Diaper Bags: Part 2

After my post last week asking for help with my diaper bag decision, you all gave me fantastic opinions and suggestions to help with my diaper bag decision, so thank you! Most of you seemed to really like the Green Label Urban Bag from Lassig.

Then Kristina from Pretty Rambles told me to check out JP Lizzy, and I think I may have fallen in love with their diaper bag satchels. I like a lot of them on the site, but the Slate Saffron Satchel has certainly caught my eye:

Things that worry me about this bag:
1. A few people on amazon say that that inner lining material is really thin, and they feel like it won't hold up.
2. It looks like it might be a little small for my needs, it certainly looks smaller than the Urban Bag from Lassig.
3. It doesn't zip shut, so it could be easily tipped over and dumped out, or overstuffed.

I'm still contemplating my decision, but sort of feel like both could suite my needs depending on the day and occasion...is it tacky to register for two diaper bags?!


  1. No, it's not tacky to register for two diaper bags. I had more than one diaper bag and so did most of the moms I knew back in the day. There was the diaper bag for the run to the post office (that's where you used to go to buy stamps. Lol) and quick errands. Then there was the diaper bag for longer shopping days or visits with relatives/friends. I even had a tiny tote that only held two diapers and a travel size case of wipes because when I was breastfeeding that's all I needed sometimes. Register for both because I think you will be surprised at how much you will use them. BUT...Your am concerns about the one that doesn't zip are valid.

    1. Thanks Mom...maybe I'll register for 5 diaper bags then! ;)

  2. NOPE!!! My friend registered for 2. She has one that she uses for long days and one for short little adventures out to Target. The big one she uses is so heavy and doesn't always make sense to bring out for quick trips. Go for it!!!!

  3. Get 2, heck get 3, they are kind of baby purses, so you need different ones for different occasions, yes?

  4. I think it's a great idea to register for two so that you can switch them out and use for different occasions as needed. Go for it!

  5. I agree with going for 2! Why not? I mean how many handbags do we have for just everyday use? This is similar!! Also, I've been hooked on Lo and Son bags for a while now...just can't justify the price, though!

  6. Not at all! It's always nice to have a backup anyway!

  7. I say register for both! I love them both! I could see the non zipper one being an issue though. But like some of the others said, you can always use a spare and this way you have different options for different outfits too, haha!

  8. Thanks for the input guys...I'm going to register for both and not feel guilty about it! haha :)


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