A-Day and Halloween

Yesterday we celebrated Zoey's 2 year adoption birthday! Words can't describe how much love this little munchkin has brought to our lives. Finding her on petfinder.com at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue was such a defining moment for us, and adopting her was the best decision of our lives. Her world is about to be rocked in a few weeks when we welcome a new addition to our family. But I think Zoey will adapt beautifully, and welcome her little brother or sister with the same love and affection that she shows to us.
We celebrated last night with an extra special dinner, extra treats after dinner, and lots of cuddles. 
Halloween 2012
Zoey has something to say to you courtesy of the My Talking Pet app on the iphone! (Best .99 cents I ever spent!)


  1. Making Zoey talk is the funnies thing in the world! I agree, it's the best 99 cents you ever spent. Congratulations on two years with your precious canine.

  2. So sweet! Happy adopt-a-versary Zoey!!!

  3. Happy A-Day to sweet, adorable Zoey! I need to get that pet app!

  4. Aww, I love Zoey's bee costume!! She's so cute.

  5. AW she's adorable as a little bee! My dogs have adjusted to our little one, so I'm sure Zoey will too!


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