1 Month Update

*This reflects Natalie's one month update as of 12/22/13.

Weight: Just over 8 pounds. My scale doesn't have ounces so in between doctor visits, I just have to guess!

Health: Completely fine! Had 2 doctor visits and was gaining weight to his liking, so right on track!

Sleep: The first 3 weeks were pretty tough. Most nights I was sleeping in 2 hour increments. I was waking up every 2 to 3 hours during the night to breastfeed...even if she wasn't awake. I was very focused/worried/neurotic about "establishing my milk supply" these first few weeks. For the most part, she was always hungry and ready to feed anyway...but there were some nights where it was impossible to wake her up, and in retrospect, I wish I had just let her sleep. After the third week, I was less neurotic about it and there were some nights where she would sleep for 6 hour stretches! Every night when I go to bed, I don't know what to expect as far as how much sleep I'll get. Chris is very willing to help where he can during the night, but since I'm the one feeding her, plus the fact that he has to get up for work, I've been more than fine to take responsibility for the night shifts.

Social: Well, she sleeps about 23 hours a day...soooo when she's awake she's happy and social! This girl certainly has had more visitors in 4 weeks than I've had in a year...but I guess she's just a popular lady!

Diet: Exclusively Breastfed (EBF), more on how that is going later. Once we hit the 4 week mark we started to introduce pumped milk in a bottle and pacifiers.

Clothes: Exclusively in newborn clothes

Baby Gear Love: Halo SleepSack!, Graco pack n' play.

Yes...she has her moments. By the 4th week, I started to realize that 90% of the time her crying is due to being hungry. I was really trying to stick to a scheduled 2-3 hours, but I realized that feeding "on demand" means just that...and sometimes that can be an hour, or sometimes that can be 3 hours.

Being swaddled, particularly in the Halo Sleepsack, being held...constantly.

Tried introducing a pacifier a few times in the 4th week, but she really didn't seem too interested in it.

Moosh Moosh, and pretty much any nickname we already had for our dog ;)

Postpartum "Mommy" update:
I have not left the house at all, but given the cold weather and people constantly visiting, I haven't gone stir crazy yet. I had a few breakdowns in the first few weeks. One during the night out of exhaustion, one over breastfeeding, and a few other little cries here or there, but as a whole, I do not feel like I suffered from any post-partum depression or anything like that. I think any breakdowns I had were from my own exhaustion/overwhelmed feelings/stress I was putting on myself...peppered in there with hormones. As I write this, the first 4 weeks actually seem like a huge blur to me, and I have to make sure I keep up with these updates so that I can actually recall these events as they happen.    


I am amazed every day by her neck strength and control. She has a really strong neck already. I try to have her do about 5-10 minutes of "tummy time" a day on an activity mat, or while she's laying on my stomach.
First bath - did NOT like it. 


  1. I like the way she looks so "chill" in her 3 week picture. The first weeks are always a blur and the exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed are normal. You and Chris are great parents and Natalie is a joy.

  2. I can believe that she is a month old already!

    1. I knowwwww and she's actually a month and a half! I mean..time is going fast, but I caaan''t wait till she's a little older and can actually start interacting with me a bit more. Right now it's literally eat, sleep, poop. A wonderful time of course, but more exciting things to come!

  3. Gosh, isn't she just the perfect little mix of you both?! Just gorgeous!

    As for the breakdowns - totally normal. And I've had my share over breastfeeding!

  4. Those first few weeks I had to wake James every 3 hours because of his weight but after that I was given the okay to let him wake me at night. I still feed him every 3 hours, even waking him up, because the more awake he is the better he sleeps at night. She's beautiful and I'm glad things are going well! The first month was hard but the 2nd was so much better!

  5. She is so precious! So glad to hear she's healthy and doing great!

  6. What a cutie pie! Love the weekly photos..great idea. The time is going by so fast...it feels like yesterday that we are both expecting and that I was reading your weekly pregnancy update!!!!

    Natalie is so sweet and I can see how shes grown from the 1 week to 1 month photo. Elsa is also growing....had a moment last night when I pulled out the size 1 diapers!!! I was like when did this happen. No more newborn diapers here.

    Elsa does not like the pacifier either. The only one she will even try for a possibly a few minutes is the gumdrop one. She usually will take it and then spit it out. I tried a few others but she would not take them at all.


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