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Chris and I were asked to try out the new site HowAboutWe for Couples. HowAboutWe is like your own personal digital date concierge for singles and couples. With a new baby, it's very easy to forget about planning date nights or even just fun day outings. Going out on dates can easily be swept to the side and ignored, and sometimes even the act of making plans can seem like an awful lot of effort. But HowAboutWe does all the planning for you! Fabulous outings and romantic date nights are planned out for you, just book a date with the click of the mouse, and show up to your date!
HowAboutWe also recently introduced The Rosie Pope Collection which are pre-planned dates tailored specifically to new parents.

Chris and I chose to attend a Yankee Game with exclusive all-you-can-eat bbq for our first HowAboutWe date. Our parents split up watching Natalie for the day while we headed out to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on the first Sunday in June!

The weather could not have been more ideal, it was literally the perfect day to attend a baseball game. We arrived to the bbq, where we were met with Brooklyn beef sliders, Nathan's hot dogs, chicken fajitas, baked beans, garden salad, watermelon, and Pepsi products.

And of course, I can't forget the delicious ICE CREAM!!

Our seats were great, on the field, and completely covered by the overhanging seats above us, so we never roasted in the hot sun. They were perfect!

I am not hugely into sports, but there's just something about a Baseball Game. It's the All-American sport, and it's a sport that I actually understand. I can follow it, cheer and boo along with the rest of the crowd, and sit back and enjoy a cold beer!

The Yankees were winning 2-1 for basically the entire game. We started to leave during the top of the 9th inning, but as we were walking out, the Minnesota Twins scored about 4 or 5 runs in one inning!! We couldn't believe it and hoped that the Yankees could turn it around at the bottom of the 9th. We still wanted to leave before the end of the game to beat the traffic. By the time we got to our car the Twins scored 2 MORE RUNS!! Minnesota ended up winning 7-2!! Talk about an insane turn around!

I enjoyed spending the day with Chris. Though I missed Natalie, it was a nice little day out for just the two of us to regroup and relax together.

As HowAboutWe members, we can book one free date a month, and the free dates are actually pretty awesome! We've already booked our next *free* HowAboutWe Date which is an Ice Cream Tour and Tasting at Hay Rosie Creamery in Brooklyn! While we are at Hay Rosie Creamery, we will get a tour for two, two ice cream tasting flights, and two half-pints of ice cream to take home!
I also have my sights set on the Local Brunch and Rooftop Farm Tour in Queens, the Churros, Chocolate & Cava date, or the Pizza Walking Tour. Most the dates can be booked within 48 hours notice, so last minute planning is easy to do! I am enjoying our HowAboutWe membership so far, and look forward to planning some more dates this summer!

If HowAboutWe interests you, sign up here to receive $50 off your first date, and let me know what date(s) you end up going on! HowAboutWe is currently available in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle with plans to expand soon!


  1. Anytime you and Chris want to go away for a short while or a few days I'm up for babysitting. I was just sitting in my parked car last night all by myself laughing hysterically over the video of me feeding Natalie while you two were on your date. That video never gets old!

    I checked out the website and of course I'm a little reserved about getting too involved with it. It looks like it's something I would like but I can't figure out if there are dates close by to us. I put in my zip code but all I could see were the "stay at home" dates which were intriguing. Also, is there a fee to join?

    1. I just checked the website and right now, HowAboutWe is available in the following cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. I'll amend the post to state this.

  2. Replies
    1. Yea, I do think this is a great idea - why I didn't start this up?!

  3. Oh wow interesting!!! I love going out on dates....thank goodness for grandparents/babysitters hahah

  4. Replies
    1. It is! Hopefully they'll start up in D.C. for you soon so you can try them out!

  5. What! This is awesome. As a long time Yankee fan, great choice in date :-)


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