Sunday, February 28, 2016

Long Island Children's Museum

After being cooped up in the house for the last 5 days, we needed to GET OUT Sunday morning. So off we went to the Long Island Children's Museum! I've been wanting to go here for quite some time, and I felt that Natalie was finally old enough to take advantage of all it had to offer.

 She was still a little young for many parts of the museum. I look forward to taking her back when she is older, but she definitely had fun in the sand and bubble areas:

They had a specific area just for toddlers where she got to work in an Ice Cream Truck, ride and conduct the Long Island Railroad, plant a garden, drive a tractor, sound the alarm in a lighthouse, and ride a motorcycle:

Natalie had a very good time, and this place was very cool. But, I wasn't blown away by it. It's a place we'll certainly go back to at some point, but it won't be a regular stopping place - particularly for the price of $13 per person.  I can take her to many other play areas on the island for the same price or cheaper, and only pay for her while Chris and I are free as "her adults." Here, we all had to pay entry which came out to a $40 morning. Not crazy, I know, but still. 
No Joke: She hugged this flower and said "Will you be my friend forever?" Cutest. Thing. Ever.
After we were done at the museum, we headed directly next door to Nunley's Carousel. This is literally one, giant, indoor carousel that operates year round. She was too scared to ride on the horses (got a few good shots before she decided she didn't like it anymore) but she loved riding in one of the sit-down stationary sleighs!

This was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. We were back home in time for lunch and naptime, and I still felt like we had a full day out and about with Natalie exploring and learning! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Natalie has the flu!

Well, the flu has hit our house. Despite getting Natalie the flu vaccine this year, she tested positive for the flu on Wednesday and we are pretty much homebound for the next few days.

She woke up perfectly fine and happy this morning.
Exhibit a)
She did not want to eat much for breakfast, but other than that she was perfectly normal so off we went to Gymboree! Half-way through the class I started to notice that she was irritable and extra clingy to me. She even wanted to be held during her favorite dance song at the end of class, so I could tell that something was wrong. I feel so bad that we were at Gymboree with all those other kids but really, one hour earlier, she was happy as a clam:
Exhibit b)

I went home to try and take her temperature, but was unsuccessful at getting a reading myself because she was so fussy. I tried to get her to relax on the couch with me but I could tell she was burning up and she was growing more irritable by the minute. I called the pediatrician and they took us right away.

We went into the doctor and Natalie had a fever of 103.4!! They swabbed her throat for strep and her nose for the flu, and it turned out it was the flu! I was actually really shocked. I thought they were going to tell me she just had some 24 hour thing, and to keep up with the tylenol. Any time she's had a fever, that's always been what we've done. But I will admit, this time did seem different. She was more fussy and upset than I have ever seen her before.

So off we went with a dose of tylenol in her system, and a prescription for tamiflu. She fell asleep on the way home, so I dropped off the prescription at the drive-thru CVS pharmacy and then just waited in the car with her in our driveway until I received a text that her prescription was filled, and I could drive right back and pick it up without having to disturb her. Thank goodness for drive-thru pharmacies!!

Once we got home, I gave her a dose of tamiflu and she actually asked me for oatmeal and blueberries for lunch so that was a good sign. She ate quite a bit and actually seemed semi-back to her self for the rest of the afternoon. We watched tv and hunkered down in the house for the rest of the day.

I have zero pictures of the day. I was too preoccupied with getting her to drink water, and checking to see how warm she felt.

So now I'm just worried about getting the flu myself. I got the flu-shot, but so did Natalie and obviously that didn't work. The pediatrician suggested I call my doctor and get on tamiflu preemptively as a precaution. I have never heard of taking flu medicine preemptively and thought she was crazy, but after talking to other people, I guess that's a thing and most people have said I should do it. It's better than me getting the flu while I'm pregnant. But I don't take ANY medicine when I'm pregnant. Literally nothing: even if I have super bad heartburn or a bad headache, I don't take medicine. So taking flu medicine when I don't have the flu, is just a very foreign concept to me - but I will call my doctor in the morning and see what she says about it. So far, I feel fine (famous last words, I know).

Luckily, we have zero plans for this weekend anyway, and now we'll have to keep it that way. I hope I don't go crazy cooped up in the house for the next few days!!

