Lunch Breaks in Central Park

One of the fortunate things about where I work, is that I'm a 10 minute walk from Central Park. On nice days, like we've been having here and there the past few weeks, I like to take my hour long lunch break walking through Central Park. I can get a pretty great "workout" in by walking for an hour while taking in the beautiful sites that Central Park has to offer.

I've been really enjoying using the MOVES iPhone app. It's a pedometer app that keeps track of every step you take throughout each day. You don't have to have the app open for it to record, and it resets at the start of each day. It's been awesome to see how many steps I walk throughout my days. My goal is to do 10,000 steps a day.
Some days I make that no problem...other days I don't.


Some days, it can be a real pain to work in Manhattan...but it's walks like these through Central Park that remind me what a beautiful city it really is. I am lucky to be able to take a long stroll through a beautiful park on a daily basis, and these are the things I'll miss one day if I'm no longer working in Manhattan.


  1. I wish I could walk through Central Park on my lunch break!! And those pictures are gorgeous! Lucky!

  2. I love the photos!!! Daffodils are looking lovely.

  3. I've always wanted to visit NYC, and especially Central Park. How awesome that you can enjoy it on your lunch breaks!

  4. Yay, it looks like spring has finally arrived! I love daffodils, they're so cheerful. It must be great to be able to walk through Central Park at lunch!

  5. Love the walks through Central Park and the horse drawn carriage rides are really cool too.


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