Natalie: 3 Month Update

It is hard to believe, but our little one is 3 months old! I missed the last 2 weekly updates (but I will try to publish and backdate those this week as I get caught up!

Name: Natalie Claire

Weight: 11 Pounds, 2 ounces
Health: Very good, you haven't been sick at all, you are growing like a weed, and have a very healthy and hearty appetite!

Sleep: This month we transitioned you over to your crib in your own room and it was SO MUCH easier than I thought it would be! I was really nervous to take you out of our room for a few reasons: It was so easy to just get up and grab you in the middle of the night when you woke up and I always liked to be able to hear you if you woke up. BUT, I actually have liked you sleeping in your own room much better. I hear you just fine over the monitor, and you are sleeping great on your own. You wake up one or twice a night for feedings and then usually go right back to sleep.

Social: You love to turn on the charm and get very fascinated by new faces. You smile a lot, and you "coo" a TON. You are very pleasant, unless you are hungry. If you are hungry (and you often are, at least every 2 hours) then you are very very cranky. You want your food! I guess you take after mommy for that ;)

Diet: Still exclusively breastfed and going strong! Every two hours during the day is a lot, but I still wholeheartedly feel that these every two hour breaks are so 100% worth it. I enjoy the cuddle time with you in my arms, and know that all too soon, you'll be moving and shaking, and not so tiny and cuddly with me anymore!

Clothes: With reluctance on my part I moved you up to 3-6 month clothes, and have washed and packed away all of your newborn clothing.

Baby Gear Love: Your jungle mat is your new favorite place to explore, practice tummy time, and coo at the little owl hanging over your head!
Likes: Whistling and sitting at the piano while mommy plays! It's amazing how you focus on my hands when I'm playing! I'm obsessed with watching these videos of us at the piano. You are so focused on my hands the whole time, and you are so content sitting with me while I play!

Nicknames: BUG

Postpartum: For me, I'm feeling great. But the weight has not "just fallen off" as I so often hear it does for women who breastfeed. In the past two weeks I've finally started working out regularly again, thanks to a cardio bowflex machine my mother-in-law bought, that I go over and use a couple times a week!

We attended a Gymboree class with you to see what they are like. We really liked the class, but think it will be a bit more beneficial and worthwhile when you are 6 months and older. Most of the things they did with you in the class are very easy to do at home, and we have been doing with you at home anyway.

I think you literally change every single day. I am so excited to see what the next 3 months brings for you and for us!

Here is a little video recap of the joy we've experienced these past 3 months:


  1. Aw, happy three month birthday, Natalie! The way she watches your hands while you play the piano is so cute, and I am continuing to love all of the super sweet headbands!

  2. Such a sweetie! Love all her headbands! We are obsessed!!

  3. <3 her...such a cutie!!! 3 months! Looks like you may have a little musician soon!

  4. Somehow I missed your post this morning. I saw it while at work but couldn't comment. UHGG!! Anyway, I love this post. So many good pictures of Natalie, and I love the piano playing video. She's going to give concerts at Carnegie Hall someday! I love that Little Lump of Love...aka Natalie!

  5. You can really see how she's changed in 3 months. So beautiful!

  6. Sooooo sweet! And no, the weight does not fall off. Especially not if you're breastfeeding. Every time it came off, I wound up preggo again!


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