Sunday, January 31, 2016

A girl, and her piano

A girl and her piano. I love this picture so much. Sometimes, I think "what if she ever grows up to be a piano or music virtuoso?" These are the pictures I'll share when they make her E! True Hollywood special on her.

"From a very young age, Natalie showed an intense interest in the piano and music..." With various photos like this of her at the piano. 

I can see it now! 

However, I've decided I'm enrolling her in photography classes next year so she can be a professional photographer, because with the prices some of these photogs charge these days?! Holy hell, I am in the wrong business.... 

We had a very nice weekend with our friends Christina and Kenny (we always have great weekends when we visit each other.) Natalie enjoyed the extra attention and soaked up the time with them! We miss you guys already! Xoxox

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas

Wowy! We've been busy (even though I haven't left the house in the last 72 hours, except for half an hour Sunday while Natalie played in the snow) #truestory. The business I work for had 9 musicians who needed to be in Florida over the last 4 days and needless to say, I've spent a LOT of time on the phone with Delta and tweaking itineraries over the last week. #mamaneedsadrink

I thiiink it has calmed down now but holy moly! Despite that mess, this weekend was glorious.
Natalie will ONLY nap in her chair in her room, but at least she's napping and we are down to only about 12 minutes of crying/fussing before she falls asleep! (Down from 45 minutes initially).

Those 12 minutes are pretty funny though, and watching the monitor is a bit like watching a circus show.
She's a nut- how do I get her to nap in her bed?! Or do I not worry about it?

We didn't go out during the actual blizzard but I brought the snow inside! She mostly just ate it:
She also watched tv whilst snuggled in a Bed, Bath and Beyond box and eating a princess.

We did finally play a little outside on Sunday- but we don't have a sled! Our area prob got about 27-30 inches?? (I'm actually super bad at estimating that)

She only tolerated about 30 minutes though. She was getting annoyed by her gloves- I think I need to get better ones. 

Natalie now kisses my belly when I ask her to kiss the baby. She still has no ides what's coming for her though mwahahaha. I've been trying to get it on video but when we ask her if she wants a brother or a sister she says "A brother!" we say "A brother?!" and then she goes "AND a sister!!" It's hilarious.

My sister knows an artist who has used Natalie as his muse before. Yesterday my mom logged onto Facebook to find his latest charcoal amazing is this?!

To's amazing!:

How did you all survive the blizzard?! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Toddler Time at the library

I try to take Natalie to the library on Fridays for Toddler Time. This is usually a song, storytime, sometimes a craft and then open play.

Natalie does NOT sit for the storytime- but there are some reasons for this (other than the fact that she's a maniac) - the children's librarian has such a heavy accent that even I have trouble understanding her. I can only imagine how confused Natalie must get; she also picks these teeny tiny books to read that no one has ever heard of so the  kids aren't identifying with them, and she reads different books each week! At the other library I went to, the librarian would read these big, oversized pop up books - Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and she would read them every week or at least every other week!! Natalie always sat for those, so I know it's possible; The librarian also sits soooo far away from all the kids!! It's very odd to me, but whatevs, it's free. So storytime is a struggle.

But "The Wheels On The Bus" time? She's a pro at that! Natalie likes to be front and center for singing time. She is NOT shy:
To give some perspective, here is where the REST of the well-behaved children are...
We'll be long as she can learn to sit and listen in a class setting by September....we shall see, lol

Thursday, January 14, 2016

First day of Pre-K Prep

You guys, I was HELLA proud of Natalie today. I took her to a pre-K prep class that our gymboree offers for 2-3 year olds (really, it's more of a "nursery" prep class). It's a half hour class in the gym with parents, then a half hour in a classroom on their own, and then 15 minutes back out in the gym with parents.
I really didn't think Natalie was going to cry when we separated, I was more so worried about her hitting or hurting other kids in the class, lol. Well, she didn't do either. The teacher said she started to look for me after a minute when she realized I wasn't behind her, but they directed her to the legos, and she quickly forgot she was looking for me. I was happy, proud, and sad, all at the same time :)

But it was adorable: After the half hour, she came out, saw me, and yelled "Mommy!" while running to me....adorbs.

