Go the &*%$ to Sleep

My mom went to a baby shower last year and one of the hit books that was brought as a gift was Go the &%$* To Sleep. I was secretly hoping that I would get the book at the shower, and lo and behold...I did! I should have known the organizer of the book club I'm a part of would be the one to bring it! Thanks so much Dana!
My favorite version of this book is read by Samuel L. Jackson on youtube. Have you ever heard this?? It's hilarious. Warning: Don't listen to this with the speakers turned up at work!! This might best be saved for an at-home listen, but be sure to listen to it, you won't regret it!


  1. This is the BEST book ever but not one Grandma will EVER read to Little Italy! Samuel L. Jackson...ahhh...what a man!!!

  2. I've heard this before, and it's SO funny! I'll definitely be getting a copy someday.

  3. I bought this as a gift for one of my bffs and others there who didn't know us as well were like, WTF?!? It was funny, and my friend appreciated it. Glad you were looking forward to it and got it!

  4. I got this book at my husbands work shower...hahaha Hmmm definitely haven't read it to Mya...but it gives you a good laugh!


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