Thursday, April 23, 2015

Natalie Claire: 17 Months

I'm not sure how it happened- but suddenly you are a lot closer to be 2 years old...#slowdowntime

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring walks

In the middle of our walks now, Natalie randomly looks up through the little window part of the stroller and says "hi!"

Natalie decided we were going to read books like this today. I was ok with it. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 17-19, 2015

On Friday we met our new friend, Nicole. Nicole and I met through blogging a few years ago when she stumbled upon my wedding blog while she was planning her own wedding. We live near each other and have been blog and Instagram friends for a while now, but finally got to meet up for lunch in person on Friday! It was a really nice time!

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend. I celebrated my friend, Kate's, Bridal Shower/Bachelorette on Saturday and had a great ladies' night out in Brooklyn!

I went to bed at 3:00am Saturday night/Sunday morning. But Natalie was up and at 'em by 7:30am. Bachelorette party recovery day is NOT the same anymore. I was beat yesterday, but it was worth it. We got outside for a little bit and Natalie and I ended up taking a nap together for a change, which was nice.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Moving forward

I have a journal called "one line a day" that I write in every night before bed. (Or every three nights when I forget and fill in the missing days). I have a lot of thoughts in this book, things like:
  • "Do I keep a separate one for my next child?" 
  • "Do I not keep one at all for my next child? Is that fair?" 
  • "If I were to keep two - wouldn't I largely be writing the same thing two times each night?" 
  • "Will Natalie even care to read this one day?" 
  • "When do I give it to her? 16? Her wedding day? When she has her first kid?" 
  • "Is this more for me than for her?" 
  • "If I give it to her- then what do I have to look back on as memories for me? These are things I will be able to recall- not her..."

Yes, these are the things that go through my mind at night...

If I won't have the book to look back on myself, I can at least have this blog. It's just so easy to look back in the archives, pull up a date, and see what was going on at the time. I already regret the months I haven't documented. I sometimes wonder why it's so typical to document everything for the first year when I feel like it's the second year where the real fun things begin- new words each week, new understandings. As my mother-in-law says "It's like a light bulb went on for her in the last 3 weeks." Literally every day she is surprising me with something new: trying to help me vacuum, pouring tea from her toy tea set, responding "no" to me when I ask her something, playing with her toys by herself for longer than ever! Our move took a lot out of me, and it still is. There is still much to do. But this is, for so many reasons, one of the happiest times of my life, and I want to remember it, and I want to continue to document as much as I can from it. If there is anything I learned from the move, going through old notebooks and pictures- nostalgia is a beautiful thing.

do not have time to carefully construct a a post with fully edited photos and long-winded narratives and reflections. But what I do want to do is share one photo a day with a few lines about that day. What we did, what new thing she does, or a thought I'm having. This is basically Instagram- take a picture and slap a few hashtags to it, and that's what I've largely resorted to these past few weeks. But at least here, if I want to add a little bit more than the typical 140 characters, should I feel so inclined, I can. 

Wednesday 4/12/15: went grocery shopping with you. You said "hi!" to every single person we passed, and had that entire store giggling over how cute you are. 

Thursday 4/13/15: you do tricks for treats- like a dog. Daddy had you stomp your feet and then sit down- and then you got a cookie. Now when you see a cookie, you automatically sit!

These are posts I can easily compose on my phone in just a few minutes, from the comfort of my chair while I'm nursing (still going strong- 3 times a day!) and it's not going to stress me out or take up too much time.

So that's my goal starting next week! And hopefully, I can start catching back up on my favorite blogs as well! 

As always- thanks for sticking with me :)