Friday Finds: "Our Wedding Song"

In honor of Valentine's day this week I thought I'd share this adorable video taken at a senior living center. "For Valentine's Day, CDZA takes a trip to a Senior Living center to share the stories of four couples and perform the songs they were married to." It's adorable, and I can only hope that this will be Chris and me one day - not old, just married forever and still in love type thing ;)

While I'm at it, through this video I discovered Collective Cadenza's Youtube Channel, whose description is "We create music video experiments." Their videos are great!

With that, we are off for a long weekend in Newport, Rhode Island! But first, I'm kicking off the weekend with a facial with Janis Chakler, who is amaaazing! I am looking forward to some much needed relaxation and site-seeing.

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  1. You and Chris will totally be like that :o)

    Enjoy your facial and have a nice weekend!

  2. Enjoy your facial and trip! Stories like these capture what love is all about.


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