I'm having a very productive and busy week so far, but it's also been extremely relaxing! I don't have a huge post ready for today, but I just wanted to share this adorable image my dad sent to me last week from Up!

I can't even believe I am due on Tuesday - every moment is so surreal right now. Everyone keeps asking me how I'm feeling and really, the best way to explain how I'm feeling right now is...Happy. I am unbelievably happy. 

Am I nervous for labor? Yes
Am I nervous for how things will change and how I will adjust? Yes
But am I the happiest I've felt in a long time? Yes. Having this time off to get things in order has been amazing, and I am so ready and excited to welcome our little one into our family in what could be just a few days!

Thank you again to everyone for following along and for reaching out to me. This week I have answered countless comments, text messages, emails, and Facebook messages from people who are following along. I even cried in my kitchen last night over an incredibly sweet message from an old friend from High School.

Lastly, on an unrelated note, I will be spending the day tomorrow at my in-laws house because their house is being used to shoot a commercial for Vicks! Their house will be transformed into a set all day long while they shoot a short commercial and I'm so excited! I love stuff like this!! Follow along on twitter, instagram or Facebook for updates!


  1. Aww...that feeling of sweet contentment knowing your world is about to be rocked! That same feeling will wash over you at 2 am while Baby falls asleep in your arms looking, feeling, smelling, and breathing like a little Cherub from Heaven! Cherish it!

  2. OK that's really cool about the commercial! Neat that you get to see that :) And I'm so glad to hear you're so happy. Gotta love that feeling :)

  3. the Happiness is going to grow once you meet your little one!!! Yes you will be tired...and yes things will change...but ahhhhh its the best change ever! Talk about heart filling...:-) The anticipation of the last days is crazy! I will be checking up on your blog for updates...can't wait to see if you have a boy or a girl...


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