Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hay Rosie Creamery Datenight

A few weeks ago, Chris and I went on our second How About We? (which is now called You&Me Concierge) date to Hay Rosie Creamery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

First, we got a tour of the facility (which is literally the size of my living room - and no, I don't have a huge living room). I was amazed at all they could do in such a tiny little space! Hay Rosie pasteurizes their own milk, before making their ice cream. They have a different lineup of ice cream flavors every single week.

When I asked how long the shop had been open she answered "3 weeks". We were all shocked! This place was brand-spanking new, I felt so cutting-edge! After the tour, we went back out to the "tasting room" where we were offered a flight of 4 different ice creams to try. Our options were: Lemon Bar, Bananas Ferrari, Bruce Wayne, Mascavado Caramel, Brownie Batter Brickle, and Bonfire at the Beach.

This was a LOT of ice cream to try, and it was all amazingly delicious! 

We each got to take a pint of ice cream home! We chose Bruce Wayne (champagne with peaches) and Bananas Ferrari (Bananas Foster), which were our favorites. I soooo wish I lived closer to this place so I could try their ever-changing menu of flavors!
I would love to make my way over there again to try their amazing ice cream and unique flavors! I'm enjoying You&Me Concierge (formerly How About We?) because it's forcing us to get out and explore areas of NYC that we otherwise wouldn't explore on our own, and all the planning is done, we just have to show up! Crown Heights, Brooklyn was VERY nice! My only regret was not going in sooner for dinner, and since we had our little ice cream pints, we felt we had to rush back home to get it in the freezer afterward!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jessica's Baby Shower

Back in June, Natalie, my Mother-In-Law, and I attended Chris's cousin, Jessica's, Baby Shower at Douglaston Manor, NY.

It was nice that Natalie was able to attend with me, and this marked her first official shower! (well..besides my baby shower, which she was "technically" at). She was a hit...of course.

Douglaston Manor was a beautiful venue for the occasion. There was a full array of appetizers out when we arrived, and then we were served a three course meal with penne a la vodka, salad, and a great selection of entrees. I had the salmon, and it was great!
We had mimosas and wine, and after our meals cake was served along with a full ice cream bar and various cookies!

I loved this adorable forest animal cake!

A DJ provided music throughout the afternoon. Jessica got to share a dance with her dad - the soon-to-be new grandpa.
Then they had the kids of the party wrap Jessica up like a present before she opened her own presents! It was pretty funny, and they did a very thorough job!
We can't wait to see if Jessica and Sam have a boy or girl, but even more so, we can't wait to meet our newest little cousin and addition to the family! Good Luck Jessica, only a few more weeks to go!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Natalie's Baptism: The Party!

This week, I've recapped Natalie's Christening Gown, her full Christening-Day Look, and the Church Service. Now, we're onto the party! We held the luncheon at Benny's Ristorante in Westbury, NY. I am so happy with our decision to hold it here and I think it was a really great place which provided the whole package for us: fabulous food, drink, service, and ambiance.

My sister, Melissa, is Natalie's Godmother. Melissa is getting married in October, so I figured it was the perfect way to incorporate a gift for the baptism with something that she'll need now that she'll be a married lady, like a ring dish! I ordered this personalized earthenware clay ring dish from Momology Pottery on Etsy.

Natalie's Godfather, is Chris's Brother, her Uncle Michael. I ordered Michael's "Godfather" cufflinks from Cufflinks 4 Him on Etsy.

The cookie favors were homemade by Jill Cramer, who is a family friend of my good friend Molly. Molly had these cookies at her wedding a few years ago and I loved them. Molly set up everything to have them made again for me, she even went over to Jill's house to help her make them, and then Molly and her mom packaged and stickered every single one for me! I am so grateful to have Molly as such a good friend who helped me out tremendously with this!

I ordered the label for the cookie favors from My Sweet Little Angel on Etsy.  Printing these was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated but I have to say Sophia, the shop owner, was AMAAAAZING. She didn't rest until I had these printed right, she helped me tons, and always checked in on me to see how it was going. I would definitely order from her again just because of the customer service.

Speaking of good, talented friends, my friend Kerry who owns Daisy Fay Floral, did boutonnieres and corsages for me, Chris, and the Godparents for the day. She did a beautiful job! Natalie really enjoyed pulling at the flowers during the ceremony, which was comical, but they were very pretty and I was so happy to have a little something special to distinguish the important people of the day (apart from Natalie of course)

We got the cake from Jeanie's Bakery, which is where our wedding cake came from. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed in it. The vanilla cake had a hint of lemon to it, and I can't stand when dessert has lemon in it. The whole thing just didn't do it for me...so, I'm going to be looking for a new local bakery to use from now on. At least it looked nice!

The party was great fun! We were surrounded by so many important people in our lives, and it was so wonderful to "officially" introduce Natalie as the newest addition to our lives!
She was exhausted by the end of the day, she took a short nap on my shoulder, but was awake and smiley the whole way home! I think she was excited to be going home to bed!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Natalie's Baptism: The Church

I spoke this week about Natalie's Baptism Dress that my mom made, as well as her full Baptism-day look. Next, it was on to the church!

We lucked out with beautiful weather on the day of Natalie's Baptism. Unfortunately, it was also a really hot day and for whatever reason, the church wasn't air conditioned! I felt so bad for all the men in suits!!
Natalie and her Daddy

She did get a bit fussy during the service, but she didn't cry when the Deacon put water on her head so that's good. Here's Natalie with her Godparents, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Michael:
With both immediate sides of the family, I love how she's looking at Chris here.
With Chris's side of the Family
With my side of the family, including Natalie's Great-Grandpa who came all the way from Pennsylvania for the occassion, which meant so so much to me.
Speaking of Natalie's Great-Grandpa, here are some highlights from that weekend...
Then, it was on to Benny's Ristorante for the luncheon! More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Natalie's Full Baptism Look

In addition to the gorgeous dress my mom made for Natalie's Baptism, Natalie had a lot of other elements to her "baptism-day look"

The Dress: Read my mom's guest post about the dress here

The Headband: 
I ordered Natalie's headband from 3 Lovelies Bowtique on Etsy 

The Shoes:
My In-Laws bought her christening shoes. Unfortunately, she kept pulling these off during the ceremony but they looked adorable with the dress when she kept them on!

The Necklace: 
The necklace was purchased by Natalie's Godfather, her Uncle Michael, and was purchased from the same jeweler that Chris and I purchased our wedding rings and my engagement ring. 

The Bracelet: 
The bracelet was purchased by my Aunt Laura from The Gingham Grasshopper.

The Bib:
The bib was purchased by friends of my In-Laws which they sent to the house in the weeks prior to the christening. I put this on her when I gave her a bottle at the party.

 All in all, I think it completed quite the cute little baby package!