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When it comes to invitations, announcements and various cards, I've always been a huge fan of We ordered my Baby Shower Invitations from them:
 I also ordered my Baby Shower Thank You cards for the shower from them:
So when the time came to order Holiday Cards/Birth Announcements this year, I knew Tiny Prints would be my go-to destination! The Social Media team at Tiny Prints went above and beyond to ensure that I got the best possible holiday card/birth announcements and most importantly that I got them quickly in time for the holiday season! I can't thank them enough for the amazing customer service. I always got a response quickly, even on the weekends or late at night!!

It was really hard to pick a card because there were quite a few that I liked, but in the end I chose the New Fallen Snow: Slate template from their site, and I'm so happy with how it came out!
Front: Source

Back: Source
This allowed me to highlight some of the professional pictures we had taken of Natalie (more on that tomorrow!!) plus include a little picture of our first daughter, Zoey!

Thank you Tiny Prints for our amazing Holiday cards and for always providing the perfect products to complement these great milestones of our lives!

If you are still trying to send out holiday cards this year, remember that Tiny Prints offers Super Rush Delivery (two day shipping) and Super Rush Plus (next day if ordered by 1pm!) options on all their orders. It's not too late to send out holiday cards this year!


  1. Hi Laura, I love your holiday card. It is so beautiful. The pictures are amazing. I love that you added Zoey to the card, how cute.

  2. Love love love them! Oh I can't wait to have a squishy baby on my Christmas cards!

  3. Beautiful card! We got a lot of Christmas cards from Tiny Prints since there's so many kids in our life. I've always loved the quality.

  4. Your card looks great, Laura! I love the pictures you chose and can't wait to read about the professional photo shoot.

  5. Gorgeous pics and such a great card!!


    I can't wait to see this sucker in my mailbox - no pressure!

    I love that you included pup and you guys. I like when holiday cards involve the whole family. Very nice!

  7. Our card arrived yesterday (12/18) and it is so precious. I even like the quality of the card stock it was printed on. Of course, I LOVE the pictures! Very nice.

  8. I love Tiny Prints! That is where I have been ordering from too! I love your card. It is so cute! It's perfect!


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