Natalie Claire: 7 Months


Name: Natalie Claire

Weight: About 16 1/2 pounds

Height: Probably about 27 inches (She goes to the doctor again in a few weeks).

Health:  Super Healthy, no health problems or concerns.

Sleep: The last two nights she's been sleeping from 8pm-6/6:30am straight through the night! This is great BUT I've woken up at by 5:30 both mornings and had to pump because my body was used to a middle of the night feeding and I was very engorged! It was SO uncomfortable and I actually have some new stretch marks on my "bubbies"! So our "new normal" is either she's asleep by 8/8:30pm. If she wakes up for a feeding during the night around 4 or 5, she'll go back to sleep and go straight through till 8/8:30am. BUT if she doesn't wake up for a feeding, she's up and at 'em by 6:30am and not very interested in going back to sleep. She usually has a good 2 hour nap on those days because she's sleeping two hour less than usual.

Social: Natalie is pretty content being passed around from person to person and she just studies new faces with much intensity. She's very serious. I can usually get her to smile pretty easily, and she does laugh more - but she really makes me work for them!

Diet:  Breastfeeding: She likes to stroke my face, chin, and mouth while she nurses. She reaches up and just studies and touches my face while she eats, it's really cute - sometimes annoying - but mostly cute. Her sessions are down to about 6-10 minutes now, it's crazy! Feeding her is seriously a breeze now. She latches with no problems, and is done so quickly. Then she eats one or two meals a day of oatmeal mixed with any of the following homemade purees: banana, nectarines, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, butternut squash, or prunes. Upcoming foods that she will try soon are: mangos, peaches, zucchini and yellow squash.

Likes: She loves eating her food, especially nectarines. Likes rolling all over the living room. Really enjoys going to Gymboree (more on that later): she especially LOVES the bubbles and the parachute time at Gymboree.

Dislikes: There isn't a whole lot she dislikes - being tired, being left alone for too long, and still not too fond of her jumper - I can maybe get 5-10 minutes of her in there before she starts crying. I also feel like she's getting very frustrated lately because her brain wants to crawl, but her body just isn't there yet. She tries soooo hard to push up and move her little legs and then just falls forward on her face - it's so cute/hilarious/pathetic....but I know that any day now she's going to just get it and it's going to be a whole new game then!

* Sleeping through the night - completely unswaddled
* Turning over like CRAZZZZY - and going to crawl any day now
* Growing so fast - Amanda said this about her daughter, too - and it's so true: I swear some days she's bigger in the morning than when I put her to bed the night before.
* Screaming and very vocal!
* Laughing!!
* She never stops moving!! Taking these pictures was next to impossible. She kept peeling the sticker off of her outfit the second I'd put it on - so I resorted to this:

And Me? Well I took a whole slew of her 7 month photos, only to realize that I had put the 6 month sticker on, and set up the blocks for 6 months....time really is escaping me. How is she 7 months?!!! So Natalie had two big photo sessions this month - Oh well!

She's really 7 months here
Natalie from 1 to 7 months


  1. Pretty Baby! I can't believe she's 7 months already either! How in the world did that happen? The picture with the 7 month sticker on her forehead is hilarious. My favorite is the one of Natalie on her back looking up at you. Does that girl know how to pose for the paparazzi or what? I can't wait to hold her again!!!

  2. How is it possible that these babies just keep getting cuter and sweeter and prettier by the minute!? Thanks for the mention, just this morning I got Jeanette up and thought, are you heavier than yesterday? Yeah for sleeping through the night, it's the best thing in the world :)

    1. I know! Just when you think they can't get any cuter, they do!! Natalie slept from 8pm-7am last night! Longest stretch eveeeeer!!! Of course, i've been up since sheesh but at least I got a ton of stuff done!

  3. She's getting SO big! It's so hard to see them get frustrated because they want to do something but they don't have the coordination yet! It makes me feel so bad for them. Also... I'm giggling that our babies are 4 months apart and the same size. Well... weight, she's about an inch and a half longer!

    1. Haha that's hilarious! It's so crazy how differently all babies grow- i see that at gymboree- the 9 month old thats only one pound more than natalie and the other 7 month old who's like 5 pounds more!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I've probably said this before, but I love, love, love all of her cute headbands. And how exciting that she is getting ready to crawl!

    1. Thanks! She certainly has a growing and growing supply of headbands! Im jealous

  5. SO beautiful!! I love her eyes!! And he cute headband!

    1. thanks! I can always count on you to comment on the headband - I think we share a love for adorable little girl headbands for our babies!

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