Zoey's Bath-Time

It seems most of the blogs I read have done a post this week about being in a "winter funk" and it's very true. Let's face it, February and March are brutal months, and if we can all just hold in there for a little while longer, before we know it, Spring will be here and we'll all feel a little better and have a little more to talk about! So with that, I thought that this pathetic picture of my pup getting a bath might make you all laugh.
Zoey hates her baths and afterward all she wants is to get the water out of her ears. We only bath her about 3-4 times a year, and the whole process from start to finish is pretty comical. 

When the winter gets you down, remember the Groundhog didn't see his Shadow, so Spring will be here before you know it!


  1. Aww Zo-zo!!! So cute!!!
    Peach loves the bath and shower; she is an oddball.
    You are so right about the lull of early Spring... ho-hum. I remember when I was really young there was a show on Nickelodeon called Pete & Pete and one episode was all about the "dreaded February" with no holidays except for 'crummy Valentine's Day" and President's Day. LOL

  2. LOL! That is too funny! I am definitely counting down to spring! Stay safe this weekend if the major blizzard comes your way. It looks like we will likely just get rain down here, but we'll see if anything changes.

  3. Aww, Spring and the smell of sweet succulance! Can't wait!! Meanwhile....Zoey's pathetic look really did make me smile!

  4. I hope spring comes soon! After this blizzard, I think I'm good on winter. Awww, Zoey is so cute!! Her pathetic face is REALLY pathetic!! :)


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