Newport, Rhode Island - Monday

After our amazing Saturday in Newport and Sunday in Newport we had one last morning to explore the area before heading home.

We were in Newport for the first weekend of the Newport Winter Festival which included special events and deals. The Old Colony & Newport Railway was running extra train tours throughout the weekend and we thought we'd hop on! We got tickets for the first-class parlor car - sounds fancy, but first class was $13.50!
We then enjoyed the sites of Newport, Rhode Island at the rip-roaring speed of 9 miles per hour. We know this because we checked on our TomTom iphone app. I could have run faster than this train. We drove out 35 minutes, then came right back on the same track.

At least we were kept warm by this little pot-belly stove:

It was a cute little tour, with a neat concept, but we were a bit disappointed by it. There wasn't all that much to see, and the conductor wasn't very captivating to listen to. We disembarked the railroad and it was time to bid adieu to Newport. 
I loved this sign as we exited the train.

We both realized how incredibly nice and needed this weekend was for us. We didn't do a ton, we had a lot of down-time to watch Downton Abbey and relax, yet we still felt we were able to really get a sense of Newport and what it had to offer. I can only imagine how amazing Newport must be in the summer months, and would love to go back there someday.
Sayonara Newport!

Where is your favorite place to go for a nice "get-away weekend"? 
Have you ever been to Newport?


  1. Sounds like a cool train ride, even if it was slow and a bit disappointing. I've never been to Newport, but would love to visit there and other parts of New England during the summer. Our visit to Boston a couple years ago was awesome. Our fave weekend getaway is taking a day trip out to Virginia wine country. It would be fun to stay over at a place out there sometime, too.

    1. yea I love trips to any wine country..they're always so relaxing!

  2. Sorry the train ride was kind of boring! At least you enjoyed Newport, I'd imagine it's very different in the winter. It's such a busy place in the summer, I went to a friend's bachelorette party there, and while we had fun it was just so crowded and crazy!! But fun!

    1. I was wondering if a bachelorette party here would be fun. I imagine it is very crowded in the summer, which kind of makes me wonder if I would love it or not..crowds can be so annoying!

  3. WINE is relaxing anywhere! I've never been to RI but I'd like to visit someday. Though your train ride was disappointing it also sounds nostalgic and relaxing. As for me-I've finally discovered the Poconos.


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