Natalie: Week 10

You are officially out of single digit weeks - never to return to that again! :( 10 Whole Weeks!

Weight: Close to 10 pounds, maybe a little more?

Milestones of the week: 
  • Your first Superbowl! I had you in your Giants Football onesie to start the day....buuut you unfortunately ended up peeing all over yourself and you needed a change before the game even started!
  • I found this hat when we were in Pennsylvania. My grandmother knit it for me when I was younger for one of my dolls! Now, I have my real-life "doll" to wear it! This is actually even a little bit big on her!
  • You met a new friend, Marissa
  • We had some snow days!
  • So we stayed warm and cuddled as much as possible:
  • I discovered that little baby stockings are the cutest thing ever!
  • We've been doing a ton of tummy-time and I was able to capture one of the first times you rolled over! I caught it just in time...and this takes you quite a bit of time to gear up to do, but you've rolled a few times now when I prop you up real high on your arms!

And that was your 10th week! Can't wait to see what week 11 brings us!


  1. Double digits in weeks. Oh my goodness! You'll be driving a car before you know it! You peed on your Giants onsies before the Superbowl even started? That's too funny!!! And I just love the knit cap that Great Grandma made for Mommy's Cabbage Patch doll and now you're wearing it. I love you Baby Girl!

  2. Happy 10 weeks to Natalie! That hat is so cute, and I love the color.

    1. Natalie thanks you! I love the hat too - a little bit of something from my grandmother, even though she couldn't be here to meet Natalie. I know you understand how important that must feel to me :)

  3. Still so cute, and I fell behind in my blog reading!! She aged a week just like that!! :)

    1. LOL! And you know what? that's how it feels in real life for me too...just like that she's getting older and older!! I'm so glad she's still as cute at 10 weeks
      as she was at 9 ;)

  4. She is just adorable!!! Glad everything is going so well!!


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