Bumpdate: Week 14

How Far Along: 14 Weeks!

Baby is the size of: Lemon (about 1.5 ounces)

Total weight gain: 2 pounds

Sleep: Pretty good

Best Moment of the week: Honestly nothing to report pregnancy wise, so I'm going to say when my friend, Kerry, emailed me this picture:

Worst Moment of the week: Thursday. You know when things expand when it's hot outside? It was over 90 degrees on Thursday and I just felt all day like I was "expanding". My whole stomach had a dull pain all day, but not stomach as in "where my food goes" but the whole outside and surrounding area of my belly just ached, like there were cables attached to it from all sides and a pick-up truck was pulling on them. The closest thing I can describe it to is a constant side-sticker: NOT. Fun.

Have you told Family and Friends:
Yes and Yes

Miss Anything:

Food Cravings:

Anything make you queasy or sick:

Have you started to show?
YEP,  people have started to point out that they are noticing my baby bump.

Gender: Don't know, still think it's a boy.

Everyone once in awhile if I stand up too fast or twist my stomach I get severe "Round Ligament Pain"
"Round ligament pain is a sharp pain or jabbing feeling often felt in the lower belly or groin area on one or both sides. It is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy and is considered a normal part of pregnancy. It is most often felt during the second trimester. "
It only lasts about a minute and then it's gone, but I have to be careful about doing certain sudden movements that can trigger it. Getting up off the floor quickly, or stretching out too much can cause it. I still get very tired for an hour every day. I really don't think that's going to go away until this baby comes...or you know, ever.

Still lots and lots of walking!

: I was grouchy on Thursday when my stomach hurt. I felt that was merited though. I was happy that I was able to keep up with a crazy weekend schedule of running around NYC with my friend who was visiting. We did a LOT and I was very tired...but still managed to keep up!

Looking Forward to:
Being able to feel the baby kick. Apparently I may start feeling it in the next 3 weeks! I'm also looking forward to our next sonogram appointment one week from today!

LOVE this dress :)

Maternity Clothes: I realized that my repertoire of dresses are pretty maternity friendly as it is. I have an affinity for flowy dresses anyway, so I think I'll be able to wear a lot of my own clothes through the summer. I DO need black maternity pants and a pair of maternity jeans though. I plan to head out to Target and Old Navy this weekend to scope out the selection.

Finished Cinderella Ate My Daughter, annnnd I don't want a daughter. Just kidding!! Sort of...

Um...the baby's kidneys are producing and releasing its own urine now...so yea, that's fun to think about! Also the baby can grasp with its hands and fingers and may have even started sucking its thumb...so cute!

Week 13
Week 12
First Trimester

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  1. This is so exciting!!!! There's a definite baby bump there. Little Italy is showing his Little Self and soon you'll be able to feel him (Yep-I think it's a boy too). Can't wait until I can feel him moving too.

    1. yea..I've now had 3 people tell me they notice my "baby bump" this week!

  2. You look so cute in that picture. I love the dress too! Hope you find the stuff you are looking for when you go shopping!

  3. Summer is great for flowy dresses for pregnancy! You are looking great!

    1. thanks so much! :) I'm glad I'll be in my second trimester for the summer..not toooo pregnant that i'm so uncomfortable in the heat, but just pregnant enough that I can take advantage of flowy dresses and flip flops!

  4. I just found your blog through the link-up! I'm due in September! :) I live in Boston and the heat last week/weekend was so unnecessary. It was the first time I've noticed swelling and it wasn't good. I also LOVE that Ryan Gosling picture! I was just showing my husband some of those last week and begging him to go get me slush last night so I will have to send it to him! So glad I found your blog!

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for stopping by! So great to meet other fellow bloggers going through pregnancy right now! The heat was DEF. crazy this past weekend, it totally affected me. Heading over to your blog to check it out now!

  5. You look great! :) I am also having round ligament pains when I move suddenly. It's not too bothersome, but I definitely feel it! haha I went to Target for some capri's and found some white maternity capri's that I love! They're so comfy, I've been wearing them a lot. I noticed they just came out with new shirts and dresses, too. I'm on the lookout for cute, modest maternity shorts and jeans as well.

    1. Thanks :) I'm heading to target first thing Saturday morning - i can't wait to get some cute new things!

  6. I'm 14 weeks this week too! (recap is 13 weeks though) Just wanted to say hi from Kristin's bloghop :-) You look great!

    I've noticed that I've started to get some round ligament pains too-- like if I move too quickly without holding my stomach "too tightly" (only way I can describe it ;-)) It doesn't last too long but just feels like I've pulled a teeny tiny muscle. So funny to me!

    I sure wish I could wear my summer dresses right now... It's just so dang unseasonably chilly right now and I'm a chronically cold person.

    1. So great, that means I'm one week ahead of you because I'm actually at 15 weeks today! So, after reading your blog this afternoon, I just ordered the Tracy Anderson work out dvd's! Only $20 on Amazon, for 9 DVDS! I'm so excited to get them and get started. I def. need to start doing some workouts during this pregnancy. Thanks for the great recommendation !

  7. You look beautiful, Laura! I love that dress!


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