Natalie's Full Baptism Look

In addition to the gorgeous dress my mom made for Natalie's Baptism, Natalie had a lot of other elements to her "baptism-day look"

The Dress: Read my mom's guest post about the dress here

The Headband: 
I ordered Natalie's headband from 3 Lovelies Bowtique on Etsy 

The Shoes:
My In-Laws bought her christening shoes. Unfortunately, she kept pulling these off during the ceremony but they looked adorable with the dress when she kept them on!

The Necklace: 
The necklace was purchased by Natalie's Godfather, her Uncle Michael, and was purchased from the same jeweler that Chris and I purchased our wedding rings and my engagement ring. 

The Bracelet: 
The bracelet was purchased by my Aunt Laura from The Gingham Grasshopper.

The Bib:
The bib was purchased by friends of my In-Laws which they sent to the house in the weeks prior to the christening. I put this on her when I gave her a bottle at the party.

 All in all, I think it completed quite the cute little baby package!


  1. Her ensemble (or An-sahm-blay as we say :-) is so adorable. Thank God for the shoes. I never could have made them in time! I am amazed that Natalie never pulled at her bracelet or necklace or even pulled her headband off. I see more accessorizing in her future!

    1. I agree - she is a little accessorizing pro already. Totally helpful when completely an "an-sahm-blay"!

  2. She looks so cute! Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. She looks so adorable! I wish I would have thought about getting a headband for Jeanette, she hated the bonnet that went with my dress!

    1. Haha yea, I had a little bonnet too - but it was small on her, and I just knew she wouldn't keep it on, plus it was SO HOT in the church.

  4. She is such a beautiful baby and that look us just pure and perfect. We had JaiseAnn blessed at six weeks. I was still majorly adjusting and missed capturing her whole look. I'm still sad about it to this day. We just didn't get enough pictures... It was too hectic and I was not "with it" enough to take charge.

    1. I can only imagine. I was thinking how I was very happy we waited until she was older - I would have been the same way at 6 weeks - I wouldn't have had the brain capacity to take care of anything at that time. And even now, at 6 months - there were still a ton of pictures that I wished I had taken that I didn't. Heck - half (ok maybe all) of these were taken the next morning after her baptism when I redressed her to do a little photoshoot, when she woke up at 6:30am, because I didn't do it the day of!! (shhhhhhhh)

  5. What a truly beautiful look! The dress your mom created is so gorgeous.


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