Month 3 in Pictures

Dear Natalie,

We did a lot in the past month! You celebrated you first Valentine's Day
 You like to snuggle in bed, weekend mornings are my favorite!
 We started reading books before bed (if you aren't too cranky)
 Grandma and Grandpa visited twice!
Mommy and Daddy went out on two dates! First for the Broadway show Book of Mormon (It was amaaazing!!) and then to a wedding!
Your EYES! No one can get over how gorgeous they are!
You started sitting up on your own in the bumbo chair, and I think it's the cutest/funniest thing ever!
 Neighborhood Watch:
We like to put you in things, like stove pots and laundry baskets:
You still fall asleep in my arms, and I love every minute of it.
 You discovered your tongue and like to stick it out often!
We were able to go on a handful of walks on nice days! I love the many different carriers I have for you...especially the Boba Carrier, it's just so easy!
You started grabbing at things...annything you can, toys, clothes, and of hair!
I started working part time from like to supervise! So far, it's been good!
My friend, Cassie, came to visit and gave you a brief art lesson.
 You had your first St. Patrick's Day!
You nap like a boss!
You love your lesson time with Oma!
And snuggles from Papa
We got you on a fantastic sleep schedule, and I'm dreading the day we have to wean you from your swaddle.
Dressing you every day is great fun!
You make the silliest faces!
You change every single day. This month was the best one yet (I'm sure I'll be saying that every month now!) We all sort of caught our stride as a new family these last 4 weeks, and mommy and daddy are feeling more confident in what they are doing!
Bring on Month 4!


  1. What an awesome post! It's fun to watch Natalie grow and change every day. And it warms my heart to watch as you and Chris grow along wither into even more superb human beings then you were before her arrival. I think the purpose of children is to raise their parents and I think Natalie is doing a wonderful job of that!

  2. Aw, such cute pictures! I'm glad to hear that working part-time from home is going well for you so far!

    1. Yea, I'm lucky that it hasn't been that super busy and I'm able to create my own schedule and do things as needed! It's been wonderful.

  3. I love how she is sitting on the table as you guys eat! So cute!! Her eyes really are freakin' stunning. Where does she get them from?

  4. Omg so cute...especially on the table! Awwww I love bedtime story time...especially "Pajama Time!" by Sandra Boynton

  5. My word is she adorable! Her eyes and ears are so dang cute!!!! My two month old has just discovered she can suck her thumb and that has been entertaining to watch. She really likes watching her hands move around and is obsessed with her mobile.

    I had that same valentines outfit for our little one but she was too long and skinny to wear it!


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