Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Vacay Day 4

The St. Greg's Festival is back in town!! Last year we spent almost every day at this 10 day Festival! It's a lot of fun, and such a great way to kick off summer. I couldn't believe it, but as soon as we arrived, Natalie grabbed my hand and started walking toward where the train ride, saying "I want to go ride the train" - she remembered it from last year! I was shocked!

A little parade in our neighborhood kicks off the festival. The neighbor girls, whom Natalie loves, walk in the parade because they play on the sports team for the school, so we kind of just join in with them and walk the parade too when it comes to our house! (It's a very low-key, parade...)  Natalie loves it, and I can guarantee that for the next few weeks every time we leave our house Natalie will ask if we can go march in a parade:

First up, ride the train:

Then the fire-trucks!

Then, what turned into a private lesson on dart throwing! This woman was incredible!!! She spent a solid 10 minutes at least showing Natalie exactly how to hold a dart, how to throw, she gave her so many chances, she really helped her a lot and Natalie probably popped about 4 balloons and earned herself a paw patrol ball! I am so grateful for this woman and her patience:

I thought Baby Christopher would fall asleep in his stroller but nope - this kid walked the entire length of the festival and then some. with his Oma and Grandma!

and got in some dancing with them to boot!

And of course, zeppoles

Can't wait for more St. Greg's fun and memories this year!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Vacay Day 3

Yesterday I was at work in the city all day - I think I spent 1 hour total with each kid and most of that was nursing Christopher. So that was summer vacay day 2!

Summer Vacay Day 3:
First, the positives:
We took the bike up to the park by our house for a little bit. Ate a snack, played with bubbles, and with a ball. But when we were playing with the ball, she fell and scraped her knee. It wasn't that bad, but she was done with the park after that.
Back at the house,  I set up the water table in the backyard for her to play. We ate lunch, listened to some Raffi and Lori Berkner Band, did some naked painting (Natalie...not me) and spent the rest of the afternoon outside. Our neighbor friends, Lisa and Matthew, came over for a little bit to play in the playhouse and sprinkler too, which was a very nice break-up of the day.

After dinner (lamb roast in the crock-pot and roasted potatoes!), we walked over to the Hershey ice cream shop for some milk-shakes and ice cream!
Then a little photo shoot in our front yard. Don't be fooled - he stood in place the whole time, still not walking more than 8 steps at a time!

So that was the sunshine, rainbows and lollipops version of our day. Here are my actual thoughts:
This is my second day home all day with both kids and honestly, there were several times today I almost waved the white flag. I'm not sure how/if I can do this!! It's actually not so much so that Natalie is home all day now - it's actually that Christopher has become an independent, do what he wants to do, trying to walk, stubborn, and sometimes cranky little toddler! I adore our backyard but there are things I need to do inside (prep lunch, prep dinner, go to the battthhrooom (both me and Natalie) that I can't leave him outside while I do.

So today went something like this:
Play outside at water table
Natalie pushes Christopher away from table
He cries
Finally get Christopher situated with a different toy away from the water table
Natalie has to pee
We all go inside (I finally brought out a kid's potty so that sort of solves that)
Natalie goes to the bathroom while Christopher cries to go back outside
Back outside, they fight over the water table - I get him situated at something else
Natalie says "Mommy, I'm hungry" Time for lunch
I leave Natalie outside, while I take Christopher inside with me to make lunch
Outside for lunch
They fight over blueberries
Bowl of blueberries flies all over the patio
Christopher tries to walk and falls on top of 3 of them
Natalie eats a few off the ground - whatever
I get a work phone call - hope and pray they stay quiet
Christopher plays with the toy car
Natalie decides she wants to play in the toy car
She pushes Christopher
He falls, hurts himself, and in his dramatic cry - ends up hitting his head on the pavers even more
I have to go to the bathroom - take Christopher inside
He cries to go back outside
Ok, let's try painting - Natalie paints, gets acrylic paint on outdoor table (I got it off with a magic eraser. And I know, I know...what was I doing giving her acrylic paint? It was a particular project...)
I answer work emails
Natalie is covered in paint and needs to be cleaned up
All go back inside to wash her hands, clean her down
Christopher needs to nurse
Lisa and Matthew come! Yay! Other people!
Natalie acts up - screams a lot, pushes her brother, she is sent to her room.
She comes back down and apologizes, we play, then time for dinner.

I was given good advice a few weeks ago that I should have at least one thing planned a day. And I have a ton of stuff lined up starting next week - I just didn't really have anything in particular set up this week and I've been lacking motivation to get up and get out. So, I know it will get better and I will get used to this. BUT this summer. This summer is going to be difficult. They aren't at the age where they play together yet, and they each just want to do their own things. I don't even see how I can go to a park or a splash park and watch Christopher the whole time while keeping my eyes on Natalie doing something else.

Many before have done, and I will be fine. I'm just sort of freaking out right now. Anyone have pointers??

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sum, Sum Summa-Time Day 1

Winter is over, our summer calendar is quickly filling up, we are getting busy busy busy and it's time to start recording our lives again.

It is my hope that years from now, when I look back on this past year of my life,  I can say "Wow, that year was hella crazy, I'm so glad my life isn't like that any more." Just as Christopher was born, work at my job picked up like crazy. So just as I'm navigating life with two kids, I had almost double the work to take care of each week and I pretty much have been burning the candle at both ends for the past 13 months. But...summer is here! Work should calm down for a bit, and we have hired someone else to start training and taking on some of my workload - Oh Happy Day!!

I'm nervous and so excited for this summer at the same time. Last summer, Christopher was just an itty-bitty newborn, whom I mostly wore around in my wrap the whole time while I did things with Natalie. This summer, he'll be a walking, babbling, toddler who all of a sudden has a mind of his own and gets into EVERYTHING. I'm nervous I won't be able to do a lot of the normal things I do with Natalie with both of them.

Growing up, I would often journal here and there, but I always kept a summer-time journal. There is just so much to document and remember each summer and I'm determined to get back to documenting my children's lives, either through this blog or my youtube channel.

I didn't fully feel prepared for summer today - I still had a ton of things to put away from a large Costco run, I had some things at work I had to tie up, and I was just winging it entirely. So first up was some painting - but man, this maybe lasted 20 minutes. Christopher just kept getting into the paint and it was harder to keep him away than the whole project seemed worth. But it was a nice 20 minute activity for her:
Add caption
 Then it was lunch and off to swim lessons - where Natalie passed level 1 in swimming at Saf-T-Swim!

Then a quick trip to the grocery store for a few items- in which Natalie was rewarded with a Cake Pop for passing level 1 in swim. (FYI - Christopher was supppper fussy today. I left him with my Mother-in-law to run these errands because I couldn't deal with him/both at the same time!)

Then it was more swimming at the in-laws in the afternoon! Natalie adores our neighbors and they are so so good to her. We literally had to fight/bribe her to get out of the pool tonight. This is the first summer that Natalie has a good swim vest and she can be pretty independent in the pool. She is LOVING it - I think we may be creating a little fishy!

Listen to the end here after the jump where Natalie comes up and says "BEST. JUMP. EVEEERR!"

And that is day 1 of Summer vacay 2017!