Natalie: Week 9

I have decided that in addition to monthly updates, I'd like to do weekly updates as well, at least for the first year. So much happens just within each week and I don't want to let things go too long before stating certain milestones and exciting things. I don't really want to answer the same exact questions each week like I did with my bumpdates. Most of them are going to be the same. Health? Great! Things she likes? same as last week! So it will mostly comprise the basic stats: weight, sleep, and the milestones/noteworthy things of each week.

I will for the most part, post these on Fridays, her actual "week" birthday...but in the event that I miss a post, they will be posted the following today's case!

Weight: 9 pounds 8 ounces, 22 inches
You went to the doctor and got 3 more vaccines (2 shots and one was a liquid taken orally). Your two shots were just as bad as last month. I could see the recognition of pain in your eyes and you wailed and wailed and wailed. It was heartbreaking.

Milestones of the week: 

  • Two more shots at the doctor's office - I know this won't get any easier for you OR for me.
  • Your first trip to Grandma and Grandpa's in Pennsylvania

  • Your first look at a birthday cake as you helped Aunt Melissa blow out the candles!
  • You slept in the crib in PA all by yourself like a big girl! At home, you're still sleeping in the Pack n' play napper, but I'm going to start transitioning you out of that, especially since you took to the crib so well!

  • Dressing you in both 0-3 month and now 3-6 month clothing

  • This week you were visited by friends Molly and Mark, and Dana (who's going to be a new mommy this summer!)
With  Molly
With Dana
  • You've started grabbing for this toy and especially my HAIR!!!
  • You continue to make the funniest and cutest faces, and we're focusing more on Tummy Time to build up those already strong neck muscles!:
  • You received this adorable personalized piggy bank from a friend of ours from college, Liz and her husband!
That's week 9, I can't wait to see what week 10 brings us!


  1. Such exciting times! Love the funny faces. My heart aches for Natalie and you when she gets her vaccines. Poor pumpkin head! I like that "piggy" bank. I think it's a giraffe bank-lol.

  2. Love her faces! Vaccines are so tough. I handled James' okay but I'm already dreading his 4 month shots next month. Transitioning to the crib has been a little difficult for us since James has been in his rock n play but I've been working on him being in the crib since he was 4 weeks. I'm thinking of moving him to his room full time this month so we're working extra hard on him liking it!

  3. Love her cute faces!! That "giraffe-bank" has your mom nicely put it, is adorable.

  4. Love the tongue out. Can't believe she's already 9 weeks!

  5. She is SO cute!! I also can't believe she's already 9 weeks!!


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