Word Verification Nightmares

Lately, the word verification for blogger blogs has been driving me nuts. It sometimes takes me 5 tries to get a comment to go through because I cannot tell what the words are. They're impossible!

This is literally an example of what I am faced with when commenting on other blogs:
pardon my french, but WTF?? I think it took me 5 tries to get this right: 2TTi rmsanni. The left part was what threw me. Does commenting on other blogs really need to be this difficult? Is this what our world has come to?! I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do with your blogs, but I bet your readers would be a lot happier if you took comment moderation off.

But what about all those pesky spammer bots? Don't worry, there is a way to avoid them.

First, in blogger, I switch "show word verification" to "no". This makes it easier for people to leave comments on my blog, which is always a good thing!

On my old blog, the spam comments were starting to get out of control. Every few minutes I would get an email sent to my inbox from "Anonymous" and I knew it was a spam commenter asking me to "click here" for free Viagra, or something ridiculous.

I created a filter in my gmail so that any email coming from "Anonymous" automatically went straight to my trash. I never see these comments or these emails and I'm not hassled by it at all!

If you have gmail, setting it up is easy:
1. In Gmail, Go to Settings/Filters
2. Create New Filter
3. From: Anonymous

4. Click Continue
5. Check the boxes "Skip the inbox (Archive it)" and "Delete it"

6. Click Update filter and voila- you will never see those pesky anonymous comments again!
They will automatically filter to your trash folder. This is my trash folder - 18 spam comments in a matter of 20 minutes!

Every once in awhile I'll go into my spam comments in Blogger and delete them all, but it's not necessary.
Now you are free to leave off comment moderation so that your lovely bloggers can leave comments without all the hassle!

What do you think? Do you have a better way of dealing with pesky spammers?


  1. Another trick - I noticed the spam comments always show up on old posts, so I turned moderation on for posts older than 14 days - helps a lot!

    1. That's amaazing Jess, I didn't know that was an option. I'm going to make that change right now, thanks!

  2. Ugh I hate the captchas! I've actually not left comments on people's blogs because I was on the ninth try and still couldn't get it. It's sad, but I tend to not leave as many comments on blogs that I know have captchas because it just frustrates the ever loving crap out of me!

  3. I hate the word verifications, it's seriously like an eye exam. I'll try once, maybe twice then I just delete my comment.

  4. Grrr captcha words!!! LOL
    My spam filter catches most of the wackadoo stuff in blogger, too. I just approve coments from my phone as I get legit ones.

  5. I hate those things too! I just disabled them all on mine, I didn't even realize they were on. Oops!

  6. THANK YOU. I never comment on so many of my friend's blogs on blogger because of the captchas! I hate those things!!!!

  7. HATE HATE HATE word verifications! I am much like you where it takes me MULTIPLE times to type a comment (and sometimes I will type a really long, drawn out, TOTALLY AWESOME and it will take me multiple tries to post and finally I just give up and X out of the blog.) If it takes me that long to send a comment - usually takes more than 5 though (mainly for the number part! They all look alike! And whats up with having like 34073467 numbers anyways on some of them?)

    Glad you posted about this! :)

    Newest follower! :)


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