Christmas Ornaments

This post is a bit overdue seeing as Christmas has been over for oh...3 weeks now, but Natalie received some adorable ornaments for her very first Christmas and I wanted to highlight them!
Left: Lenox Christmas Angel Baby
Right: Hallmark 2013 First Christmas ornaments

Left and Top right: Personalized ornaments from Calliope Designs from my parents
Bottom Right: personalized ornament from our friends Chris and Corinne

Personalized globe ornament gifted from our friends Molly and Mark.
Molly ordered this from SarEi's shop on Etsy
On the back is all of Natalie's birth stats like height, weight, birth-date, etc. I didn't get a picture of it! Total Fail!
I love these ornaments so much, and I am so happy we will have these ornaments to put on our tree year after year in honor of Natalie's first Christmas!


  1. They are all such beautiful ornaments. I just love personalized ornaments that commemorate the milestones of life. Very cool!

  2. Very pretty!! My husband received an ornament from his parents every year and so it is so cool looking back on all of them now as he tells me the story behind them. Will be a great way to remember this year!

    1. that's so awesome..I hope our children have the same thing to do with their respective spouses one day as well!

  3. These are all so cute! James got a few ornaments for his first Christmas too and I know that the grandparents, along with myself, will add to his collection every year. Dylan and I each have our childhood ornaments to decorate our tree with and it's so much fun to bring them out each year!

    1. I agree..I have a lot from my childhood that mean so much to me. I can't wait for Natalie to decorate her home tree one day with these ornaments!

  4. I love them all. That last one is gorgeous!!!

  5. What beautiful ornaments and keepsakes!


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