So yea, major heart swells from my little girl today!
Here's a video of our class: Click here to view if not showing up in browser


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Valentine's Sneak Peek

Crazy long playdate with a bunch of friends and their kids today and didn't take ANY pictures!! Uggh but we had a good time!

So here is sneak peek at some Valentine's day photos a friend of mine took this past weekend...
Quote of the day:
"Natalie, why did you dump the dog's water into her dinner food?!"

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lunch Date

My Sunday, pint-sized, Wendy's lunch date:
Phrase of the week:
"It's very too hot!"

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fun day at Cup of Fun!

There is a fun little indoor play center about 15 minutes away from us. On cold or rainy days, I like to spend the mornings here. Then I don't feel guilty if I need her to watch tv for a bit in the afternoon so I can catch up on work.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Pregnancy: Checking in at 22 weeks

I'm getting asked a lot of the same questions these days by family, friends, and blogosphere friends so I thought I'd do a little Q&A check-in on where I'm at right now with pregnancy/life/etc. and catch everyone up as I try to catch up on things myself around here.
How far along are you? 
22 Weeks

Is this your last baby? 
No - there is no way this is my last pregnancy. We wholeheartedly plan to have 1 (possssssssibly 2) more children.

Are you finding out the gender? 
No, we are team green again!

Are you crazy? 
No, leave me alone.

What do you think you're having? 
According to the Chinese Gender Chart - we are having a boy. But the Chinese Gender Chart said "boy" last time too. I will say that all my symptoms and experiences this time are pretty much the same as last time, which makes me say - girl. But that probably means it's a boy since I was so wrong last time.

I was so off last time with my guess, that I really can't even begin to guess this time around and I really don't have a feeling one way or the other.

What do you WANT to have? 
Sigh, I truly don't care what we have, truly. But I can list my pros for either:
Girl: My preference for my overall family would be to have 2 girls and 1 boy. IF that is what we have, I would like to have the two girls first so they are closer in age. SO, that means I would like to have a girl next, but THEN that means I'll be a "little" more anxious next time around that I'm having a boy - because I would like to have a boy in my life as well.

Boy: If I have my boy next then I have my one of each, and there would be no expectation, or anxiety, or hoping, for a specific gender for our third child, it truly wouldn't matter. Even though - I can't stress this enough, it truly doesn't matter what we have for any of our pregnancies. But yes, I would like to have a boy as well at some point, ideally.

If you have 3 girls, will you go for the 4th and try for a boy?
I can't know that until we get there - part of me says yes, part of me says no. Then another part of me remembers the story I heard of a woman who finally gave up on having a girl after having 7 BOYS. SEVEN. At some point, you just accept and move on.

What are you doing with work? 
My goal would be for work to not even realize I had a second baby. Obviously they know and are aware that I'm pregnant. But I don't want another baby to affect my workflow or work ethic and I hope that we can continue "business as usual" after my 6 week maternity leave. This may be blissful ignorance, but ok.

What do you do for work these days anyway?
Haha, I get asked this a LOT. I work part-time from home. I don't have set hours, as long as I get my work done in a timely manner and respond to email in a timely manner, I'm fine. My direct boss is the coolest, kindest, most-understanding person in the world. Sometimes I do work during the day, sometimes I do it at night. Some days I work 5 hours, some days I work 2. It ebs and flows. I work for a Classical Music Management company assisting with contracts, itineraries, paperwork, cd sales, etc. for our artists. The company really took off this past September which is a large part of why I disappeared off the face of the earth for awhile. September came and hit me like a ton of bricks: Between work, the beginning of my pregnancy, my Jamberry business, and Natalie suddenly deciding she was just going to wake up an hour earlier than usal: I was running full throttle on all tanks, all the time. Things have finally calmed down a bit, but should pick back up at the end of the month. The only difference is this time, I should hopefully be more prepared for it and have less outside distractions.


