Natalie: Week 11


Better late than never right? This is an update as of last Friday 2/14

Weight: About 10 pounds, maybe a little more?

Milestones of the week:
  • You started sleeping in your OWN crib in your OWN room!! I have to say this transition went WAY smoother than I thought it would. You and I are actually getting a bit more solid sleep now that you are exclusively staying in your crib. However, I will say for our next child(ren), I would do it the exact same way: Have you sleep in the pack n' play for the first 11-12 weeks for more frequent night feedings and then move you to your own room after that. You are now waking one, sometimes two times a night for feedings.
  • We snuggled up and stayed as warm as we could during yet ANOTHER snow-storm!! Thank goodness for Daddy, who has been shoveling snow like crazy this season!
  • You took your first trip to Astoria and met our hair dresser - the lady who will eventually give you your first hair-cut!

  •  Do we look alike?
  • You got a piano lesson from Uncles Ben and Kyle during their visit!
  •  I sometimes think you get cuter every single day:
  • Before the big snowstorm on Thursday, we went out and did our first big solo running errands trip and it went really well! You slept through most of it, and we are getting the hang of breastfeeding in the car in-between stores!

  • You like watching tv with Daddy!
 And various other adventures!
And that's your 11th week!


  1. You are definitely right....Natalie gets cuter every day!

  2. I can't believe 11 weeks has gone by so quickly. Don't you wish time would slow down?!? I do for sure! Sher is so cute.

  3. Hey eyes kill me! She's so cute!

  4. Aw, more super cute pictures, Laura! I love the piano lesson.

  5. She looks more and more aware of the camera as the weekly pictures go by! So, so cute.


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