Book Review: Mom, Incorporated

From Goodreads: 
According to research, there are more than 10 million women who own and lead their own businesses. Entrepreneur Aliza Sherman (founder of Cybergrrl, Inc.) and blogger Danielle Smith (founder of have joined forces to write a book that helps women who are already moms (or are thinking about becoming moms in the future) learn how to take charge of the family/work balance by starting their own businesses. 

As more women become mompreneurs, there is an increased need for a book that will cover all aspects of how moms can successfully start and run a business that allows them to make money, pursue a profession, and have time to devote to the kids as well. This practical, user-friendly book will draw on Aliza and Danielle's own experiences, and their interviews with moms who've started their own successful businesses. 

In addition, Aliza has interviewed numerous business experts about funding for women, and the book will include valuable information about the current alternative sources of funding for female entrepreneurs. Also, in sidebars throughout the book, Aliza will address women who don't have children yet but are planning for it down the road and want to know how to combine having a family with running their own business.

My Thoughts:
This book was interesting, though I found myself skimming certain parts of it. It has a few helpful tips and tricks, and I especially liked the section in the back that highlighted some real-life women who have successfully started businesses from home. I don't really plan on starting up an online or retail business, which was really what this book was geared toward. But, some of the advice could certainly be applied to me, if and when I open up a piano studio. If you're serious about starting up your own business now, or one day, I could see how this book would help you when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Right now, it was an interesting book to skim through.


  1. Interesting. he secret to a successful business is to know your clientele, work hard (and smart), and keep your books organized. I know you'll be successful with your own business.

  2. Sounds interesting. I might want to check it out someday as I continue thinking about my career path and starting a family.


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