Why aren't you documenting this pregnancy as much as the last? 
Well there are a few reasons for that.
1. Time - no explanation needed.
2. I really don't need to compare how much bigger I am each week this time around than I was last time. There's nothing like looking back on old pictures of yourself to realize just how skinny you really were, even if at the time, you didn't think so. And how shiny and thick your hair was, and how white and vibrant your eyes looked...ok, now I'm crying. I've taken a few bump pictures, I've instagrammed a few times, but my heart just isn't in it. I'll certainly keep up with the monthly pictures of the baby, but my stomach doesn't need to be the center of attention right now...
3. This isn't really the reason I'm not documenting, but it kind of lives there subconsciously: We unfortunately have quite a few people in our life right now who are having trouble conceiving or carrying, for various reasons. Giving weekly updates on my weight gain and symptoms just feels trivial and awkward to me this time around. I know that not everyone has to read my updates if they don't want to and it should be more for me and my record keeping; but by putting it out there, it just feels flaunty and it makes me feel weird and braggy. Again, reasons #1 and #2 trump this reason anyway, but this is just another layer to it.

I may do more updates now that I've really popped, but I'm not positive how much I'll keep up with it from here.


Anything else I've missed? Any question you've been just dying to ask me? Fire away!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goldfish Starts With 4

I have a book called "Mom's One Line A Day" that I write a little recap in each day. It's a FIVE year memory book and I kept it up for two years...well, almost.
See, I haven't written in it since November 6th, which is a shame because now, more than ever, this kid does something hilarious every day.

If I were to start back up writing in it tonight, it would say:

Quote of the day by Natalie:
"Goldfish starts with 4" 

Or I would write a little story about bath time: how I finally put her hair in a pony tail so we wouldn't get her hair wet, but tonight was the night she decided she LOVED putting her head under the faucet all of a sudden. She also LOVED her new bear towel from my parents:
These are the little things that I so easily forget when I don't either write them down somewhere, or document them here and I am vowing, promising myself, MUST be better about it. Because I'm already forgetting the cute little milestones we've hit over the last two months and I don't want to forget any more of this time.

Things that have been going on that I need to update on:
1. Nursery School search: Yep, registration starts this month, and Natalie starts in September. AHHH!!

2. My pregnancy: Baby #2 due in May!

3. Nursing: My goal was 2 years - I made it 1 year and 51 weeks.

4. Transitioning Natalie to a toddler bed and falling asleep on her own.

5. Natalie's Birthday and the Holidays.

6. Nap update: Today went muuuch better. She fell asleep in her chair after fussing for 30 minutes. She fell asleep sitting straight up and with a book in her lap, but a nap is a nap! I'd call this...progress.

And remember:
"Goldfish starts with 4"

Monday, January 4, 2016


Natalie has decided that she's done with naps. Or that she's done with the way we have ALWAYS done naps....for the last two years. I always rock her to sleep for her nap, then move her to her crib/bed. But now that she goes to sleep on her own at night (took a month, but we got that down), it seems she's confused at naptime with what to do.

So today, I tried every trick in the book at naptime. I even resorted to my "fall-back" naptime method of walking up and down the hallway while she falls asleep on my shoulder. Nothing worked. 

So I decided that Natalie would have "quiet time" in her room for an hour. She didn't like it...obviously, but she didn't cry the whole time. She played with some toys, cried intermittenly, and finally fell asleep in her rocking chair after 45 minutes. 

I pretty much refuse to believe she's done with naps. So she will have an hour of "quiet time" in her room each day whether she sleeps or not. That way I still get the time to work, and she can at least have some relaxing time in her day. We'll see how this goes...