Gender Prediction Poll Results

Thanks to the 37 of you who voted in our gender prediction poll. I'm actually surprised that 41% think we're having a girl and 59% thing it's a boy. That's actually a bit closer than I thought it would be. But that's ok, that's what keeps it exciting :)

Gender prediction is a funny thing. Everyone has their "theories" on whether it's a boy or a girl and why. i.e. How high am I carrying? Did I have morning sickness? Does my face look fuller? Do my shoulders lean more to the right? Did my hair turn orange? Ok, I made those last two up. I welcome everyone's predictions whether they be for a boy or girl because it just makes it fun. Now that I've come to terms with not finding out the gender, I have to admit that it is kind of fun and exciting not knowing. It's preventing me from buying every cute boy or girl outfit or accessory I see, and I'm not having any trouble keeping things gender neutral so far. I'm definitely embracing our Team Green decision! 

For the first few months, most people who gave me their predictions said "I think you're having a boy" When I'd ask them "Why?" they usually responded with something like "Because girls take the mother's beauty, and you still look so good!" Mannny people said this exact same thing to me and it was very sweet and I won't lie...comforting, to hear.

But then...a few people recently started saying "Oh...I think you're having a girl!!"

Great...does that mean I look like shit? Is my beauty being taken from me?! If the standard is "boy means you are still pretty, girl means you aren't" isn't is just kind of insulting to tell someone you think they're having a girl?

Obviously, I don't go home and cry myself to sleep when someone predicts girl. Like I said before, this is all in good fun. I just find some of it funny and can't wait to prove some of these theories right or wrong this November!


  1. Hahah orange hair...Towards the end of my pregnancy I was freaking out because many people (like Everrryone) said that my bump looked like a boy bump..I was like crap what if they made a mistake and everything we have in pink!!! Haha I was nervous about it until I heard "it's a girl!" in the hospital.

  2. EXCUSE ME! Girls do not "steal your beauty," they enhance it.I am living proof of that! And I've been enhanced twice (LMAO!). look beautiful as all pregnant women do.

  3. Boy or girl, you look great, Laura! I think gender predictions and guesses are definitely all in good fun, and you just have to wait to find out for sure.

  4. You look lovely. I think I am more beautiful now as a mother than I ever have been and I had a girl!!!
    Whatever sex your child has was will not matter and I'm so happy to hear you are having fun with the waiting. It truly does not matter once baby is here; we forgot to look at B's bits when she was born we were just so happy the wait for baby was over! I can't wait to see that belly keep growing. You look great. :o)

  5. Haha! I would totally take it that way too if that's what people had been telling me. I think everyone's "theories" are different for every person. I'm curious if you have looked at the Chinese Gender chart though. I know some people whose gender has been spot on from that thing and others who haven't so, it just makes me wonder if it is another theory type thing that it differs with every person.

    And BTW, you look great!

  6. Orange hair...WHAT??!! I think not knowing would be fun but my OCD personality just wont allow that!

  7. In defense of my girl vote, I just picked girl because baby girl things are 1000x cuter than boys. No looks were factored into my decision, lol.


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