced the same exact thing I'm describing. And it seems there isn't anything I can do for it. It comes and goes at random times. I sometimes wonder if certain clothing materials set it off more than others - I have to be more conscious of that to see if that's the case.

*Cramping. I had two days of cramping - to the point where I wondered if I had a UTI or something, but I have no other symptoms and it went away.

*When I look at pictures of me...I think that I look tired. Comparing pictures of me from before to now - I notice a difference in my eyes look tired. I think I need more naps...

Workouts:  Terrible yoga session, general bad mood on Tuesday. My yoga teacher couldn't make it, so they replaced prenatal yoga with "gentle yoga" and it pretty much was "let's take a nap and meditate for an hour". I wasn't feeling wasn't nearly as good a workout as we usually get...this made me appreciate how terrific my prenatal yoga teacher is...she always makes me feel so great every Tuesday and she really explains each and every move and how it is helping us prepare for labor. Other than that...just walking.

Mood: *See above - general bad mood this week, not sure if it was pregnancy related or not. Hoping to get more accomplished this week.

Looking Forward to: 
Zoey's piggy toy being replaced by a little tiny baby in a few months - As Kristina said on instagram, she's "getting ready for baby snuggles":

Maternity Clothes: YES

Stretchmarks: Yes, but they are the white kind, and not very noticeable

Rings on or off? Wedding band on, engagement ring off

Bellybutton in or out? Still in, but losing room. I showed my "messed up belly button" to the Bachelorette party on Saturday and none of them seemed to think it was weird looking and they thought I was being I guess it's really not that bad. Apparently I had a very cavernous belly button to begin with. Haha

This Week I: 
Got some really great name suggestions from our baby name app!....NOT: This week's "doozies" were Caradoc, Sabeh and Leverton.

Reading: Still Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth. I'm enjoying it, but it's a bit of a heavy read, I'm starting to just skim certain sections. Next up is Sippy Cups and Chardonnay!
Milestones: The face is almost fully formed! There is no fat on the baby at all yet! (sigh...wish I could say the same) The skin is still translucent so a real close look at the baby, and I'd be able to see all it's internal organs, bones and blood vessels. Like the last few weeks, the baby's ears are even more formed now and it can hear pretty much anything and everything around me! ANNND at 24 weeks I am officially 6 months into this pregnancy!
Week 19
Week 18
Week 17
Week 16
Week 15
Week 14
Week 13
Week 12
First Trimester

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Pregnancy Tip of the day

I have a lot of friends who are planning to become pregnant in the next few years and I am among the first, at least of our closest friends, to have a baby. Though I'm totally just winging this as I go, there are a number of things I've learned along the way so far that I feel responsible for sharing and passing on to those who shall soon be following in my footsteps.

Pregnancy Tip of the Day:

Put a good nightlight in your bathroom. You will get up to pee at least one, if not multiple, times a night from early on in your pregnancy. Turning the full bathroom light on in the middle of the night is jarring and blinding and wakes you up way more than you already are. Put a good quality, soft night-light in your bathroom, and the hallways leading to it, so you never have to even flip a switch, and can fall back to sleep much easier! We use these from amazon.