I Have a Pinterest Addiction

Hi, my name is Laura, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

I'm not really sure how it happened. A pin there, a pin here. 
Sometimes a pin in the morning - sometimes two pins at night.
500 pins in-between

Over time, I organize and reorganize my boards. Making them the most efficient they can be.
I move things, I work hard on my cover pictures for each board, I organize - I obsess.

For someone who loves list, and who has a ton of email drafts just filled with links of things "to check out" these boards are the ideal organizational tool for me.

My mind can't stop thinking about all the pins and things I have yet to do.
Not enough hours in the day, not enough hours in LIFE!

Before I know it, hours have passed. 

If pinning is wrong...I don't wanna be right.

 I do have one request for Pinterest though! I wish there was a way to indicate pins that I've already done or tried...a way to "check off" items on my board without deleting them. For now, I indicate completed items with an asterick in the description and a comment below the pin, but it's not doing the trick. 
Does anyone else feel this way, or have a better suggestion?


  1. Reading your post on this just fed MY pinterest addiction!! I love the app on my phone, and I just killed 20 minutes there. Whoops!!

    And, your post was also informative. I didn't realize that you could pick the cover photo for each board! Now I have to go through and do that! :)

  2. I hear you! I think I'm up to about 2,500 pins now. I kind of wish I had started more boards to break things down better, but I'm too lazy to now go back and reorganize them all. I have about nine different categories that capture everything. I may start a "secret" board soon with ideas for my novel, though. I love that they've now added that feature!

    1. Yes, I love secret boards too!! It was a good idea for them to do!

  3. I know what you mean about Pinterest!! I love it,too. I also love to "pin" things I see around the web. It's so easy to get back to. I'm following on Facebook also. Linda

  4. Like a true addict you had to go and get me hooked on pintrest. THANKS? No, seriously, I love it and spend hours drooling. Then I chastise myself for not doing but just dreaming about doing. For instance, is it better to pin about a workout or do a workout? Stupid question...of course it's better to pin! ;-)

  5. "Hi, Laura..."

    LOL. I used to be addicted but I burned myself out on Pinning. I still do occasionally but not as much as I used to! I blame work. :o)


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