Melissa and John's Wedding - Part 1

My sister's wedding was on October 4, and it was breathtaking, beautiful, and perfect in every way. It was a day that started out rainy, and by noon the sun started to come out and it ended up being the most perfect weather by the time the ceremony began!

However, being in a wedding with a baby is a WHOLE other ball-game. My dress was not conducive to nursing, Natalie didn't get a great nap in during the day, all she wanted to do when I held her was pull out my earrings or suck on my hair which had about 10 pounds of hairspray in it. Melissa was a fantastic Maid-of-Honor for me in my wedding, but I really feel like I wasn't even remotely the type of Matron-of-Honor that I wanted to be for my sister. Thank goodness for her friend, Karen, who helped out tremendously with Natalie, used my camera to take some great pictures when my hands were full, and picked up my slack in a lot of areas. 
Karen reading to Natalie while I took some pictures
Getting Natalie to pose for pictures was also hard, this was the best we could do:


One of the coolest aspects of the wedding was the 1 hour horse-drawn carriage ride we took from my parent's house to the venue. It was such a serene drive, and really calmed us all down from the craziness of getting ready all day.
It was a beautiful drive
Woods Photography
We had some time before the ceremony started so the bridesmaids got busy taking a bunch of ga-ga-gorgeous photos!

We pulled up to the ceremony
Woods Photography
Chris pulled Natalie down the aisle in a radio-flyer wagon that also carried the rings. She was adorable...of course :)

And the festivities begin!! More tomorrow!


  1. What fun reminiscing about such a perfect day. And don't be so hard on yourself-with Natalie in tow you were a Matron of Honor-and-a half! Lol.

  2. Love it! Such a beautiful wedding!

  3. Gorgeous! It rained and then turned beautiful on my wedding day as well... "They" say it's good luck!:)

  4. Looks like a beautiful wedding! I love the horse-drawn carriage idea.

  5. Great fall wedding...loving the boots!


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