Gender Predictions: POLL

Poll Time! We are Team Green: But it's still fun to guess! Many people have LOTS of predictions on what sex they think the baby what do you think? Your "predictions" will be revealed on Friday!


  1. Yea, I voted! You know what I think you are having but I won't say it here. Really, I just pray to God that your baby is healthy and happy.

  2. Hi Laura, My name is Sky and I am a new follower. I blog as well over at I am so glad I found your blog...we follow some of the same blogs. I really enjoy reading some of your posts and bumpdates. I think we are due with our first baby around the same time. I am due December 3rd. Also I just wanted to let you know on you 19 weeks bumpdate symptoms about the numbness that your not alone!!!! I have the exact same thing. I asked my doctor about this the other week and it was not a big concern, just skin stretching and possibly nerves there. I can't wait to find out what your having. I thought I was having a boy but got the surprise of a little girl last Monday :) So I will take a guess in your poll but apparently I am so wrong on these things. On a serious note through hope you have a great ultrasound Friday and have a healthy little baby :)

  3. Just voted for a boy! It looks like most people are in agreement with me so far. Then again, I was so sure the royal baby would be a girl but just found out I was wrong, so of course you never know for sure! :)

  4. Heehee...Team green is actually so much fun!!


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