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A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway on Alison's Blog Life and Times of Alison and Justin, (due any day and may possibly already have her little one already!) for a free girl's headband from Sassy Baby Essentials! Even though we are not finding out the gender, I need to have some "key girl" and "key boy" pieces on hand for when the baby arrives home. Whatever I have on hand that I won't need for my boy or girl, I'll have ready to go as baby gifts for my friends as they start to have their babies in the next year or so as well. Or...I'll just keep everything until our next child. ;)

I was so overwhelmed by all the amazing choices I had to choose from on the Sassy Baby Essentials Etsy's page. How could I chose just ONE?? After a while of looking through the options, I finally settled on the Mini Bow Trio.
I emailed Mandy, the shop owner, with my selection and very quickly received my order over the weekend! I didn't take a very good picture of them, but they are so adorable and so cute! I will be so excited with either a boy or a girl this coming November...but when I look at these little headbands, I can't help but hope...just a little...for a little girl!

For the time being, Zoey will just have to be my little girl model, and she was very happy to oblige this weekend.


  1. What's that expression you youngins' use- "Uber cuter?" Those bows are so sweet and they look adorable on your model. I see a future for Zoey-the one who will have to wear all the girly things if you have a boy!

  2. OMG, these are SO cute! Being a headband fanatic myself, I'm definitely hoping for a little girl to dress up someday! Zoey is the perfect model. :)

  3. I have three little girl cousins and I have to say, baby girls are so sweet. Then again so are boys....either way, it's a win/win situation!

  4. hahahaha Zoe looks fabulous!!!


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