In other news: I'm 29 weeks!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend

We spent a great wintery, COLD, weekend in Pennsylvania this past weekend.

On Saturday we had a big family dinner with my family at my parent's house.

Sunday morning we took Natalie to Freefall Trampoline Park in Bethlehem, PA.

I was worried that since I wasn't jumping, Natalie would try to keep coming to me, or pulling me out onto the trampolines (only Chris and my sister's husband, John, were jumping with her) but she went out on the trampolines and didn't look back once! She had a blast running around the whole place, going on the trampolines, and into the foam pit.
Sunday night, Chris and I had date night at White Orchid Thai while my parents watched Natalie. We had an amazingly delicious meal and wonderful date, it was much needed!
Monday, we spent the morning at my parent's house and then drove back to New York in the snow! How was your long weekend?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: A cauliflower

Total Weight Gain: 22 pounds

Sleep: Sleeping well, I wake up once a night usually around 5:00am or 5:30 am (but really anywhere between 3:30-5:30) just to go to the bathroom, and I usually go right back to sleep. One night this past week I couldn't fall back asleep because I was thinking too much about nursery schools for Natalie next year...yea...that's our big debate/decision lately. More on that later.

Best Moment of the week:
*Passing my glucose test!!! For the first time in BOTH my pregnancies, I passed the in-office glucose test. Last time with Natalie, I failed the 27 week glucose test and had to take a 3 hour test at a lab - which was of course, not fun. I didn't know that they tested sugar levels at the 8 week visit, but apparently my sugar levels were 1 point higher than they should be back in October and I had to take a 2 hour glucose blood test, which came back perfectly normal. So this time around for my 27 week glucose test, I made sure to really watch my sugar intake a few days before the test and I passed with flying colors!! Wahoo!! No more 3 hour blood tests at the lab! (This time around anyway). 

They say it doesn't matter what you eat leading up to these tests, but I'm not sure I believe it. When I failed the test in my last pregnancy, I happened to take it the day after a weekend of celebrating Chris' birthday - which meant lots of dinners and birthday ice cream cake. When I failed back in October, I had made my first batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies of the season and had eaten way too many of them before getting my blood drawn. So this time, like I said, I really watched my sugar intake and it came back fine. So - I totally believe it matters what you eat.

Next up this week: I have to get my Rhogam shot!

Worst Moment of the Week: umm, can't think of anything.

Miss Anything: I did really wish I could have ordered a nice glass of wine or a fun cocktail at our Valentine's Day Dinner the other night. I thought about ordering some sort of virgin drink, just for fun - but a) it would just be some sort of all-sugar drink, that wasn't worth the calories or sugar, and b) I just think it would look weird to even have the cocktail glass in front of me because I am so obviously pregnant.

Food Cravings: Nothing really in particular. Maybe still cheese quesadillas once in awhile, but I'm eating pretty normally.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show? Ummmmm, yes. Yes, very much so.

Gender: Team Green  

Symptoms: Ok, so this past week or two I have realllly started to feel this whole pregnancy thing. I can totally tell that I am nearing the third trimester and that my 2nd trimester energy phase is quickly going away. I've been getting extremely tired again in the mid-afternoon around 2:00 or 3:00 pm, but then I can't fall right to sleep at night. 

I'm having trouble getting my shoes on, and I'm just moving at a snail's pace all of the time. I couldn't make it out of the house on time for toddler time at the library which was at 10:30 am- all I could think was - how the heck am I going to get Natalie to nursery school by 8:15 next year?!

I'm just getting to a point where things are becoming really difficult, Natalie is having trouble sitting in my lap or being rocked, and I'm finding it daunting to think that I still have 12 more weeks. Because as fast as I know May 11th will be here, 12 weeks sort of feels like an eternity...

Workouts: What workouts?

Mood: Good, but lacking motivation on most things.

Looking forward to: Feeling baby hiccups, which can start occurring any day now! 

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively 

Stretchmarks: Yea, minimal

Rings on or off? Touch and go these days. Most days I don't wear them. If I really really want to, I can get them on and can only get them off if I drink a ton of water and use some lotion!

Bellybutton in or out? meh...a little of both.

The baby is kicking ALL the time - I am always feeling kicks, and Chris has finally felt 
the kicks too a couple times this week!

