Just keep swimming....

A wedding, a week in Pennsylvania with my parents, visits with tons of friends and new baby friends, first birthday party planning, and a mounting pile of house renovation decisions to make: I can't seem to keep my head above water these days! 

My sister's wedding was unbelievably gorgeous and spectacular, I can't wait to share the day with you.

Natalie waa great, but attending/being in a wedding with a baby is totally different than attending sans baby - and though I love her, I'd much prefer to leave her at home in the future - mama's gotta dance! Luckily, my MIL watched her for most of the reception. (THANKS JUDY!) Our only challenges were nursing in a dress that is NOT conducive to nursing, and one particularly loud line dance that woke her from her slumber. Other than her saying "mamamamamamama" throughout most of the ceremony (more cute than anything), she was a doll!!!

know I owe you a winner for the Mason J.A.R. apparel onesie giveaway! I will be picking one today and will announce tomorrow! 


  1. You are in an exceptionally busy period in your life! I remember those days and it is hard to keep your head above water. These days will fly past and will feel like a dream and you'll wonder how you did it all. Speaking of flying by, how is it that Natalie is about to turn one?!?

  2. Sounds like you have a ton going on! Good luck with the house renovations and everything else on your plate. Your sister's wedding looks like it was beautiful!

  3. Your sister was a beautiful bride! I LOVE her dress! How cute of a flower girl was Natalie?!?! PRECIOUS! I agree with you though, weddings are much more fun with the little ones at home. :)


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