Friday Finds: Les Miserables

I'm a long-time theater buff. I love Les Miserables, and I am SUPER excited for the movie to come out this month! I think it's so neat how differently they filmed this movie with having the actors sing with a piano during filming and THEN go to the recording studio for the background orchestrations - revolutionary! (haha) Watching the "Extended First Look - Behind the Scenes" on youtube, made me even more excited to see it. I can't watch this video without getting goosebumps and tearing up. Literally. So. Excited.  (video)


This week a Les Miserable related video went viral. This couple had a full on musical performance to One Day More performed at their wedding by their friends, and it's in a word: amazing. No offense to any of the guests at my wedding - but really? You couldn't do this for me? And they even got confetti at the end?! I kid...sort of. (video)

Happy Friday! 
Are you excited for the Les Miserables movie?


  1. I have been counting down all year for the release of this movie and am super excited! I'll definitely be going to see it right on Christmas Day.

  2. AMAZING! love les mis, we saw it in SF this weekend and now we're even more excited for the movie! love love love your blog! so happy to have found it, and we are now following! come follow along at XO

  3. I am SO EXCITED for this movie! Love the vids too!

  4. I can't wait to see Amanda Seyfried in this. The whole thing looks amazing!


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