Real or Fake?

Of course, I'm talking about Christmas trees! Do you have or prefer a real or fake Christmas Tree?
When I was growing up we had a real tree only one Christmas (at least that I can remember). I remember grabbing a saw and walking up a huge hill at the local Christmas Tree Farm to chop it down. (Actually...I was informed this weekend that we walked up the hill, picked out the one we wanted, and someone else chopped it down for us, but whatever, it was still the real deal.) The real "Pennsylvania" way of doing things. We took that tree home and I was so happy and proud, until my dad and sister proceeded to have major allergy attacks from the tree for the next month. Not to mention there were pine needles everywhere. I remember doing a major Spring cleaning some 4 years after our real tree and finding a heaping pile of dead pine needles behind our piano. And so, from that point on it was a fake Christmas tree for our family. I really didn't mind all that much. The fake tree was certainly easier, and I liked that whenever we wanted to put it up we just had to go down the basement to get it.
Still so pretty right?

But it seems that a lot of people in the world have a very strong need to have a real Christmas tree for the Holidays. I have to admit there is something to be said for having a real, actual, pine tree in your house for the season. This was one thing I was fine to say "yes" to when my husband asked that we be a "real Christmas tree" family.

And so this is our second real christmas tree in our home and I'm quite proud of it.

Here's hoping for an allergy-free and easy to clean-up the pine-needles holiday season!

What about you? Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree? 
Has this changed from what you grew up with?


  1. Yay! I am so glad you guys got a real tree! We bought a real one this year and I am hoping to convince my Husband that we should get one every year! I love how they smell! And for some reason, having a real tree just makes Christmas that much more special for me!

  2. Your real tree looks great, Laura! We had real trees for a while while I was growing up, but then they got to be too messy and died too quickly, so we switched to fake. Since we don't have a lot of space right now in DC and also don't want the cats chewing on pine needles, we're very happy with our little 4-ft. fake tree.

  3. I've had fake trees since I was younger and still do. Kristian wants us to get a real tree but I like the convenience of a fake one and I think it can look just as nice. Plus it's more economical in the long run.

  4. Your tree is lovely!!! We've always had fake; it's just "easier" I guess, all around. I wouldn't worry about the needles-on-the-floor issue. We still have to vaccuum up plastic needles every few days!

  5. gorgeous tree! I am a real tree fan, but the fake ones can be really nice too. I am sure when I am older and no doubt lazier I will be on board with the pre-lit fake ones, lol.

  6. Somehow I missed this post. Well, you left out the part where we forgot to water the tree causing the base of the trunk to sap over. Dad had to take the tree out of the stand, saw off the bottom, scratched the ceiling putting it back into the stand all the while uttering seasolly inapporopriate words!!! LOL! Yes-fake is better for us but as a child it was always real. I agree with Megan-it's the smell that makes it feel like Christmas. Your real tree looks beautiful and festive!


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