It felt good to be back to the blog this week and to know that there is still an audience out there following along - thank you to all for the sweet comments this week. Ive struggled keeping up my stride in this corner of the world with all my new responsibilities, but this week felt good to be back, and made me really want to keep at it. One of the most touching moments of the week was when I received this comment from Sharlee on my sleep regression post:
I've been a silent follower for a few months now. I found your blog through another mom blog I'm sure. We have a lot in common as far as our babies are concerned. We didn't find out the gender, thought it was a boy..girl! She's smallish, sounds a lot like Natalie as far as eating is concerned, etc. I don't have a blog anymore, but am working on starting one. Anyway, my daughter was born 2 months after Natalie and you have no idea how much your posts help me. I feel like they give me ideas/heads' up, etc.. on what is okay and what's not okay. Anyway, this is something I needed to read. I feel like my little girl hit this stage a little early. We never swaddled her (she didn't like it) but we did have her in a Rock and Play. I'm trying to transition her to lying flat and it's just not happening, but she's stopped sleeping well in the Rock and Play, too. I am a lot like you, I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night, it's when she won't go back to sleep. I am grateful I can take naps during the day, too. I love your perspective. I just sometimes feel like I'm doing something WRONG and that's where I start to get frustrated. Keep the posts coming. They really are helpful. And she's adorable!
Sharlee, I so wish I could have responded directly to you, but I didn't have your email from your comment, so I'll just have to write what I would have said here: Thank you so so much for the sweet comment. I'm glad you decided to break your silence and leave me a comment. It's things like this that keep me going. It's always nice to find and meet other mothers with babies the same age who are all going through the same things around the same time. It's helpful to bounce things off of each other, and have support when there is so much uncertainty surrounding us at every corner. Please don't be a stranger and feel free to pick my brain with any questions as we both try and figure out this mother thing!

Things like this are why I keep blogging. Or, like the time back in November where I reconnected with an old friend from high school who had this to say:
...And I wanted to share something with you that will hopefully make you feel awesome about sharing your experiences:
My husband and I had been trying to conceive since December of last year and as of June we were unsuccessful. When you wrote about how quickly you got pregnant, I decided to compare the calendar app I had been using with the Ladytimer app you had used. My O days were off by 4 days from the Ladytimer app so we switched up our schedule and got pregnant in July. So thanks for helping us conceive!! I will always credit you with assisting us with this amazing thing. You look so unbelievably happy and I'm so happy for you! I know you're getting super close so try and relax and put your feet up as much as possible. Best of luck with your little one joining your family!!!

Katie gave birth to a beautiful little boy just a few weeks ago, and I just love seeing the photos she posts and knowing how happy and blessed her and her husband are. I'm still working on my time management skills to get everything done that I need to get done throughout the day. Most days the house is a mess, I "usually" take a shower, and I definitely stayed in my pajamas all day on Wednesday (hey it rained all day). But each week gets a little bit easier and a little bit better, and I look forward to blogging again next week!

For now, this adorrrraaaabbble video of parents telling their children they're going to have a little brother or sister. What till the very end, this little girl will melt your heart (video):


  1. I LOVED this post. It's the connections we make with others that drive us and this post drives that home. You are touching so many lives and helping so many people and you don't even realize it sometimes. Hearing their testimonies of gratitude has given you a renewed spirit to keep pushing on with your blog. The dust, the cleaning, the showering-those things are not what you will be remembered for. No one is going to write on your gravestone "Damn her house was clean!" Connecting with others-that's what this life is all about. :-) You are an amazing woman!

  2. The personal connections are what keeps me blogging, too. I hope you and others will still be around to help me out when it's my turn to become a mom! I'd love to hear more about your experience with working part-time from home and balancing everything, since this is something my husband and I are talking about as we seriously consider all the things we need to take into consideration when it comes to starting a family.

    1. That's a good idea for a post that I'll try and put together in the coming weeks!

  3. Well I can vouch how helpful your blogs have been. I know I've mentioned it, but I remember last summer when I was just starting the venue research for the wedding, I googled Russo's on the Bay and your review for it came up on your then blog. All your wedding posts were so detailed. It really helped me expect what was to come. Thanks again! :-D

  4. WOW! Thank you so much, Laura! I can simply say that I read in silence because I honestly felt a tiny bit intimidated by you...and the funny reason is...because you live in New York! How ridiculous, huh? I just figure that the people who live there are so much more "together" and stuff than this Idaho girl. I can't express my appreciation for your kind words enough. Thank you! I guess I'm a no-reply blogger. I'll have to fix that. I am actually planning on starting a blog soon--so I'll have to get all of those ducks in a row! :) Thanks again! --By the way, have you heard of the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit? Just wondering. I caved and bought one to help the transition to sleeping flat and it has HELPED a whole lot. I just wanted it for the transition, but it's helped for longer periods of sleep, too. Just thought you might be interested.

  5. <3 its okay to take a break is can wait ;-)


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