Friday Find: Terrifying Elevators

This weeks Friday Find theme is "Elevators" specifically: Terrifying Elevators. I recently come across two different viral videos that take place in an elevator. Suffice it to say, after seeing these two videos I will forever think twice before stepping into an elevator.

This is a funny, lighthearted, and generally innocent prank:

This video is less funny as it is astounding.

I have so. many. questions.
1. How would I have reacted if in the same position?
2. How did nobody punch that little girl in the face?
3. What parents let their little girl do this??
4. Is the laugh track really necessary? It's
5. How is this Legal?! (It's Brazil...but still!)

Have a good weekend and be careful riding in scary elevators!


  1. I literally just posted about the second prank yesterday. I found it hilarious, because I am a sicko like that. I don't know what I would do if I were the victim of that prank, but I almost wet my pants laughing. Sorry if that is too much of a visual for you! Thanks for sharing! O M G! I was raised in Queens too! So exciting to meet another person from Queens in the blog world!


    1. Def. great to meet a fellow Queens blogger, though I see you are no longer living here. Looking forward to following you!

  2. Whoa, I would kill someone if they pulled one of these tricks on me! The second one is totally unbelievable!

  3. Well, I have no doubt how I would have reacted in either situation...I definitely would have peed myself! LOL! All I could think about in the first one is the 9/11 victims who were in the tower because I know of someone who survived the tower and is terrified of the floor falling out from under her. The second one...I'm never moving to Brazil!


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