Hay Rosie Creamery Datenight

A few weeks ago, Chris and I went on our second How About We? (which is now called You&Me Concierge) date to Hay Rosie Creamery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

First, we got a tour of the facility (which is literally the size of my living room - and no, I don't have a huge living room). I was amazed at all they could do in such a tiny little space! Hay Rosie pasteurizes their own milk, before making their ice cream. They have a different lineup of ice cream flavors every single week.

When I asked how long the shop had been open she answered "3 weeks". We were all shocked! This place was brand-spanking new, I felt so cutting-edge! After the tour, we went back out to the "tasting room" where we were offered a flight of 4 different ice creams to try. Our options were: Lemon Bar, Bananas Ferrari, Bruce Wayne, Mascavado Caramel, Brownie Batter Brickle, and Bonfire at the Beach.

This was a LOT of ice cream to try, and it was all amazingly delicious! 

We each got to take a pint of ice cream home! We chose Bruce Wayne (champagne with peaches) and Bananas Ferrari (Bananas Foster), which were our favorites. I soooo wish I lived closer to this place so I could try their ever-changing menu of flavors!
I would love to make my way over there again to try their amazing ice cream and unique flavors! I'm enjoying You&Me Concierge (formerly How About We?) because it's forcing us to get out and explore areas of NYC that we otherwise wouldn't explore on our own, and all the planning is done, we just have to show up! Crown Heights, Brooklyn was VERY nice! My only regret was not going in sooner for dinner, and since we had our little ice cream pints, we felt we had to rush back home to get it in the freezer afterward!


  1. Yummmmm....I got to try some of the champagne ice cream and Banana Foster ice cream! Soo yummy-licious! I'll help you find your way back to Hay Rosie next time I come to NY. Lol.

  2. Super fun! I love ice cream!!!!


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