Pregnancy Tip of the day

I have a lot of friends who are planning to become pregnant in the next few years and I am among the first, at least of our closest friends, to have a baby. Though I'm totally just winging this as I go, there are a number of things I've learned along the way so far that I feel responsible for sharing and passing on to those who shall soon be following in my footsteps.

Pregnancy Tip of the Day:

Put a good nightlight in your bathroom. You will get up to pee at least one, if not multiple, times a night from early on in your pregnancy. Turning the full bathroom light on in the middle of the night is jarring and blinding and wakes you up way more than you already are. Put a good quality, soft night-light in your bathroom, and the hallways leading to it, so you never have to even flip a switch, and can fall back to sleep much easier! We use these from amazon.


  1. Good advice! I already get up at least once a night to go to the bathroom, so I can't imagine how many times I'll be going once I'm pregnant!

    P.S. Do you happen to know how I can set up a "reply" option for blog comments? I really want to start replying to readers' individual comments, but can't seem to find a function that allows it. I saw some tips for editing the HTML, but am wondering if there's an easier way.

  2. Lol. Yes, this is great advice. When I was pregnant I once sat IN the toilet when my husband forgot to put the seat down. It was a gross experience in the middle of the night and I bought a night light asap. It's hard to be coherent when you're up peeing 5 times a night. lol


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