A Very Christmas Weekend

I had a busy busy weekend! On Friday Chris and I went to see Bring It On the Musical on Broadway. I took a leisurely stroll from my office down to Times Square after work, and made sure to pass the Rockefeller Christmas tree on my way :)
Ok, so I'm a bit far away, but no way was I dealing with that crowd!
Bring It On closes in 2 weeks so I really wanted to be able to see it before it closed. I loved the movie and this looked like it would be a fun show. We had dinner at Angus Cafe Bistro, and then headed next door to the St. James Theatre for the show. While many of the numbers were really amazing and incredible; as a whole, we were really disappointed in the show. The plot wasn't like the movie, the script was terrible, and there were only a handful of memorable musical numbers.

Saturday I spent most of the day in the kitchen baking tons of Christmas cookies. I had gotten all of my cookie doughs ready last Thursday night after work...(here's how my kitchen looked)
Then I spent Saturday baking approximately 10 dozen cookies! I maay have gone a little overboard, but between parties, neighbors, friends and each of our offices, these really won't last long. Not to mention, I had a lot of fun! Here is a sneak peak of some of the Christmas cookies I was working on and I will be sharing the recipes this week:

Saturday night Chris and I went to see a Christmas light house near us that we heard about from our mailman. This house sets their Christmas Lights to the beat of Christmas music. They have a big sign on their front yard which tells you what station to set your radio to and then the lights "perform" to that song. I've seen youtube videos of houses like this before, but I never saw one in person. It was so neat! The house has it's own website called LightsToABeat.com and each year they take donations to raise money for a specific charity. This year is for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Here's a video I took of Carol of the Bells, I LOVE that this house is so close to us, and visiting it will definitely become a Christmas tradition.

After grabbing Japanese take-out for dinner, we each went to separate holiday parties (Chris to a work function and me to a friend's place in Astoria). The night was complete with good friends, mulled wine, good food, christmas cookies and two little kittens: one in a skirt and one in a tie!

I mean honestly...how can this not put you in a good mood?

One more week till CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?!


  1. Bummer about Bring it On, I really liked the movie! Your weekend looks like it was fun :) I would LOVE to visit NYC at Christmas, so festive!

    1. yea it was a bummer - NYC this time is def. a great (crowded) place :)

  2. Can't wait for cookie recipes, yum! Baking that many at once, though? You're a trooper!! Sorry that the show wasn't good - I didn't even know that they had made a musical about Bring It On! I love that movie.

    1. Hey Karen, I have some great recipes coming up so yea def. check back for them! I love Bring It On too...just enjoyed the movie much more than the show. :(

  3. Ooh cookies!!! And kitty in a tie!!!

  4. Christmas kittens and Christmas cookies! Such sweetness!

  5. So much fun! AND Kitty in a Tie FTW!!!! :)

  6. Aww seeing the Rockefeller centre we got engaged there three years ago :)
    I'm jealous of your red KitchedAid


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