Intralase Surgery

This is it! Tomorrow I say "Goodbye" to my glasses and contacts forever! ( least until I need reading glasses someday). I am going under the laser tomorrow for Intralase Eye Surgery! I have a 10:15 am appointment at Diamond Vision of Manhattan.

I am nervous...but mostly, I'm not thinking about it. It won't feel weird or real to me until I'm actually in the room getting onto the operating table. I know countless people who say that getting Lasik was one of the best decisions they ever made, and I want to be one of those people too! So horror stories be damned...(must. continue. to stay. away. from!) I'm doing it!

Goodbye glasses

Goodbye contact lenses

Goodbye contact lense case and solution

See you on the flip side! (Teehee, see what I did there?)

Wish me Luck!


  1. Good luck! I hope the procedure goes well and I'm jealous of getting rid of contacts & glasses. You'll have to report back of how it was!

    1. Thanks, I will def. be blogging all about it next week!

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to hear about it. I spent the holidays with my sister-in-law, who had Lasik a few years ago, and I was so jealous that she didn't have to put contact lenses in every day (or fumble for her glasses when she first wakes up!). I might have to consider this seriously in the next year or so.

  3. Yay! You will do great and be so happy afterwards!!! :)

  4. Best wishes, Laura! I also know people who say this is the best decision they've ever made, and I have no doubt you'll will come away saying the same thing. I'll be waiting to hear all about it next week!

  5. I can't wait to see how you love it! I have heard such good things!

  6. I will be back next week with a full report!

  7. oooh lucky! I am sure it will be so amazing to be able to see without glasses/contacts!

  8. I remember feeling so lucky to have contacts.But look what I missed out on because I was born before 1990! LOL! Lucky you.


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