Press Reader Iphone/Ipad App Review
Recently I was asked to test out the Ipad/Iphone App, PressReader. With my daily commutes from Queens to Manhattan, I spend two hours a day commuting, most of which is spent on a subway with no internet or cell-phone service. Cue violins. What's great about Press Reader, is that my subscriptions download automatically each morning and I can read them off-line! This is fantastic for someone like me who spends so much time underground with no cellphone or internet service. I can get my subscriptions even if I'm on vacation or have taken the day off, PLUS this doesn't leave that nasty black ink all over my hands. It works on both my ipad and iphone, and I feel so much more caught up on my daily news since trying this out! It's easy to navigate, easy to swipe through to read, and I can pinch in or zoom out so I don't have to strain to read small text.


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With over 2,300 newspapers from 96 countries in 54 languages directly on your favorite mobile device, PressReader really is the perfect app for essentially all travelers! You can get a sense of what PressReader is all about by visiting, as well as PressReader for The New iPad PR Release, and PressReader iTune Page

Not only is PressReader all about quality, content and convenience, the app helps enhance a user’s reading experience with features such as:

• Its innovative horizontal reading stream
• Flipping pages like they’re reading real publications
• Setting up automated subscriptions to their favorite titles
• Sorting publications by country, language, favorites or recently ordered
• Panning and zooming articles and photos and view in stunning clarity
• Listening to publications using on-demand audio
• Sharing articles by email, Twitter and Facebook

I'm so glad I was introduced to this awesome app. Staying up to date on news has never been so easy!

What do you think? Is this an app that you could see yourself using, or are you married to the old black and white printed newspaper idea? 

In exchange for this review, I was provided a free 3-month subscription to PressReader. Opinions are, of course, my own.


  1. Cool! I will keep this in mind as an option for when I'm traveling, even though I do still usually stick with paper reading materials in those cases. If I had a long train commute, I would definitely be interested in getting this!

  2. This definitely sounds like something I could use. I like the zoom in/out feature and that it's downloaded as opposed to on line. Coolio!


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