My Iphone App "Must-Haves"

My iphone and Ipad have been attached to my hip since Natalie was born. Not that they weren't before she was born...actually. But I've come to rely on certain apps everyday that I never had to use before!

Baby Connect - This app keeps track of everything. From diapers, to nursing, to sleep, weight, shots, and other medical information. In the first few weeks I mostly used it to keep track of her poopy and wet diapers and also for nursing. Now, I really just put medical information in it and use it for nursing during the day. Every time I nurse, I use it to keep a timer for how long she feeds on the right and the left. It helps me to remember what time I started and stopped, and which side I fed on the last time. One less thing I have to keep track of inside my head! This app costs $5.00 but it has been well worth the cost!
The Wonder Weeks: This app is very interesting. It describes all the developmental leaps that typically occur in babies and signs and milestones to look for during a particular time. It helps me identify certain signs that I should be looking for as she grows and develops!

I Heart Radio:  I realized that I've been out of touch with news and events now that I'm pretty much home all the time. Less water cooler talk with the coworkers, and I don't really put the tv on too much when I'm home. I decided to listen to some of the news stations on the I Heart Radio app while I'm nursing. The stations give little snippets of the headlines of the day, and is a great way to quickly catch up on some current events!

Podcasts: For the same reasons as above, I like listening to podcasts during feeding sessions. This American Life, and Zero to Three so far. Does anyone have any other podcast recommendations?!

Rain,Rain/White Noise Lite/ At night, we put on these white noise apps for Natalie. It drowns out any outside noise for her to sleep and is supposed to remind her of being in the womb.

Lullaby Lyrics: It's been quite some time since I've heard lullabyes (like...28 years) So I needed a bit of a brush-up on my lyrics! This has the lyrics to classic lullabyes that I forgotten through the years. My favorites to sing are all the verses of bah bah black sheep, All the Pretty Little Horses and Hush, Little Baby.

Snapseed - Taking and editing pictures is one of my favorite pastimes. Often while I'm nursing, (while recording the time in babyconnect, and listening to podcasts) I'll edit photos that I've taken of her in this app (and often then share them on instagram). The features and edit options really take my pictures to the next level!

Instagram: By now, everyone knows about instagram. I love sharing photos of Natalie and using the hashtag #instababybabble. It's so great to see all the other little adorable babies out in the world right now, and connect with other mothers who have young children.

What iphone apps do you find using daily as a mom? 
Do you have any great podcasts you recommend to listen to?


  1. Boy! Do I need to understand apps and why I need them in my life. This is awesome stuff!. So nice it's all at your fingertips. I think I'll try iheart radio for news. On another note, I like my new title. ;-)


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