Melissa's Bridal Shower

I'm determined to be back to blogging this week! I've missed documenting 2 months of Natalie's life and it's making me depressed! Hopefully there's still some people out there following along, and if not, then there's always my mom and mother-in-law to read this! Natalie is 10 months today, and I have a few great posts lined up this week as I start to get back on track!

But first: The countdown is on till my little sister's wedding on October 4th. If you haven't been following on instagram, I've been busy with her wedding festivities and wanted to update on all the fun-ness! Two weekends ago we had her Bridal Shower. It was held at the same place as mine, Buckeye Tavern in Macungie, PA.

I was pretty happy with how this hat came out. My mom and I decorated a cowboy hat for Melissa to wear with flowers, wheat, and tulle.

It was a great hat and looked so good on her - unfortunately it was HOT (I tried it on and felt 10 degrees warmer in just a few minutes!) so she didn't wear it the whole time. Oh well.

For our first game we did a little ice breaker game. Each person got one or two cards that had an answer and a non-corresponding question. You then had to find the person who had the matching question to your answer and answer to your question.

For example, someone may have gotten a card that said "A: Ruger and Lily.  Q: Where did Melissa and John meet?" So they would  have to find someone who had a question that matched with "Ruger and Lily", which in this case was "What are John and Melissa's dog's names?" and someone else had a card with the answer "Hummels Bar". Once you found a match, that person had to write the answer/question and sign their name on your card.

The second thing we did was the panty poem. I had seen this at a Bridal Shower before and loved it, and it was a big hit! Here's the poem we ready while referring to a clothes-line of various panties hanging on one of the walls.
The bridesmaids have a secret to share 
About our little bride 
She is obsessed with underwear 
And that we cannot hide 

So for our little panty queen 
We gathered up some twine 
And working as a friendly team 
We made a panty line. 

 Melissa, these undies are to last you 
All throughout your life 
And John will be pleased to say 
He has a sexy wife! 

So listen up to hear about 
Your lifelong panty plan
These underwear, we have no doubt 
Will last your whole life span 

The first are for your wedding day 
Of course they are pure white 
We know John will shout, "Hooray!" 
When he sees these on you that night 

The next are for your honeymoon 
They're sexy and all lace 
We hope you'll leave your hotel room 
'Cause Tennessee's a gorgeous place! 

And for your first Christmas 
As you kiss under the mistletoe 
Wear these green little undies 
And you will be sure to glow! 

On Valentine's you'll wear this pair 
Before you hit the bed 
Cuz Cupid's arrow in the air 
Shoots tushies that are red 

After a year has passed you'll face 
Anniversary number one 
With these you'll surely have a blast 
'Cuz leopard's so much fun! 

Then when the time is right for you 
And don't be saying, "Maybe" 
You'll wear your little pink or blue
In honor of your baby 

And when your years of wedding bliss 
Become the big 2-5 
Don't worry - you'll just slip this on 
 To keep the sparks alive 

When finally you're old and gray 
 With these you can't go wrong 
 'Cuz sorry Melissa but at that age 
You just can't wear a thong! 

After that, it was time to eat! We had a full county buffet with chopped ranch salad, pulled pork, salmon ranchero, bbq chicken, corn on the cob, corn bread, baked beans, tomato bisque, and baked potatoes. Everything was really delicious!

After we ate, played the newlywed game. I had asked John for his answers prior to the party and then we played to see how many matched - Melissa got 15 out of 20 correct! Not too bad! I think I picked too easy questions :)

Then it was time to open her wonderful gifts!

And what Bridal shower would be complete without the ribbon hat?

3 of Melissa's Bridesmaids weren't able to make it, but this is Shannon, Me, Melissa and Jess:

The ladies of the family - 3 generations!

The cake was AMAZE-BALLS. Seriously, one of the best cakes I've had in a long time, and I'm so mad I didn't just have my parents bring this cake from PA to Natalie's Baptism because it was So. Much. Better. The Bakery Nook in Egypt, PA has been my mom's "go to" bakery for many years now, and we're always so pleased with their cakes. Marble Cake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting. Oh...and decorated perfectly for the occasion!

Dragonfly Soaps was back at it again (they've done favors for both my bridal and baby shower and again for this shower - we really can't get enough of these handmade soaps!) Jacqueline, who owns the shop, does such a great job of individualizing each order. We told her what we wanted for these and she came back with something even better than I could have imagined. My sister is about as country as they come, and her fiance used to be a dairy farmer, so the milk n' honey soap with the phrase "Udderly in Love" was perfect for them. On the back is said "He is the milk and she is the honey"

Natalie was very well behaved during the shower, thanks in part to my mother-in-law who pretty much was left in charge of her for the party. (Thanks Judy!)
I was busier with things than I thought I'd be and she was a big help in taking care of Natalie. Natalie peed while she got her diaper changed 2 times during the shower - thank GOODNESS I brought a ton of extra clothes - so it wasn't a problem. Natalie even got her own thank you from Melissa regarding the incident. (p.s. yes - her thank you's have already been sent out!)

Next up: We head to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for her Bachelorette Party!


  1. I'm glad you're back to blogging!! Looks like the shower went well and can't wait to see how the bachelorette party went! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! It's good to be back!

  2. Good to see you are back to blogging

  3. What a fun shower! I am writing down all these ideas for when my sister gets married! Love the panty poem!

    1. Yes, the panty poem was a HUGE success! I highly recommend it! WE got great underwear to go with it at Target. Thanks for sticking around the old blog!

  4. So glad you're back and can't wait to hear more! Also, your sister rocks for sending out her thank you cards so quickly. Thank you cards are a big deal to me and people don't send them enough, in my opinion!

    1. I agree!! I always made sure to send out thank you's for anything Natalie got when she was born (and that was a lot!) but it's so important...but I think Melissa wins for getting them out the fastest ever!!

  5. Welcome back! I have been so bad at blogging the wedding but for a good reason...will def post soon. Life gets in the way so that's understandable. It took me 3 weeks to get my thank you's out. Whoops!


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