Chris and Corinne's Wedding!

With all the baby-talk going on lately, I never got to blog about our good friends, Chris and Corinne's, wedding last month! Chris and Corinne are very good friends of ours, and we were so excited to celebrate with them on their special day! I can't even believe they've been married a month already!

The wedding was held at Duck Walk Vineyards in Southold, New York. Chris and Corinne are both wine enthusiasts, and their wine theme was carried seamlessly throughout the wedding. One of my favorite elements that Corinne thought of was to have everyone sign a cork and place it in a little wire wine basket, instead of a traditional guest book. It was adorable!

Of course, what wedding would be complete without a photo shoot with your friends?
Meg, Kerry, Me, and Maria
Apparently: We're only friends with couples-
James and Maria, Me and Chris, Mike and Kerry and Juan and Meg

The ceremony was beautiful. I lovvved the baby's breath on the wine barrels that defined the aisle on both sides.

Corinne's father passed away when she was 14 years old. When her two older sisters got married, they carried this handkerchief on their bouquet, displaying a picture of their father. Now, it was Corinne's turn to carry this handkerchief so her father could still walk her down the aisle.

After the ceremony, we were sent into the tent for cocktail hour. They had a wide array of food from cheeses and meats, to amazing shrimp cocktail, orecchiette with broccoli rabe, rice balls, coconut shrimp, a carving station, raspberry brie and eggplant napoleon, just to name a few!

Chris and Corinne got all the groomsmen matching Vans shoes. The bride and groom had matching, customized "Wife" and "Husband" Converse to match!

After cocktail hour, we were sent into the main room of the vineyard to take our seats before they announced the Bridal Party and new Bride and Groom. Corinne made these simple and elegant centerpieces for each table, and they fit in perfectly with the wine theme!

Half of our table - most of the men were in the back with the rest of the bridal party waiting to be introduced.

We were then ushered back out to the tent to announce the bridal party and for a little dancing before dinner. The new Mr. and Mrs.!!

Chris and Corinne danced to Swept Away by Christopher Cross for their first dance. Chris kept singing the words to Corinne as they danced, it was the cutest thing ever.

And then it was time for speeches from the Maid of Honor (Marissa) Corinne's two older sisters (Nicole and ToniAnn), and the Best Man (Juan).

Then on to eating, and dancing, dancing, dancing!

I made Chris carry Corinne's baby niece, Maddy, so he could at least say he's carried a baby at some point in the past 5 years! Doesn't he look so good with a baby? This picture makes my heart melt. I may have also held her 2 (or 7) times over the course of the weekend...

Gotta get a shot with the beautiful bride! I loved Corinne's dress, it fit her body perfectly and she was an absolutely stunning bride!

For dessert, Chris and Corinne had a cupcake stand along with many Italian pastries, and my personal favorite: the Ice Cream Bar! They had a mini cake to cut for the cake cutting.

After dessert, Chris and Corinne danced with their mothers. Corinne danced to Carrie Underwood's He Is Good - which makes me cry every single time I hear it, so I started to lose it at that point. Then Chris danced to Through the Years by Kenny Rogers with his mom.

After the danced, they played a slideshow in honor of Corinne's dad, which certainly got the water works flowing for many people at the wedding.

Partying with the In-Laws!

Before we knew it, the night had ended and we boarded a bus to take us back to the hotel. The driver was a bit heavy footed on both the gas and especiallly the break. This did not make for good conditions when drink making on the bus - poor Kerry got drenched with drinks at one point - good thing she's a good sport!

Back at the hotel, we kicked up our feet at Hotel Indigo, where we were all staying. This hotel was really nice and they had great outdoor seating areas with little fireplaces all around. We ordered dominos pizza and hung out with the Corinne, after she put her not-so-sober-husband to bed! The makings of a great night and a fabulous wedding! 

The next day, we took a bus back home and Chris carried her across the threshold into their new home - where they are living together for the first time ever!

Congrats Chris and Corinne! We love you so much and can't wait for what life has in store for you both as a newly married couple!


  1. Corinne looks absolutely stunning in her gown. You're right she looks perfect in it! And Chris looks comfortable and confident holding sweet Maddy. You have a great baby daddy there!

  2. ...And one more thing...I love the tradition of dad "walking" all three of his daughters down the aisle via his picture on a handkerchief. Never saw that before but it is such a great way to honor him and make him a part of their important milestone.

  3. Congrats Corinne and Chris!!!! Every was perfect at the wedding!


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