I ended my time in the second trimester and have now officially started the third trimester!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Last week I was invited to participate in a #sickjustgotreal event in the city to learn about different and unavoidable "ew" moments where germs are at their fiercest. This interactive media event featured nationally recognized pediatric doctor, Dr. Nina Shapiro, and microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, who both shared their expertise on how germs exist beyond what meets the eye, and how to get kids back to being kids again when germs cause sick to get real.

I arrived to the event early and was greeted with an adorable array of kid-inspired foods and treats.

On the menu were: Chicken Tinga Tacos, mini-grilled cheese, short rib chocolate stout pop-tarts, oatmeal cookies with Chocolate-Milk shots, homemade chicken noodle soup (I wanted to steal all of these mini cans), citrus cured salmon with Herb  Mustard & Micro Greens, and Refueling Banana and PB Pizzas.
The event started and we were walked through an interactive display of the germiest places. Did you know that the sun's ultraviolet light rays kill bacteria? Therefore, playground equipment in the shade will have more bacteria. Sandboxes are a germ's best friend (no surprise there), as well as the chains on swings, and the top of a slide where kids touch before they go down.
Our next location was the grocery store (where a blacklight lit up the germiest places of a grocery store - which was basically the whole place). Of course, shopping carts are a huge germ culprit - which is why I always use my trusty shopping cart cover!

We then were taken to the classroom. where we were schooled in germs. According to Dr. Shapiro, half of students don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. Even worse - desks often have MORE BACTERIA than a toilet seat!!! GROSS!!
Our last two stops were in a school nurse's office and finally, a doctor's office. We learned that kids will obviously come into contact with germs all year long, but the winter season (77%) is far and away the leader when it comes to school nurses seeing a spike in sickness as opposed to the Fall/back to school season (where sickness is only at about 20%)

After a short Q&A we were handed goodie bags full of Children and Infants Advil, Children's Robitussin and Children's Dimetapp.
I was glad to have the medicine on hand because I ended up needing the advil for Natalie this week. She had a fever Sunday into Monday and even though I live very close to a CVS, and thought I had a stocked medicine cabinet I still ran out of the meds I had, but I was able to grab the advil for her and her fever dramatically decreased. It must have been some weird 24 hour thing...I have no idea. But she was back to herself by nighttime.

I enjoyed this event very much and appreciated the opportunity to learn a little bit more about these medicines, and how I can try to prevent sickness in my home and for my child(ren). Though of course, the take-away is that sickness is pretty much unavoidable in some cases, no matter how hard you try. But by teaching your kids good hygiene and proper hand washing, you can at least decrease your chances of illness and hopefully have a few less #sickjustgotreal moments in your life!

Have you, or your little one, managed to avoid getting sick so far this winter? If so, good for share your tips!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Natalie's First Haircut

This weekend, Natalie got her very first haircut! I really wanted her hair to just be trimmed up a bit and the long rat-tail in the back to be not so...rat-taily.
Cathy and her sister have been cutting Chris and his whole family's hair since Chris was a baby and now Cathy gave Natalie her first haircut too (first of many!) - I just love stories like this!

We tried to have her sit in Chris's lap, but of course, Cathy could tell right away that that wasn't going to work.
So she was going to cut Chris's hair first so Natalie could watch and see what she was doing.

But while Chris was getting his hair washed, Natalie was very busy looking at the display shelves at the front of the store. Cathy seized the opportunity and dove in to cut her hair while she played with the bottles and bracelets.

I caught as much of it as I could on video, I felt bad that Chris was in the back. But he came up front and got to watch most of it after his hair was washed.

I don't think Natalie had any idea what was happening. She just thought this woman was playing with her hair, and she didn't mind it at all. She giggled a little bit when she trimmed the hair around her eyes.
So I captured what I could. This moment wasn't nearly as tear-jerking as Sam and Nia's Abram's First Real Haircut found here (start at 1:50 and grab the tissues!!!) (PPS: I'm only slightly obsessed with this family) But it was a fun milestone non-the-less.

So the rat tail is gone, her hair is a bit trimmed up, and she looks a little less like a crazy person!
Also, Natalie had no problem making herself at home in the salon.
And begging for one of the lollipops they were selling at the register..
I'd say her first haircut was a success, and that this was the first of many trips to the salon with my little girl!