Book Review: Top of the Rock and Kitchen Confidential

I've been on a reading frenzy lately! Last week, I read Top of the Rock: The Rise and Fall of Must-see TV, an Oral History, by Warren Littlefield, former NBC President of Entertainment. It was very fascinating to hear the stories at NBC through the 80's and 90's when Seinfeld, ER, Friends, Bill Cosby Show, Will and Grace, and Cheers all went on the air. The stories behind how these shows came to be, or almost didn't come to be, and how they selected the casts were fascinating. I've recently discovered that I love reading behind-the-scenes stories from television, having read and enjoyed Bethenny Frankel's A Place of Yes, Andy Cohen's Most Talkative, Barbara Walters The Audition, among others. I want to read more of these.

Then I went on to read Kitchen Confidential: Adventure in the Culinary Underbelly, by Anthony Bourdain. Woa - first of all, this does NOT make me want to go into the kitchen industry at all. The sex and drugs that take place in these tiny kitchens which serve us food on a daily basis. But again, it was fascinating to hear Anthony Bourdain's story from a young kid, to a troubled drug addict, to the success he is today. I love a good success story like this.

I've been on a real reading kick lately, and after reading all the book recommendations left in the comments of Joanna's book recommendations post at Cup Of Joe last week, I added 70 books to my online library account. 70. Books.

This has me feeling both greatly accomplished, and severely overwhelmed. I have this problem where spending a day organizing my pinterest boards, and updating my library account leaves me feeling on top of things, yet so far behind at the same time.

How on earth will I ever try all these recipes?!

How on earth will I ever read all these books?!

I suppose this is a good thing: To feel excited by all the books and recipes out there I have yet to experience. To have a whole arsenal of things to look forward to, if I keep trucking along.

If this overwhelming feeling wasn't there, then where would the drive be to go home and cook/bake or to pick up another book? So I guess "overwhelming" can be a good thing!

Not that I need even more book recommendations, but what are you reading right now?


  1. I love reading nonfiction books actually and those look really interesting. Once the semester ends I will have to add those to my list to read! Right now my reading consists of a lot of crime-related books haha

  2. Way to go for doing so much reading! I read a ton of books last year, but so far this year am behind on my goal. I've been doing lots more writing, though, which is good. I'm about halfway through What Color Is Your Parachuette? It's been useful, but also kind of boring so far.

  3. I get on reading kicks too, but I don't think I could do 70, haha! Hope you have some great ones in there!

  4. Right now the only thing I read besides email is this awesome blog called "Little Moments, Big Moments." Lol! Good for you for expanding your mind by reading.

  5. Thanks for some new suggestions!! I just finished reading Stephen King's 11/22/63 (not horror, about the JFK assassination) which was incredibly addicting (and long!); and I'm also working my way through the Beautiful Creatures books (yes, the same books that the new movie is about, and yes, I'm secretly a 12 year old girl!). At least they are better than Twilight! :)


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